being mrs.direction

When Sara turns 18 her parents make her move out. She lands a job in a local restaurant. She seats a group of 5. but what she didn't know is she was the future wife of one of them


2. Packing and realizing

                                I had opened my closet and piled all of my clothes in one big box. Next i went to my dresser and put more clothes in the same box while thinking " I cannot believe this is happening. One moment when I thought i would have a say in what i do around the house. I cannot believe myst mom even treated me like this. I went to my bookshelves and pulled everything off the shelves into another box. Next I went to my table grabbed my alarm clock, perfume, picture of me and my bff Sadie into a little box. I pulled my pillow and quilt into a bag and carried my three boxes one at a time in my Pickup truck i got on my 16th birthday. I went inside and sat down on the couch when my mom walked into the room and said " What the hell are you still doing here! Get out!" I quickly go u grabbed my keys, phone, and wallet and called Sadie.

Sadie: Hello?

Sara: Hey, my parents just made me move out. Do you think I can crash in your flat for a while till I get a job or a place of my own?

Sadie: Sure! your home is my home i have a guest room for you that's empty. Stop by whenever.

Sara: Thank you soooo much.

Sadie: Happy birthday and I'll see you when you get her

Sara: thank you, okay and bye

Sadie: bye


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