Dying is Believing

When you don't believe in something, your parents would always say "Seeing is Believing" right? Well how about when dealing with the after life? Dying would be proof enough, but how do you escape when you're already dead?


3. 3

Confused, more-so now than before, I started walking in the opposite direction of the pile of rubble. Every now and again an explosion would sound in the distance. I walked for more than a half an hour before I saw a figure a little ways ahead of me. The figure stumbled upon some of the rumble as he made his way towards me. As he got closer, I noticed that he was about my age. His features were unfortunately covered up by the soot, making it nearly impossible to define his features. He stopped before me and spoke with a deep British accent. "Hey. You must be the new kid. I'm Brett, your tour guide." 
"Hailey. and tour guide?" 
"Pretty name and yes, tour guide. I'm here to show you around and answer any questions you might have." 
"Thanks, I guess. So you're a tour guide, huh? I guess my main question would be, where are we exactly?"
"You know, I really thought you'd give me a complex question, not something so easy. We, my dear, are in The Afterlife," he says with a smirk. 
"The afterlife?" I began to panic. How could I be dead? Then the memories came. The power outage, the storm, the thunder and lightning. "I died falling off a cliff because of lightning. What a lame way to die."
We started to walk again and Brett kicked some rocks. "Not really, I died while in a cross country race." He shook his head and continued. "I was about to jump over a hurdle, but instead I tripped over it. The impact from the fall is how I died." He was still looking down at the ground. 
"I'm sorry, I guess I shouldn't complain, but, you know what, never mind." I said shaking my head.
"What? I'm supposed to answer your questions, how can I do that when you don't ask any?"
"Okay. Fine. How do I get home?"
"Home? you mean that house you woke up in, because that's gone."
"No, I mean home. As in, where I died?"
"Oh, that place. Well, um, you don't." 
"What do you mean 'you don't'?"
"Hales, you died. This is home."

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