Abigail age 19 . Her parent died in a car crash when she was 18 and now locks after her little sibs Jackson age 8 and Halle age 3. She thinks boys are a waste of time untell she meats a cute Irish boy with blond hare and blue eyes. He makes her realise that love cen be beautiful but she is so stubern that it will take time ;)


2. Work

My brother ran out of my room singing (what makes u beautiful) 

I smile at him when he was running out of my room I got up and ran to the bathroom I brush my teeth and wash my face and walk back to my change in to some black skinny jeans and a blue shirt with the word swag printed on it in big black letters then I brush my hair down and straiten my hair. Then I walk down the stares and my little brother is sitting on the couch watching sponge bob ( his fav show of all time) and then I make some French toast and pik up a pan and hit it really hard with a spoon and yell come and git it!! Then my little started to cry so then I went and got her out of her crib and got sme French toast for he I cut it really small for her so she did not choke. After breakfast I called my best friend in the world Kenzie!!

Kenz: hello? She sang 

Abby: hi I was wondering if u could babysit my sibs today?

Kenz: ya what time?

Abby: um right now. Is that ok?

Kenz: oh ok see you soon!!

Abby: BYE!!!!

Kenz: Good Bye !!!!!!

man that girl can yell. 20 minutes later  she opens the doer and yells good evening in a German accent. Abigail: hahahahaha I have to go thanks I yell running out the doer. When I got to work my other friend Jen Said hi happily. hi I said back smiling. Then walked to my register.

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