being mrs.direction

When Sara turns 18 her parents make her move out. She lands a job in a local restaurant. She seats a group of 5. but what she didn't know is she was the future wife of one of them


3. Moving in

                                  It took about one hour to get to Sadie's flat. I had my pickup truck filled with my main things i would need like a pillow, blanket, and clothes. My friend Sadie's flat was in a little town near Wolverhampton. I was hoping to get at Sadie's place around 1:00 but traffic was horrendous. Around 1:45 I was near her flat. I pulled into her parking lot and gave her a quick call letting her know i was here. She came down around after about five minutes helping me grab my three boxes. We carried them to the elevator and took it to the top floor.Since we had the top floor she lived in the penthouse. I carried my boxes into the spare room while Sadie had said "My house is your house. I have to run a few quick errands so I f you don't mind I'm going to leave you to unpack." I had nodded. I grabbed the box with all my clothes and shoes and hung all of the clothes up and put away the shoes. I had pulled my alarm clock which has a Iphone docking station so i could listen to music. I plugged the alarm into the wall and put my phone in. Quickly I picked the songs from Sadie's and I's favorite movie, Pitch Perfect. The first song that played was cups. I quickly ran to the same box I had gotten the alarm out of and pulled out my picture of Sadie and I. I put it on the bedside table and went back to the box and pulled out my favorite perfume. I remember going to the mall with sadie when we were 14 and buying this. I had put it on my bedside table and went to open my last box. I pulled out my pillow and quilt and placed them on the floor. Sadie had already put sheets on the bed and so I didn't really have much to do. I threw my quit on my bed and straighten it out. Then put the pillow on there. After that I didn't really have much to do. I walked into the other room sat down and watched T.V for a little while then decided I was going to go to the mall. I grabbed a notepad from the drawer and wrote-


Im going to the mall to find a job.  Call you if I know anything more,


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