This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


7. We meet again

Desi's POV:


 I woke up in my bed and pressed the home button on my iPhone checking the time, '9:45am'. I almost had a heart attack remembering what I did yesterday. I not only met Justin Bieber, the boy I've been waiting years to meet. But I also hung out with him, at his house, for a BBQ. This is unreal. The best part was, I got to be alone with him. It was pretty romantic actually. And we hugged before I left, it was magical. All the things he did were so cute! Oh my gosh! I remembered Justin wanted to hang out again! I quickly jumped outta bed and ran to my dresser. I picked up the piece of paper with Justin's number. Should I call him? I don't know, I feel nervous. Instead I texted Amy.
' Hey, when are we going to hang with Justin again? Call me. '
I started my usual morning routine, and began brushing my teeth. Whatever I do today, I'm excited as long as I'm with Justin.


Amy's POV:


I woke up to a text message from Desi. She asked when we would hang out with Justin. I wasn't really concerned about him, but If hanging out with Justin meant I'd get to talk to Niall again I'll take the chance. I dialed desi, as she asked me to do in her text.
Prrriiing* Prrring
Hello? Desi answered
Hey what's up? I sat up on my bed
Desi: wonderful you're up! Wanna have breakfast with Justin?
Me: honestly no...
Desi: but Amy
Me: yeah I don't want to but I have a feeling I'm going to have to.
Desi: there's the spirit!
Me: so where are we eating
Desi: oh I haven't called him yet
Me: then why are we making plans!?
Desi: I'm scared you call him!
Me: I'll call Niall instead..
Desi: make sure Justin is involved!
Me: I will call you back!
I hanged up on desi, dialing Niall. The phone continued to ring and ring... I don't think he's up yet
"Er, uh hello?" A sleepy voice spoke
"Niall?" I asked
"Oh Amy!" The tone of his voice, changed from sleepy to some what awake
"Morning... Haha sorry to interrupt but I was wondering if you wanted to have breakfast?"
"Ha! Justin yelled at me to call you and do the same but I ended up falling asleep... But yeah sounds great!"
"Awesome, I'll call desi and let her know"
"Alright, I'll text you the place and everything"
"Kay bye!"
I hanged up walking out of bed into my bathroom. Washing my face and teeth.
Beep beep^
I walked back to my bed checking I got a text message
From Desi: what did Niall say?
To desi: yes
I went to my closet searching for what to wear.
Beep beep^
From Desi: Tell me more!
From Niall : change of plans, come over to Justin's house. I'm making breakfast :) with fredo and Justin.
Desi's POV:


I was so anxious to know what today's plans were. Gosh when will Amy reply? Just then I heard my phone go off, As Long As You Love me is my ringtone. I saw I finally got a text from Amy.
' Niall changed plans, we are going to have breakfast at Justin's house with Fredo, Niall, and Justin. '
" Aaaahhhhhhh! "
I'm having breakfast at Justin's house! OhmyBieber! I replied back and told Amy that I'm getting ready and I'll pick her up once I'm done.
I ran up to my room and started looking in my closet for something to wear. I looked at my shirts and found a black tank top I bought that says 'Believe' in gold letters. I obviously bought it because of Justin. Then I found some denim shorts, and I began looking for shoes. I grabbed my black Supras, because I know Justin loves Supras. Before I slipped into all my clothes I took a quick shower. Then I had my outfit on and dried my hair. I started curling it, and soon enough it looked perfect. I just needed some accessories. I grabbed a small gold purse and put some silver and gold bangles. I had to match perfectly! Then I applied my lip gloss and a bit of mascara. I'm not a big fan of wearing a lot of make up so this was fine. I started running down the stairs and my mom stopped me before I left the house.
Mom: Where are you going missy?
" Mom, your not going to believe it but... I'M GOING TO EAT BREAKFAST AT JUSTIN BIEBERS HOUSE!! "
Mom: Haha, okay honey sure. Have fun eating breakfast at Justin's house. I'll just be here talking to Prince William. Haha!
" I'm serious! But gotta go, love ya! "
I ran outside and shut the door, then hopped in my car. I texted Amy so she would be ready, and I let her know I was on my way. Then I started driving to pick up Amy.


