This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


11. The party part 1

            Desi's Pov:

I was so nervous about this party for some reason. I'm nervous every time I'm around Justin. I'm a huge Belieber and I haven't gotten used to all this. I mean I thought going to a party at Justin house was beyond my dreams. My thoughts were interrupted as I saw three familiar faces on the lawn as I walked towards the door.

" Omg your Chaz Somers, Ryan Butler, and Christian Beadles!"
I didn't mean to say it out loud. Amy looked at me like I was crazy.


Chaz: Yea we are. Are you a Belieber or something? Usually Justin's celebrity friends don't really know us

"Yes I am, haha."

Ryan: Have we met? He winked.

" Umm no I'm Desi. "

Christian: So how did you meet Justin?

" Well he met my friend Amy here first at his concert, and then he met me later. "

Christian: Oh okay cool.

Chaz: Well hello Amy. Your one cute girl aren't you?

Amy: Umm haha bye. Dez I'ma go find Niall.

 Chaz and Ryan looking like they were checking me out, especially Ryan. And Christian just smiling. I felt a little awkward so I suggested we go inside and they followed me like little puppies. I looked around and as I opened the door the music got much louder. I'm not sure where Amy went but I was interested in finding Justin. Ryan came closer to me and grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers together. I looked at him oddly, and he just had this smirk across his face. Don't get me wrong I love Ryan, but Justin has a special place in my heart and I might actually have a chance. Now Chaz came closer to me and grabbed me. He got close to my ear.

Chaz: Ignore Ryan baby, he does things like this a lot.

I was feeling really awkward from all of this and pulled myself away from Chaz and released my hand from Ryan's. 

Christian: Let's go find Justin you guys. We came to see him anyways.


I smiled at Christian, he's so sweet. As I walked past the crowd I noticed how crazy this party was. Alcohol, and drunk people everywhere. They were all dancing pretty crazy as DJ Tay James spun some tracks. The music was so intensely loud, I felt the vibrations run across my body. But I like parties like this. I laughed thinking this was all for Fredo to find a girl. We continued walking past the crowd and finally I saw Justin. Niall was also with him, and where Niall is Amy goes. They were sitting on a couch, except Justin he was standing up looking anxious. On the other side of the room Fredo was on a couch with two girls on each side of him. Typical Fredo always being a big flirt.

Justin's POV:

I was getting really bored here watching Fredo charm the ladies, and watching Niall and Amy. I went to look for Desi around the house really quick. So many people were here. Every time I walked through a crowd of girls they stopped me to talk, used to it. I kept looking but didn't see her. So I went back to the area I was in earlier with Amy, Niall, Fredo, and his girls. I kept standing up looking to see Desi. She finally came in the room. Damn she looked hot. She wore a dress, that suited her well. She saw me staring and smiled at me. I guess I was staring so long because she laughed. She was making her way towards me seeing Ryan, Christian, and Chaz behind her. My buddies from Canada made it! But Ryan and Chaz were checking Desi out from behind. Well that's just the way they are anyways. Desi came over to me and I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into a hug, then I kissed her lips. Wow, I really missed her. 

Desi: Hey Justin!

" Hey beautiful. "


She looked at Amy and began walking towards her. 

Desi: Hey Amy, hey Niall.
She said as she hugged them both.


Niall: Hello Desi.

Amy: Hi. You make it seem like I've been gone for a long time, haha.

Desi: Oh well, you left so I couldn't find you.
She giggled after saying that. She's so cute.


Desi: Well I'm gonna go say hello to Fredo over there.
As she did I got to greet my buddies.


" Ryan! Chaz! Chris, my man! "

Ryan: What's up Justin? 
He said as he hugged me.


Chaz: Hey bro. 
We fist bumped.


Chris: Hi Justin.
We hugged.


" Well Its been a while since I've seen all of you! "

Chaz: Yup

" I see you've met Desi. "

Ryan: Yah man.

He looked at me with a perverted face then glanced at her. Typical Ryan. I looked at Desi just smiling and bit my lip. I'm thinking of asking her out but I don't know how. So I wanted to ask Fredo.

Desi: What's on your mind Justin? She said rubbing my back.

" Umm nothing! Just thinking. "I sounded like an idiot, I felt myself blush.

Desi: Okay cutie, no need to get nervous haha.

" Haha yah. Hold on a second. "I walked over to Fredo and glanced back at Desi. Of course Ryan and Chaz were instantly all over her.These girls with Fredo laugh at everything he says, and just twirl their hair. 

" Can I talk to you for a sec? "

Fredo: Yah sure Justin what is it?

" Umm can we go in the backyard. "

Fredo: Oh okay bro. Hold on ladies my man wants to talk privately.I shook my head and chuckled a little as I opened the door to the backyard.

" Okay, well I wanna ask Desi to be my girlfriend. I'm not sure how."I said running my fingers through my hair.

Fredo: Alright, you gotta be all romantic and sexy then pop the question.

" You think she'll say yes? "

Fredo: Dude she's a Belieber, she wants you.

" Thanks bro. "We walked back inside and he went with the ladies while I went with Desi.

" Hey beautiful I'm back. "I smirked at her and she blushed.

Desi: Yay! 

