Just Another Parentlock: Sherlock

I'm deathly in love with the show Sherlock. So most of the fanfics I've seen on this site are about 1D. If you don't know much about the show well... yeah, go watch it. xD anyways, sorry for the people who do know the show, i spelled it like Ms. Hudson and not Mrs. Hudson. but im too lazy to change it. ANYWAYS! This is a fanfic including some fluffy Johnlock and Parentlock later on. Plus I haven't proof read and its still a rough draft... So yeah, go wild.


9. Names Mean Nothing

Sherlock decided to call his mother to inform her about the sudden appearance he would be making at the family's manor. The Moore was a desolate place, but Sherlock deeply missed it. He was born and raised into a family of much success and much money. The Holmes family had been well known for their high intelligence and their... lack of social ability. He pulled his phone from his coat. He tapped her number in on the keyboard as he crossed the street that led him to 221 B. It took two calls until one of the servants answered.

"Hello. Holmes residence. If you must reach anyone in the Holmes please leave your name, mobile, and reason as to why you're calling." The uptight voice of the most familiar service member answered.

"Good afternoon George, its Sherlock. Is Violet around?" He asked and the man's voice soon lightened up.

"She's stepped out Sherlock. I will inform her that you rang though."

"Thank you," on that note Sherlock hung up, somewhat relieved that he didn’t have to speak to his mother. The woman utterly terrified Sherlock and turned him back into the frightened lonely boy he truly was. He shook his head, trying to clear that away. That must've been the reason that Sherlock enjoyed the older company of John- the 31 year old was smarter than the average dimwit but Sherlock saw him more as the father and childhood friend he never had. Sure the 27 year old might have had "friends" as a young boy, but that was only because the simpletons he had met and acquainted with knew that he had loads of unknown money. His friendship with John had been different. It wasn't until John had seen Sherlock’s home and met his family that he found about the money. John had been friends with him because he actually enjoyed solving cases and marveled in the way Sherlock made such amazing deductions. This feeling began to arise in his chest, burning the back of his throat and turning his saliva to glue. This was the second time he had experienced this, trying to remember what it was to cause it. His nose began to itch grow wet. He felt as though his body was changing right in front of him. Sherlock quickly ran up to the Baker Street flat, slamming the door after him.

"Took you long enough!" Her voice was the perfect mixture of sarcasm and kindness. No matter what she said could take this feeling away. He dropped the bag of groceries and fell in sync with them, the only think holding him up were his arms. Ms. Hudson quickly raced to his side, kneeling down to check if he was ok. She pulled him so he would sit against the wall but that made things worse- he finally broke. His eyes squinted and began to form a layer of water. The liquid spilled out over his pale cheeks. He slid into a fetal position on the floor as his body was racked with painful weeps and spams. Ms. Hudson rubbed his back to calm him down. Sherlock tried to piece together this foreign action but it only made things worse. As a child this happened almost every night until he grew tired and fell asleep. Sometimes Mycroft would hear him across the corridor and go to comfort him. This time it was Ms. Hudson who came to his rescue.

"What’s... h-happening Ms. H?" He could barely utter a word.

"This is an emotion Sherlock... it's sadness," her fingers ran through his hair, "you cry when you're sad." She tried her best to explain. Of course he knew what it was. How should he handle it was what he meant to say.

"I'm Sh-Sherlock Holmes... I don't c... c..." out of frustration for not being able to speak he threw his arms around Ms. Hudson and held her tight.

"Names don't matter. You're human. Everyone cries."

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