Just Another Parentlock: Sherlock

I'm deathly in love with the show Sherlock. So most of the fanfics I've seen on this site are about 1D. If you don't know much about the show well... yeah, go watch it. xD anyways, sorry for the people who do know the show, i spelled it like Ms. Hudson and not Mrs. Hudson. but im too lazy to change it. ANYWAYS! This is a fanfic including some fluffy Johnlock and Parentlock later on. Plus I haven't proof read and its still a rough draft... So yeah, go wild.


7. Goodbye Old Friend

Sherlock returned to the flat only to find big burly men with button up shirts tied at their waist taking the things out of John’s room. He glanced over at Ms. Hudson who was innocently drinking her steaming tea.

                “Might I ask who John is staying with…?” he asked and the woman shrugged.

                “Honestly I don’t know. But why would it matter to you since you hate him so much?” her voice held deep sarcasm and she stared at the tired man.

                “It doesn’t. Mycroft doesn’t matter to me yet I check up on him every so often. You know all I have are enemies Ms. H.” he smirked and she gave him an annoyed glance. He stopped smiling and cleared his throat.

                “Normal people don’t have enemies.” Her voice echoed in his ear, it reminded him way too much of John. He swallowed hard and walked away without saying another word to Ms. Hudson. He pushed past the moving men and closed the living room door behind him. The stress of this whole ordeal was making Sherlock’s need for a nicotine patch reach beyond its normal need level. He searched all over the flat. There was no box- not even a single patch to be seen. John always hid them so well. He opened the living room door and called out for Ms. Hudson.

                “Ms. H! Could you retrieve John’s number for me?” he called out and the elderly woman took her time up the stairs. She had her phone book out and scanned down the page in the living room.

                “Why do you need it anyways?” she asked and he sighed, rubbing his face.

                “Do I have to explain everything to you?” he retorted at the woman and she scoffed.

                “No, but I would like to have a reason as to why you want the number of your ex-best friend.” She flipped over each piece of paper until she had his number sloppily written under her index finger. She murmured the number aloud as Sherlock entered a text under the digits. He shooed away his landlady and closed the door as he read his text before sending it. He rested on the couch with his violin in his hands, trying to drown out the sound of the move. It took a while for all of the noise to die down and his phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled it out.

                Mind telling me where you hid those bloody patches? -SH

                Bathroom. There’s a tile next to the light switch. Take it off and there’s all of the patches I’ve confiscated from you. Go wild. -JW

                Thank you. Would it be offending if I asked where you’re living now? -SH

                You remember Sarah right? Sarah Sawyer? -JW

                The one you had dated and almost killed on accident? Why yes, I remember her. -SH

                Well, I showed up at her flat last night and she invited me in. She told me I could live in her spare room. -JW

                Are you going to date her again? –SH

                That’s what I intend on doing. But it shouldn’t matter to you anymore. Why don’t you go out and make friends? –JW

                You know I can’t do that. Greg and Ms. H are my only friends now. Plus I think I will be going to The Moore for a few days. Violet wants me to visit her so I believe I’m going. I need to get away from London for a while. That whole… argument of ours has really stirred up my need for relaxation. I must be off then. Goodbye… old friend. –SH and just like that Sherlock tucked away his phone and was out the door.

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