We both laughed and I suggested we danced. She quickly agreed, and we headed over to the crowd of people dancing. Desi requested some Latin music . DJ Tay changed it for her, and we danced to that. She looked like she really knew what she was doing with her hips and all. She was almost seducing me in a way, because I saw her hips moving perfectly and her brown eyes glued to mine. Other people began watching her dance too, she was pretty good. We began having what seemed like a dance off and I showed off my moves. I did some I usually do with my feet during shows, Moonwalking in a way. Desi looked impressed along with everyone else. She began moving her hips more and I couldn't take it. I grabbed them in front of me and we began dancing together, her back facing me.

Desi's Pov:

I'm dancing with Justin. I can't believe this. I started moving my hips to some music I dance to at parties my family throws. Typical party Spanish music. Justin licked his lips and stared, I felt like a gypsy. Then he started dancing and oh was it hot. I recognized some of his moves from concerts, he's amazing. So I started again until he grabbed me by my waist and started dancing with me in front of him. I guess now it was time to shake it, so I did. And I felt Justin's grip get tighter, I also felt Jerry on me as I danced. OMB! I had a huge smirk across me face as we danced then I noticed Ryan staring...

Ryan's Pov:

Chaz and I thought Desi was one hot piece. But it seems like Justin might really like her. Maybe he was just having some fun with her. They began to dance, and DAMN can she shake it and move those hips. She was good, and she looked hot. I don't know if I should flirt with her because she has something going on with Justin.

Justin's Pov:

After a couple of songs Desi and I just began staring at each other and began breathing heavily. I smiled then she kisses my lips, long and passionately. This party was getting hot, and I liked every bit of it. And I was also literally getting hot. It seemed like Desi was too because she began fanning herself. 

"Wanna cool down a little with some drinks?"

Desi: Sure

"Okay." We walked over to the kitchen and we saw Carly with Ariana and some other people I don't even know.

Desi: Hey guys!

Ariana: Desi! She said in a high pitched voice.

Carly: Hey! She said after taking a sip of her drink.

" What's up guys? "

Carly: We're just drinking.

Ariana: Well Justin this is a great party!

"Thanks. Desi what do you wanna drink?"

Carly: Well actually we were thinking about taking some shots, would you guys like to join us? 

" Sure!" I quickly replied.

Desi's Pov:

Carly offered Justin and I to join her to take some shots. I don't usually do shots because the first time I did I had a huge hangover and the party was a little too crazy for me. But I'm with Justin, so shots with him sounds fun. I agreed to take shots and the bartender in Justin's kitchen quickly brought us our first round.

Ariana: Bottoms up!

We all took our shots and it sorta burned my throat. Exactly why I only really like margaritas and certain beer. 

Justin: Next round please!

We got our next round, and the one after that. Carly quit and I went one more round, then stopped. Carly and I watched them drink. Ariana seemed drunk, who knows how many rounds they had already. Brenda looked like she had to puke so she left to the bathroom. Boy Justin and Ariana could drink.

Ariana: Next rope please!

" Rope?"

Ariana: Rope? Haha! I mean round or whatever I guess! Hahaha! she burped after and kept giggling and Justin laughed.

Minutes Later-

Justin was definitely drunk, and Ariana seemed beyond it. Ariana started twerking and tried loosening up Carly, who didn't really wanna dance. Everyone was having a good time, but I was actually bored. I guess it's because I'm still sober and basically everyone here in drunk. I sat there watching Justin be silly and then someone tapped my shoulder. I turn around to see Ryan with a huge grin across his face, and of course Chaz and Christian behind him.

" Umm Hey? " I said sounding confused.

Ryan: What are you up to?

" Oh nothing, just chilling here. "

Ryan: Wanna sit with us over there? He said pointing to an empty couch.

" Sure I guess " I have nothing else to do anyways.

Ryan grabbed my hand and took me to the couch with Chaz and Christian. We sat there awkwardly, and Chaz and Ryan made me feel uncomfortable. 

Chaz: So... umm where'd you learn to shake it so well.

"Excuse me?"

Christian: Sorry Desi, these two horny boys were watching you dance. Especially when you shook your ass.

" Oh haha okay then? "

Chaz: So how about you dance with me the way you did with Justin?

" Umm I'm actually not in the mood for dancing right now. "

Ryan: How about we cool off in the pool?

" Umm, well I don't know. "

Chaz: Aww c'mon I was looking forward to seeing you in an itty bitty bikini.
I glared at Justin and saw he was just drinking and having a good time. So I guess a little swim wouldn't hurt.

" Alright, Alright. "

Chaz: Yes!

I playfully rolled my eyes and then realized I don't have a swim suit.

" Boys, you can borrow a swim suit from Justin right? "

Christian: Yah we can.

"Okay good, now I need to find one."I thought about who might have one.
Carly seemed excited about coming to this party, maybe she does. I walked over to Carly; the boys followed. I pulled her away from the crowd of people she was dancing with, Justin staring.

" Hey Carly "

Carly: Hey what's up?She said still moving her body to the beat of the loud music.

" Do you have a swim suit?"

Carly: Actually I do, lemme get it for you.She grabbed it out of her purse and I thanked her then walked away.

" Well where do we change? "

Ryan: Oh so now we change together? He winked.

" You know what I mean. Lets ask Justin if we can use his room, if you guys can borrow swimming shorts."
Before they could answer I went to Justin and he was already staring at me before I walked up to him...


A/N) the party will have foul language and + 13 and up  

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