My Girlfriend's A Lesbian


1. Over-thinking



"Wait up, Mia hold on." I yelled as I rushed through the cluttered hallway.

"Oh hey, Lyric right?" I nodded, "what's up?"

I knew this was gonna be weird, I haven't talked to Mia before except the time we were partner in English class. But looking at her she's sexy, I haven't notice how sexy she was until I broke up with Justin.

"I wanna invite you to my sleepover," I played in my hair, "I know it's weird--"

She cut me off, "I'm not gay Lyric," she looked around and chuckled.

I pulled her by her waist into the closest washroom, I lead her in one of the stalls and stared at her body. Mia definitely knew she was bad in that dress, I licked my lips and smiled.

"What the hell!" She yelled.

"Keep quiet, please."

"You have a boyfriend and I'm not gay, let me go!"

Hearing her blabber about not being gay was making me hot and wet. I rubbed up and down her thighs, "stop touching me."

"Shut up, fuck Mia!" I slapped then grabbed her ass in my hands.

She moans as I start trailing kisses down her neck, I pat her pussy and smiled.

"Yes," she moans, me taking that as a yes to enter her love box.

I pull her thong to the side, to play with her clit, Mia's pussy was now soaking and I couldn't wait to have it on my mouth. Fuck it, the teasing could wait to the end when I have her begging for more.

I slid three fingers in her pussy then pulled them out, I put my fingers in my mouth, licking her juices, my gosh. Yes.

"I wanna taste," I put one finger in her mouth as she sucked on it for dear life.

I went down on my knees coming face to face with the one thing that been on my mind: Mia's pussy.

I started off with slow sloppy kisses--

[Alarm's goes off]


I rolled out of bed wiping out my eyes, I played in my hair untangling my curls. My dream was getting so good, I wish it was real. I swear today I'm a talk to her, no more of this funny shit.

"Lyric!" I heard my ma yelled, I groaned.


"You need a ride to school today?" I shook my head before shouting a 'no.'

"Ok, your lunch money is on the counter, I'll be home around nine."

"Aight, later ma."

"Love you," I heard her rushing, "yeah, love you too."

[At school - English class]

"Late again, have a seat Lyric. Now the lesson can start," ms. Greens said. I rolled my eyes and walked to the seat beside Mia.

"What's up beautiful?" I smiled.

"You're always sweet talking me," she giggled, "just listen to the teacher."

"Come by my house today?"

"For what?" She looked at me, I shrugged, "you don't know but you want me to come over?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"I'll think about it, I know you have this crush on me.. I'm not a lesbian Lyric."

"You're gonna be when I'm done with that pussy," I cockily whispered in her ear, trailing my hand up her shirt.

"Stop," she giggled loud, "honestly.." I rubbed her pussy through her thong, "STOP! My gosh."

"Is there a problem?" Ms. Greens asked, we both shook our heads.

"Meet me by my locker ASAP after lunch, we can skip the rest of the day," she smiled seductively.

"Damn, you must want this as bad as me." I whispered, she nodded.

"Let's go right now--" she raised her hand, "can I use the washroom?"

"Make it quick, I'm about to hand out the lesson."

"Yeah," she said.

I rolled my eyes and got up, I chucked up the peace sign and strolled out the class. A few steps away from the classroom, I started to look around to see if I can spot Mia. Seconds later I was being pulled and slammed against a locker; giggles escaped her lips as they fell on top of mine.

"Their's cameras," I said, then pulled away.

"Oh yeah, then come on let's goo!!" she whined.

At that moment we left the school and got in her car, I felt it hit me.. I have a boyfriend, that was a dream, I didn't break up with him yet. How could I? I love him... I think I do, maybe a little; but their is love somewhere in our relationship that makes me stay with him.

"Stop the car," I blurred out bluntly.

"Wh--" I cut her off. She stopped the car and pulled the key out.

"I wanna do it right here, before we go any further and I regret fucking you.. Cause--" i choked, "i have a boyfriend, but I like you allot. And basically he doesn't no I like girls."

"Wow, so I'm like a side hoe?" She crossed her arms.

I shook my head and smirked, "Not at all."

Yes, basically she is..

Before she can reply I crawled to the back seat and pulled her to me. My hands roamed every single inch of her amazing body as my lips were glued to the side of her neck. Moans rolled off her tongue as she did this little dance on my leg, feeling her pussy soak, was paradise. 

[After school]


"No lie bro, I seen with my own eyes!" Chris said. He was trying to convince me that they seen Lyric[my girlfriend] eating out Mia's vagina, in her car; a few blocks from the school.

What the fuck? lyric isn't a lesbian and she wouldn't cheat on me. "You're lying, you must've seen someone that looked like her, cause it wasn't."

"When you see her, ask her.. cause she was eating that pussy like it was her last meal," he laughed, making me punch him in the rib. "The fuck was that for?"

"Lyin' about my girl... Fuck bro, why you gotta be jealous."

"Jealous of who? it couldn't be you or her, punk ass bitch." he spat.

I wasn't here for this bullshit right now. All i wanted to do was go home and sleep. I shoved pass Chris and walked to my car with my hands behind my hand stressed the fuck out.

When I got home i went straight to my room and stripped to my boxers only, I plugged my phone on the charger and laid there, looking up at the ceiling. Lesbian? nah.

Lesbian? really!?!?!

Justin shut up, if she was, she wouldn't be with you. If she really was, that could be great right? No! Nobody wants to share what's theirs. Man, what if she is? would she tell me if i confronted her? probably not.

I picked up my phone and texted her.

To Lyric<3: Hey what's up baby?

[Ten minutes later]

I stared at my phone of ten whole damn minutes waiting for her to reply. Contemplating on whether I should text again or call or just leave it alone.

JUSTIN!!! she's your girlfriend, trust her dammit.

From Lyric<3: Sorry babe, i was sleepin!xx

To Lyric<3: I didn't see you at school, where were u?

[fifteen minutes later]

She was honestly getting on my nerves, she never took long texting me back, why she started now? fuck it, it cool. I sighed and unlocked my phone to see what she said.

From Lyric<3: Didn't feel good, i when home during first period. did u miss me(;

I locked my phone and put it up on my night table without texting back. Like I said I wasn't here for this bullshit and i'm too stressed to be over-thinking a situation that might not even be true.

Good night..





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