She doesn't know what to do when her long-time boyfriend, Tony, leaves her. Then she meets Liam. He's 20 and she's 15. So many things go wrong after Tony leaves her. Read to see all of India's struggles.


14. Dinner at Chandler and Lyddian's~ Part 2

Kimberly's POV


India and I sat by each other at the dining room table. She was on my right, on my left was Dad at the end of the table. On India's right Kayla, at the end beside Kayla was Julien. My mom was by my dad, across from me, and Ronny and Tilly were beside each other. They were adorable, holding each other's hands and such. "Chandler was in Julien and I's class from fifth grade on. Lyddian started our class our senior year. In seventh grade, oh in seventh grade, I called Chandler Shirley and he called me Tim. I also called him Pink Pony 'cause he was pretending he was a drug dealer and I got 'special nachos.' We were just faking though!" Kayla started a story. Dad was a trouble-maker when he was younger. "Riley 'bought' heroine from me." Dad said. "Oh gawd don't bring that bas- bass up! He was horrible!" Julien said. Kayla nodded. "Hey, he was my best friend in junior high!" Chandler said. Julien and Kayla nodded. "Well back to the story. One time our teacher Mr. Mensey was walking by our table and he was like 'can I buy some coke?' We laughed because he thought Chandler was 'selling' pop, not drugs." Kayla said. I laughed. Mr. Mensey sounded like a fun teacher. "Another story. It was during winter, ok? Well outside a door to go inside one of the buildings had a metal grate. I was walking through the door. The grate was really slippery. I slipped on it and fell. Chandler and Riley were right in front of me. They laughed at me, but Chandler helped me out. They both were asking 'Are... You... Ok...?' They were laughing really hard. We walked into the building and went to Social Studies, Mr. Mensey's class, and when I walked in I was like 'Sorry we're late. I fell on the grate and Riley and Chandler helped me out, I'm bleeding a little bit, do you have a Band-Aid?' and he was like 'No, go talk to Mary. She should have a Band-Aid. Are you ok?' I nodded. 'Is it alright if I go ahead?' he nodded and so I went over there and blah blah blah." Kayla said.


India's POV


I was finishing my food as mom was finishing her story. Then Chandler's phone rang.


Chandler's POV


My phone rang so I picked up. "It's Riley. I need you to bail me out of jail." Riley told me. I rolled my eyes. He still thought we were best friends. UGG! "Not right now. I have company over right now. Later maybe." With that I hung up. He probably was dealing drugs again. GUGG! "Who was that?" Kayla asked me. "Riley" I replied. Everyone except Ronny and Tilly sighed. "Lyddian, could you get the desserts?" I asked my beautiful wife. She nodded getting up. "Ok. At the party guess what I found?" I asked Kayla and Julien.


Kayla's POV


"What?" I asked Chandler. "In the closet there was Taylor and Joseph... You know uh... having... You know... s-s-se-e-e-" Chander said. "I get it!" I said before he could finish what he was saying. I noticed India starting to get nervous. Then Julien laughed and jokeingly said "Did you have... Fun? At the party? You know FUN?" I saw India get more nervous. She was biting her bottom lip looking at the floor hugging herself. "Can we be excused?" I asked Chandler and Lyddian and they nodded. I brought India into the living room. "Did you? I won't get mad, I promise." She nodded. "And I'm pregnant... Will you let me keep it?" I nodded. I was surprised, but I was gonna let her keep the baby. "Let's go eat the desert. We'll tell your father and sister at home. Ok?" I asked. She nodded and we sat back down at the table. For desert there was a brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup on top and nuts, except on Ronny's because he was allergic to nuts. On the tippy top was maraschino cherries. (Maraschino cherries are the cherries that you put on ice cream, fake cherries. I personally like them but not everyone likes them.) When we were done, we packed up the kids and went home.

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