She doesn't know what to do when her long-time boyfriend, Tony, leaves her. Then she meets Liam. He's 20 and she's 15. So many things go wrong after Tony leaves her. Read to see all of India's struggles.


1. Broken

*India's POV*

My mom, Kayla, called me "Ind! Time for supper!" I walked into our small dining room. "What are we eating tonight, mother dear?" she laughed. "I knew you were hungry! Julien get in here time to eat!" she yelled to my father. Ronny rushed in right before my father did. Ronny was my little brother. My name- India Illo, my age-15. I had a boyfriend named Tony Russell, the star of the football team. My phone rang. It was Tony! I quickly answered it. "Hey Tony! What's up?" "Can't talk much, just listen, I'm leaving you for Cathy!" he hung up. Cathy was my twin sister. I was the older twin, but she was the trouble maker. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. "What's wrong IMI?" mom asked. "Tony fucking broke up with me!" I yelled as I ran to my room. I wasn't supposed to cuss in front of Ronny, he's at that copying stage, but I didn't care. I heard him from down the hall. "Tony fucking broke up with me!" he screamed and ran to his room. He was three, he didn't know better but I yelled at him "Shut the hell up Ronny!" mom bursted into my room. "You know better than to cuss around ROI!" she gave us nicknames from our intials. My full name- India Makenzie Illo, mom calls me IMI. Ronny's full name- Ronald Oscar Illo, ROI. "Have you ever had a broken heart?! I guess the fuck not!" I yelled at her as ROI yelled "Shut the hell up! I guess the fuck not!" he screamed. His room was right across from Cathy's and my room. "Tony left me for fucking Cathy!" (she was CAI- Cathy Amelia Illo) this wasn't the first time she stole my boyfriend! I flopped on the bed, my pillow already soaking with tears. "Why C-Cathy? Why ag-g-gain?!" then I heard Ronny imitate me. "Go shut him up, m-mom p-please!" I was having a bad day.

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