Justin's POV:


Alfredo, Niall, and I were pretty clueless what to make for these girls. We didn't know what they liked. I decided to make some waffles and bacon. Who doesn't like bacon? Niall was making some omelets, and Fredo made some sort of smoothie. I was kinda nervous hoping it would all be good. Man they are both cute.
Niall: Hey Justin, I just got a message from Amy. Their on there way here.
" Oh crap! I gotta get ready! "
Fredo: We all do bro. We wanna look fine for those cuties right?
" Yah, I'll be upstairs changing. "
I walked past the hallway and up my stairs and opened the door to my room. I slipped out of my Ninja Turtle PJs and T/Shirt, and opened my closet door. I got a simple red tank top and some white pants. Then I put on some red Supra high tops, and a matching SnapBack. I walked out of my closet and went towards the bathroom. I put my cologne and grabbed a necklace. Then I checked my hair in the mirror. I messed with it a bit until it looked good. I was ready.
I made my way downstairs and saw Niall finishing the food that he was cooking.
Niall: Oh hey mate, the omelets are ready.
" Oh thanks Niall, you should go get ready now unless your cool in your Pajamas. "
Niall: Alright, I have my clothes inside my guest room so I'll go change.
Niall walked upstairs and I walked over to the kitchen. I was kinda nervous for them to come over. I mean I don't think things went well with Amy, she seemed more into Niall. But that girl Desi. She kinda took my mind off that. She was really sweet, and boy was she cute. Was she into me? When she came to sit next to me by the pool it kinda seemed like it.
Fredo: Uhhh Justin? Why are you smiling like that dude? Haha!
" Oh umm, I was just thinking about my Beliebers. Yah, their amazing. "
Fredo: Are you sure? You weren't thinking about Amy?
" Well actually bro, I was thinking about Desi. "
Fredo: Damn! Haha, was she the girl who was kinda short, with long black hair?
I blushed a little thinking about her as Fredo described her.
" Yah. "
Fredo: Yah, she was pretty cute dude! And-
Niall: Hey guys. Umm, I'm ready.
" Cool. I guess they should be here maybe like 2minutes or something. "
Niall: More like 2 seconds.
Fredo: I'll get the door!!!



Desi's POV:


I was so nervous as I drove and parked in front of Justin's house. My hands were shaking a little.
Amy: Desi? Are you okay?
" Yah. Just kinda nervous "
I said as I turned the engine off.
Amy: Alright well just be cool. We came yesterday so I think you can handle yourself today!
" Hope so. "
We began walking closer, and when Amy rang the doorbell I heard someone yell " I'll get the door!


I'm pretty sure it was Fredo. And as the door opened I saw I was right.
Fredo: Hey ladies!
" Hey Fredo! Goodmorning. "
Amy: Hello.
Fredo: Well come inside, breakfast is ready.
Amy and I walked inside and I nearly fainted as I saw how hot Justin looked. I love how he looks in red! He smiled when he saw us come through the door, then Niall came over.
Niall: Hello Desi. Umm Hi Amy...
" Hey Niall. "
Amy: Haha, hey Niall. Why do you sound so awkward when you say that?
Fredo: Niall happens to think your-
Niall: I think they should say hi to Justin now, they are his guest!
Fredo: Umm, okay then
Amy giggled as Fredo made a hand gesture saying Niall was crazy when he turned around. I couldn't help but laugh too. Then I saw Justin and did something in between freezing up and shaking.


