I'm Yours

*****First fanfic please don't judge*****
When Catalina goes to London to see her best friend she happens to bang into Harry styles. What happens when she falls for him? Will he fall for her or is he just a womanizer?


45. 45.) Jake.

Catalina's pov. 

As the door opened, my heart flew crazily. Before I could stop my body I jumped into his arms. He cradled me, and I couldn't stop the tears that ran down my cheeks. I didn't notice how much I was shaking. 

"Woah. Cat it's okay. I'm here." He whispered. 

"I-I missed you jake." I said as I tried to catch my breathe. He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around me. I felt safe. 

"Come in. You can stay here in the guest room." I say. Tears still spill out of my eyes. 

"Cat it's okay, I'm home. I knew you were here and wanted to see you first." He smiles, as he holds my face and whips my tears away with his thumb. I hug him as tightly as I can, I smell him, he smells like axe. I look up into his hazel eyes, I smile and we both embrace eachother tighter. 

"I love you so-" I begin to say, but I'm stopped as I begin to cry. 

"I love you to cat." He says. I smile to myself. I show Jake to the guest room and then head to my bed, as soon as my head hits the pillow I fall into a deep sleep. I wake up to Harry playing with my hair. What Harry? 

"Har-Harry?" I ask, not sure what was going on. 

"I never got to tell you, what I wanted to say when I was leaving." He smiles. My heart races and my stomach bounces. Harry takes my hands, and looks into my eyes, I can't help but feel the butterflys that race in my stomach as he touches me. He smiles and looks as though he needs to tell me something important. 

"Cat! Are you up?"  Jake calls as he enters the room. A smirk grows on his face as he sees Harry. 

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