I'm Yours

*****First fanfic please don't judge*****
When Catalina goes to London to see her best friend she happens to bang into Harry styles. What happens when she falls for him? Will he fall for her or is he just a womanizer?


16. 16.) a sleepover?

Catalina's pov. 

We sat there watching the movie. My heart was pounding. I was terrified. Finally a scary part happened and I yelped. Suddenly I felt Harry's big hands wrap around my waist. His strong arms made me relaxe and feel protected as he scooped me up. I leane into him and I felt right. 

I whispered into his ear and said "I guess we know that you're the Chicken" I heard him slightly chuckle. I smiled to myself.

Harrys pov. 

Cat screamed in horror as a scary part of the movie popped up. I couldn't stop myself as my arms scooped her up. I told myself that I regretted it but I knew I didn't. I held her close to me and she told me that I was the chicken, but she was worth being called a chicken. I smiled as I held her. She was fit and short but not to short just right. She smelt like vanilla and I loved that. The movie ended and I realized that Cat was a sleep in my arms. I smiled and closed my eyes. Sleep took over my body. 


"Hey beautiful" I smiled at her. We sat on the Picnic blanket in the grass. 

"Hey Harry" she smiled at me. Her blonde hair sways in the wind and her green eyes are bright. 

"My sweet melody. My love. My heart." I tell her softly. She looks at me and suddenly her dazzling gaze is gone. The setting changes and I feel tears soaking my cheeks. I'm in her flat. She tells me she loves the other guy she never really loved me. I leave her flat and I can hear her foot steps behind me.

"Harry I'm sorry. I think we both knew I didn't love you." She says.

"what?!? I loved you! I never say that except to my mom, it's hard for me to love someone. You know that and you just led me on.." I pause "how could you?" 

" Harry man up. Don't cry. It's you, you didn't fit with me." Her voice is cold.

"but I can change" I pled.

"no you can't Harry. You are nothing." Her voice is cold and hard.  She continues "no one will ever really love you." She turns and leaves. End of dream**  

 I wake up and I feel tense. I see Cat and I immediately feel relaxed and calm. I need to have sex with her so I can forget  her. I can't love her, nothing good happens with love. I'll get hurt and so the sooner I use her the sooner I'll forget her. I close my eyes and sleep takes me.


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