This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


2. Trouble

Desiree's point of view 


I continued looking out the window waiting for amber to come. Thinking that every car that passed was her


 'Where is she'I whispered under my breath, getting a little inpatient. I took out my phone and saw it was 4:30 


    "Uggh" I groaned getting off the couch and into the kitchen to get something to drink. Just as I was about to take a sip 


   "DING DONG" the door bell rang and I ran to open the door 


    "You took so long!" I yelled while opening it 


  "Excuse me?" I looked up at the person who was ACTUALLY standing in front of me 


    "Sorry I thought you were my friend" I apologized taking the mail mans package signing a clip board "um thank you" I said closing the door slightly with my foot 


      "Mom a your package is here!!" I yelled placing it on the table 



"Wait" I heard as I shut the door completely. I furrowed my brows and opened the door back hearing the door bell ring 


      "Hey dez" Amy said causally 


    "Hey dez? You're late" I crossed my arms 


  "Yeah sorry so ill drive?" Amy began walking, I sighed 


      "Mom I'm going!!" I yelled shutting the door hard getting my purse. I walked down the steps and into Amy's car. She smiled as I entered the car trying to make me forgive her for being late. I rolled my eyes and put my seat belt on 


    "What time does it start?" Amy asked smirking 




      "What! We've got plenty of time!" Amy yelled 


      "Shut up" I scowled 


  "Rawr" Amy's giggled giving me cat paws 


    "Keep your eyes on the road are you trying to kill me!!!" I laughed 


  "Ha! You smiled, I'm forgiven!" Amy continued driving 


      "Whatever" I rolled my eyes crossing my hands looking out the window. 


    I started thinking this is my first Justin bieber concert except that one time I slept outside.... I looked at what I was wearing thinking was it concert material. By the way I was wearing shorts not booty ones haha okay and a tee-shirt with Justin's face on it saying 'believe'. My long brown wavy hair down with my black chucks and a hand bag with my phone and other necessities. I looked over at Amy wearing light blue shorts and a tank top with a black bow tie and her white chuck converses. Her hair was lighter than mine but up in a curly pony tail with her brown cross bag. 


    "Are we there yet?" I asked 


      "Does it look like we're there yet?" Amy looked at me narrowing her eye brows at me 


      "Rawmra blahharaw" I mimicked mumbling her voice taking out my phone 




    'Be safe baby... No funny business kk? Love ya!~ mommy 


  'I've got Amy that fun killer.... Haha okay love you!~ me      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minutes later


    "Why do you love Justin didn't you have a massive crush on Bryant?" Amy asked 


      "Nah.... He is a butt that little heart breaker" I said 


    "Wait what did he do?" 


  "I saw him kissing Kylie... Like full out make out secession... After that douche said he liked me" 


    "What!? That little rat... I'm going to have a talk with him" 


  "No don't, I've had enough of him" I sighed 


  "Forget him come on" Amy turned off the car waking to my side of he car, I stepped out her locking the car and we walked towards the arena. I followed and looked at other fans outside the center arena place. 


  "Where do we go?" Amy asked 


    "Um inside show them our tickets and take our seats" I said 


  "Psh you take the lead" Amy pushed me up front going trough the doors, I saw the man that checked the tickets and handed him ours 


  "Go that way down, down, till you see row A5 take seats A2 and A3" the ticket man said and I shook my head 


  "You bought these?" Amy asked seeing our seats were practically upfront, touchable distance 


    "I won them" I smiled 


  "Wow lucky" we sat waiting and waiting and I saw Amy on her phone bored, I got on my knees and saw the arena was more filled with people and the concert started at 7:00 barely being 5:49 


    "Ima go find food I'm starving!!" Amy yelled getting up from her seat 


  "Food? Where!?" I asked 


    "I dunno I'll find some" she shrugged her shoulders walking off, I sighed and hoped bad things didn't happen to me as she left me alone. A girl with blonde hair that was crazy curly sat by me 


  "Do you know what time it starts?" She asked 


    "7:00" I smile and we continued talking 


      Amy's point of view 


  I had to leave sitting there was so boring and hot, I walked up the steps seeing fan girls smiling like crazy taking their seats. There was a few crying girls coming from the back as a kart of water and chopped fruit passed by. 


