I'm Yours

*****First fanfic please don't judge*****
When Catalina goes to London to see her best friend she happens to bang into Harry styles. What happens when she falls for him? Will he fall for her or is he just a womanizer?


37. 37.) I'm scared

Catalina's pov.

I go back to Elena's flat with him on my mind. When I get to Elena's flat I realize I need to talk to her. 

"Can we go to Starbucks?" I ask. 

"Yeah but go freshen up!" She says with a smile.

"okay." I go upstairs to wash my face and I put on some mascara. I throw my hair into a messy bun, I put on a white razor back tank top with a brown scarf, I put on a pair on ripped skinny jeans, and slide my feet into brown leather riding boots. I look decent enough. I grab my brown leather purse and put on my sunglasses. Elena is wearing black leggings, a stripped black and white sweater with red toms. 

"Ready to go?" She asks. I nod a yes. When we get their we both order  a tall Caramel Frappuccino. We sit down and I tell her some stuff. I tell her that I really like Harry I might even love him! That I'm scared because in about two weeks he is leaving for tour, and in five, I'm going home. I'm scared that he will forget me, or it'll be too hard for us too keep a long distance relationship. That I've never felt this way about another guy before. I'm just really falling for this guy, an i dont want to lose him. That I'm not even sure I want to leave London.maybe I could live here, but what about my mom? 

"Cat it will be okay, If you both really care about eachother then love will find away, and that if this relationship falls apart then maybe something better will come together. Everything happens for a reason, follow your heart and you'll know what to do. You're mom is strong, she will be okay." Elena tells me. I nod. We drink our drinks till they're gone, and then head home. 

"It's gonna be okay." She says.

"Yeah I know." I tell her.

"You should hangout with Harry." She says.

"you sure?" I ask. 

"Yeah, you only have two more weeks together, so go have fun!" She laughs.

I smile. I quickly get out my phone and call Harry up.  

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