Amy's point of view-
I walked up to Justin, like Niall said saying we're his guest.
"Hey Justin" I simply said waiting for desi to greet him too. But she didn't Turning around to face her. I looked at desi, she looked like she just saw a ghost. If this is going to happen every time we come over....
I pulled desi closer to me in a side hug position pinching her shoulder.
"Oww!!" Desi Shrieked and everyone looked at her weirdly
"She's just really happy to see you all" I lied. The pinch seemed to take desi out her little trance.
"Hi Justin!" Desi said pushing her hair back in a flirting way. I scoffed, letting go of desi.
"Hey Amy! Hi desi" Justin took off his snap back running his fingers through his hair.
"Why don't you girls take a seat?" Fredo suggested. I watched as fredo let to a small table half in the kitchen and half in the living room. Justin sat at the head of the table. Desi on one side, no one by her side. I sat on the other side of Justin, no one on my side and fredo on the other head. Niall's in the kitchen, maybe he needs help?
"Do you think Niall needs help?" I asked scooting my chair about to get up
"Nah I'm fine" Niall came in the room with two plates one contains omelets and the other bacon. "Thanks though" Niall whispered taking a seat by me.
Everyone dug into the food, fredo bringing OJ and smoothies. The plates empty. The omelet was really good, and the bacon wasn't bad either.
"What did you girls think of the smoothies?" Fredo asked and I looked at desi
"Amazing!" Desi smiled
"Not bad I like the strawberry one" I said
"Thanks I made them" fredo winked..Uhh that better be towards Justin.
"So desi, I heard you like to umm... Skip" Justin said awkwardly and I smirked trying to keep in my laughter
"Skip?" Niall laughed, aw his laugh is so cute.
"Desi I also heard you like to walk" fredo joked and Justin became red with embarrassment
"Hey! Hey! Shut up guys!" Desi defended " I don't like to skip but I like to dance" she smiled rubbing Justin's back
"Yeah she likes to shake her ass" I said under my breath, turning to Niall as he bursted in laughter
"Shoot! You heard?!" I asked he shook his head still laughing, his laugh is contagious I just have to join him.
"What's so funny?" Fredo questioned
"Nothing Niall just farted" I lied smiling looking at Niall's face changing to 'no I didn't'
"Niall!" Justin whined, by now Niall face was an 'O' shape
"Not even, Amy stop lying!" Niall pushed my arm.
"Ow!ow!" I said in between laughs my stomach hurts from laughing. I calmed down a bit being able to talk
"Ahaha okay sorry Niall" I said
"Well desi since you like to dance, why don't we pop in Just dance" Justin said fredo jumping out his seat running to the living room. He must like to dance too! I got out my seat to follow Justin and desi, being pulled back by a pull on my wrist
"Nu-uh missy you're helping me clean"
"Fine by me, I wasn't even going to dance" I picked up the plates going to the kitchen placing them in the sink
"You're not going to shake your ass like desi?" Niall smiled putting the glasses in the sink
"Shut up! If desi hears you say that she's going to kill me!" I warned pulling up the sleeves to my light green jumper sweater.
"Desi!!" Niall called, I turned the faucet on splashing Niall "hey!" He yelled
"I told you to shut up and you didn't" I scrubbed the plates with the sponge
"Make room" Niall said standing by my side our arms touching. He was wearing a tank top with the letter @ in the middle with green shorts.
"You dry?" I asked handing him a plate
"Alright" he smiled, I love his smile. It seems like it's rare. "So, 20 questions"
"Niall we're washing dishes"
"Come on"
"Fine" I placed the plate in the dish rack
"Where you from"
"Specific, what's your favorite type of panties"
"What kind of question is that!" I splashed more water at Niall
"I was playing" Niall splashed me back "um you single?"
"Ticklish?" He asked and I back up a bit, squinting my eyes at him
"No" I lied, continuing to scrub the dishes
"Really?" Niall put down the rag drying his hands as he did. I put down the plate as Niall starred at me "ain't ticklish huh? I think I can change that" Niall wrapped me in a hug tickling my stomach
"Niall!!" I yelled trying to catch my breath but he continued to tickle me, I turned around his hands still around me but our chest were touching. He breathed heavily and so did I, trying to calm down from all the laughter
"You have beautiful eyes" I said as Niall's crystal blue eyes looked down at me
"Oh thanks, but your eyes are prettier" Niall put his hand on my cheek lifting my head a bit as he leaned in, I was still starring at his features. Soon leaning in as well
"Yo! Niall!" Fredo yelled opening the kitchen doors "oh did I interrupt something?" Fredo asked scratching his head
"No you interrupted nothing, nothing at all" I awkwardly moved out of Niall's arms towards the counter
"Well okay come watch Justin and desi there in some type of competition!" Fredo said and I followed. I guess you can say we finished the dishes since it was just four plates and cups. Fredo sat right In the middle of the couch leaving the sides as the only room to sit. I sat on one side and Niall took the other. Watching Justin and desi dance isn't very entertaining for me. I looked down at my shorts and played with the loose strings of fabric.