  'I've got to follow it' I said doing so as casually as can be the cart stopped in the wardrobe area with couches and fancy looking 



"Yes!" I said taking pastries off the kart and a few strawberries. I shoved it in my mouth quickly, given the fact I was hungry. I saw a bowl of sour patch kids reaching for some and another hand at the same time, our hands touching.


      "Sorry" I said removing my hand, looking up at who it was a boy with light brown hair up in a quiff wearing white baggy jeans with a jacket and white tee under with hazel brown eyes 


    "It's fine cutie" he winked, I gave him a weird face, taking some orange juice and berries for desi,waking away 


      "Wait!" He said and I stopped waking Turing around 


  "What do you want?" I asked 


    "I'm Justin bieber" he said flashing me a smile, he had some sparkly whites 


"And is that is suppose to impress me?" I said harshly


  "Do you know who I am?" 


  "No shit, I haven't been living under a Rock!" I laughed 


    "Why aren't you screaming?!" He asked surprised or shock I couldn't tell but his face looked funny 


    "not a fan?" I shrugged my shoulders putting a berry in my mouth waking away. Does he expect every girl to be drooling over him? For Pete's sakes, he stood there thinking... I continued waking and a security guard saw me. My eyes got wide and I walked faster 


      "Aye! You're not suppose to be back here!!!" He yelled increasing his speed, grabbing my hand "explain yourself" the muscly man said 


  "I was doing no harm, I have no weapon now can I leave" I sighed 


  "No you did something, to the authorities you go" he said lifting me 


    "Woah, woah, woah no need for the cops I did nothing wrong!" I yelled 


  "Yo Jeff" a boyish scream yelled and the man stopped in his tracks " she is an old friend of mine.. We were just talking and she went to take her seat for the concert so put her down" I turned to Justin and then the buff man he placed me down and I held my wrist that he squeezed rubbing them 


    "Let me know if she's trouble" Jeff left to a corner and I sticked my tongue at him as he turned his back.. Yeah a bit childish, I would have flipped him off but my hands hurt. I got on my knees to pick up my berries and orange juice 


    "Sorry about that" Justin said Giving me a hand 


  "Thanks" I dusted the berries that were squished and hairy, I made a grossed out face and looked up at Justin who was starring at me, I felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave " um well thanks for that and ill be going now!" I waved walking to the open doors back with dez


    "Why do you keep leaving" I heard his voice again and rolled my eyes 


    "My Friend is waiting for me" I said 


    "So you're staying for the concert" he said grinning 



 "Sadly yes" I smiled looking at his expression change from happy to a pretend hurt look "I'm playing! But yeah my friend made me come" 


  "Justin ready in 3!" A women with a head piece said and Justin replied with okay        "Now, I've got to go, why don't you and your friend stop by my place tomorrow I'm having this little barbecue" Justin took out a marker taking my hand and putting his number on my wrist, I squinted my eyes at him, kinda mad he wrote on me, he smiled and walked away. I ran back to the Arena giving the fact there was 2 minutes before the concert started as I entered the stadium that Jeff guy was at the door I rolled my eyes at him and ran down the stairs sitting next to desi 


  "Back" I said out of breathe " I got you berries" I smiled lifting up my hand which had squished blue raisin like things, with blueberry juice running down my hand


    "Ewww" desi slapped it out my hand. the berries flinging in back of us 


  "What the hell?" I heard some one yell probably the berries hitting them we began laughing our butts off and slid down in our seats before they noticed it was us      "Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!" Everyone started yelling including desi, I put my hands on my ears and Justin started singing all around the world 


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