I'm Yours

*****First fanfic please don't judge*****
When Catalina goes to London to see her best friend she happens to bang into Harry styles. What happens when she falls for him? Will he fall for her or is he just a womanizer?


25. 25.) Girls day

Catalina's pov. 

We drove for a while and finally we reach the London eye. It's freaking huge. The London eye is only open a few weeks in the summer, and lucky for us it had opened yesterday. So we get to go on the London Eye!! Yay! We loaded into glass tubes and went around. It's like a glass room that moves in a Ferris wheel like motion. It was beautiful. At the top of the Eye you could see all of London. It was so magical. In a few hours we got off. We were tired of standing so it was a good thing we would be going to see a movie. We drove of to the movie, where we watched the call, it was sort of creepy but scary too. 

"You wanna go out to eat?" Elena asks. 

"Yeah! I'm starving!" I laugh.

"me too!" She agrees. On the ride to the restrunt we take about the movie. Finally we reached some Italian restrunt. When the smell of bread and pasta hit me, my mouth watered and my stomach growled. Ah, I'm so hungry. We were seated with in about ten minutes, thank goodness.  Suddenly my phone vibrated. A smile grew on my face as I saw it was from Harry. 

Hey beautiful, want to meet up tomorrow? Xx- Harry 

Hmm. Miss me already? Xx(; and yeah I'd love to met up.- Catalina 

of course I miss you.(: pick you up at ten. Xx- Harry

Can't wait(: -Catalina 

I look up to find Elena starring at me. I realize that my cheeks are heated up and I have a huge smile on my face. 

"Who's the guy?" She demands with a smile. 

"Um. Well. It's just Harry." I say with a smile on my face as I think about him. 

"Spill" she giggles. 

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