I reached in my pocket taking out my phone
1n New Message From Niall :)
From Niall: I'm sorry :|
To Niall: why?!?
From Niall: Fredo...
I looked up from my phone looking over fredo at Niall, I smiled at him. Hoping he knows everything is okay.
"Alright!! I'm done! No offense Justin and desi but starring at your butts isn't fun"
"Hahaha true that! Well..." Fredo got this perverted smile on his face looking at desi
"Ye! I'm not having fun" Niall said
"Fine... Lets play twister" Justin suggested. Everyone nodding their heads. Justin left the room to get the game.
I put my phone away looking at desi. She had a huge smile on her face
"Someone's happy" I stood up
" Amy.. Justin's so cute"
"When fredo left, Justin said some pretty flirty things" desi winked
"As in?" I asked curious
" he said he really likes the way my shorts look and That I have some sexy moves.. Amy! I could have passed out on the floor right here right now!" Desi hyperventilating
"Calm down girl!" I placed my hands on desi shoulders
"I'm back!" Justin yelled throwing twister on the floor. Fredo and Niall went to help. They laid the mat flat out with the spinner on the side
"Some ones needs to be the spinny person" Niall announced
"I'll do it" fredo said taking the spinner out of Niall's hands. I took off my oxfords. Desi took off her supras and so did Justin and Niall. All matching shoes...
"Okay," fredo flicked the spinner "left hand on yellow" he said and we all obeyed.
"Right foot on green, left foot on red right hand on blue" we were now tangled up. Niall's butt in my face, Desi's to the side of me and Justin literally on top of her. My leg was under Justin and I had a loose hand to do anything, really? I smiled thinking of the perfect thing to do.
Desi always tells me how she loves Justin and how much she'd love to kiss him.... I lifted my right hand that was on blue pushing desi. Causing her to tumble on top of Justin. It was a push up position type of thing. I sat Indian style kind of glad I did that. They stayed in that position until someone made the first move.
"Amy" Niall said
"Yeah?" I asked
"Um soo, we never finished 20 questions" Niall smiled
" Niall there's nothing interesting about me, can I ask you questions?" I complained
" no, and yes you are now how old are you"
Minutes later-
"Full name?"
"Amy Rose"
"Favorite Food?" Niall asked
"Amy we've got to go!" Desi said and I stood up
"Everything! Ugh Niall no mas!" I put my hands on his cheeks " I'm an 18 year old single gal that likes peace full things, whatever's comfortable I'll wear it, food is food I'll eat it. The color white hurts my eyes.. Boy with blue eyes are hot.. Um I'm not very tall and yeah!" I kissed Niall on the cheek waving by to fredo and Justin walking out the door following desi into her car. Desi has this smirk that won't go off her face? What did I miss? She seems really happy like she could explode with her emotion. Yet she's keeping it all inside. I can't believe I kissed Niall on the cheek. He probably thinks I'm a weirdo.


A/N) Sorry We took long to update! D: The next chap will be up sooner


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