Dying is Believing

When you don't believe in something, your parents would always say "Seeing is Believing" right? Well how about when dealing with the after life? Dying would be proof enough, but how do you escape when you're already dead?


2. 2

I woke up in a strange room. The floor was concrete and the walls were covered in a thick layer of dust. There was only one window and a door. The room was bare with not a single piece of furniture in sight. Standing up, I brushed off my clothes and walked to the door. Thankfully it was unlocked. I stepped out into the dense, misty air. Looking around, I didn't see anything that I recognized. Where was I?
Walking through the dense fog, I started to notice people. They were walking into random buildings in their business suits, probably late for work. As the number of people lessened, an alarm began to ring. The sound was almost as deafening as the lightning strikes, but not quite loud enough to make a person go deaf.
Half a second later, a C-17 Carrier, heavy with munitions Payload, and a Joint Command Team of Navy SEALs and Recon Marines, flew over dumping the payload. Every SEAL and Marine exited the helicopter quickly, as if it was carrying the Black Plague. The troops looked like rain dropping from the sky. It was a sight to see and looked as if their bodies were going to slam into the ground when all of a sudden, a single movement of their body released a chute that caused them to fall aimlessly to the ground.
As soon as they were no longer seen, due to the fog, the faint sound of gun shots and explosions filled the air. About 10 feet away, a whistle was blown and a sudden pop sounded. Next thing I knew, I was sent flying into the air. I awoke moments later covered in soot and gravel. Coughing, I pushed myself off the ground, so now I was standing.
The air was now thick with dust, making it impossible to see, let alone breathe. I turned around in a circle surveying what was left of my surroundings. The house I had woken up in was nothing but a pile of rubble off to my left. On my right, was a giant pit where tall businesses once stood. 

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