I'm Yours

*****First fanfic please don't judge*****
When Catalina goes to London to see her best friend she happens to bang into Harry styles. What happens when she falls for him? Will he fall for her or is he just a womanizer?


33. 33.)Official

Catalina's pov.

I woke with the sun shinning in. I stretched a little. The clock on the night stand next to the bed read 8:34. My stomach growled for food. I tried to slid out of bed but Harrys arms were wrapped tightly around my waist. He mumbled something, and then grew quiet. I gently untied his body from mine and slid out of bed. I texted Elena and told her where I was. I then walked to the kitchen. I got out a pancake mix and found chocolate chips. I proceeded to make chocolate chip pancakes. I sang softly- home Michael bublè. I felt to strong arms wrap around my waist, Harry slowly started kissing my shoulder up to my jaw line. Butterfly's fluttered in my tummy, and a wave of electricity races through me. 

"Morning beautiful" Harry whispered in a sexy morning voice, which sent shivers down my back. 

"Morning" I smiled. I serve Harry some pancakes and get the syrup. 

"Harry?" I ask

"hmm." He mumbles while shoving pancake into his mouth. 

" I was wondering" I pause and take a deep breathe. "Are we a thing, like a couple?" I ask and avoide eye contact. 

"Cat I really like you, I want you to be my girlfriend." Harry says while grabbing my hands.

"absolutely!" I announce with joy.  After we eat I head home to jump in the shower and get ready for our date. I shower, do a natural look with my makeup, I head to my closet. I grab white and black striped skinny jeans, my black mussel shirt that says boo you whore in white letters, a white bando for underneath, and black heals. Harry and I meet up at Starbucks, we then walk around London going to random shops that have fun things in them such as boas, masks, funny hats, and more. We try on different masks and take tons of pictures. Harry posts them on twitter with my name @kitty_Cat "fun day with my girl!" Within seconds I have thousands of new followers. Dam. We walk around and stop at another Starbucks. Fans stop is for pictures, and suddenly there's a few paparazzis snapping pictures. A few ask questions.

"Harry is this your new girlfriend?" This the question most ask. Harry nods his head yes and pulls me into a kiss. We walk around hand in hand. 

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