This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


3. The concert

Justin's point of view   


   I had just finish As long as you love me and was moving to Maria, looking into the crowd for that one girl who's name I didn't catch 


    "Maria why you wanna do me like that" I sang locking eyes with a rather cute looking girl with dark hair and brown eyes,wearing a believe shirt. she yelled and yelled as I put my hand out to touch hers smiling at how she reacted.


      "Marry me Justin" she yelled   


  "She ain't my baby, she ain't my girl" I walked back to the center of the stage "that's not my girl!" I yelled as the panels moved me down  to back stage still hearing the screams of the fans   


    Desi's point of view   


The confetti at the end of the concert fell, Justin singing Baby as the finally. This was real...It felt like it was a dream. Every detail of the night was amazing. Just winning seats towards the stage is breathtaking. Then watching Justin go on stage, hearing him sing live, and experiencing those feelings. Not to mention meeting so many other Beliebers. But none of this compared to the moment he looked at me. Right in the eyes, my heart pounded. Then he touched my hand. I screamed like crazy and said I wanted him to marry me. And he smiled at me, that made my stomach in a whirl. I imagined he said my name, "Desi". I kept imagining his angelic voice say it, but someone was actually saying my name. "Desi!!" Amy finally shrieked. "Hello? I've been saying your name like a million times!" Well back to reality for me I guess. " C'mon lets go the shows over and it's late" said Amy. "Sheesh your such a buzz kill"        Amy's point of view   


   "Oh my god that was amazing!! Best night of my life!!" Desi yelled as we   excited out the concert. I lazily dragged my feet up the stairs as everyone was exiting at the same time but out of the four exit doors.   


    "Am I right!!!" She yelled 


      "No" I said tiredly, I heard desi gasp loudly as a couple of people looked, I ignored it and continued walking hoping to get out of this place, I finally reached the exit and ran to my car unlocking it and resting   


    "Peace at last" I laid sighing. My ears hurting from all the screaming fan girls, I closed my eyes.   


    'Knock knock'     


  My eyes fluttered open as desi knocked on the window, I unlocked it and she came in,checking the time being 10:00 pm I looked over at desi who had a huge smile and she couldn't sit still,I turned on the engine and went on the free way. 


      "Mariaaaaa, oh maaarrria" desi sang   


    "Oh please no!" I yelled 


      "Oh Amy why you wanna do me like that" she started cracking up and I looked at her weirdly "cause all around the world people wanna be loooved" she continue and I rolled my eyes 


      "What's it going to take for some quietness!!?? And shouldn't your voice be gone from all that screaming?!" I exclaimed 


      "Well it should, but I practiced for this moment and not until you take it back! You said that wasn't fun" she pouted her lips   


    "Do you want me to lie to you?" I said annoyed 


      "It would make me feel just a bit better"     


  "Fine! That was the most amazing experience of my life!"   


  "Yay!!!!" She yelled some more 


    "Hey! I thought you were going to be quiet!" I gave her the 'stare' 


    "Sorry" she whispered, sliding down in her seat. I concentrated back on the road.


    Minutes later~ 


    "Bye desi!" I said parking out in her drive way 


    "Bye!!! Thank you so much for coming!! breakfast tomorrow?!" she said peppy running to her front door. I smiled and drove to my house. 




    I parked my car in the garage going through the garage door. By the house being all dark I'm guessing my parents were asleep. My older brother is in college and my other brother is in high school as well for me I just finished school. By the way I'm 17. I went directly to bed...still hungry though berries and juice does not fill a girl. I sat on my bed throwing my cross bag off and on the floor taking off my shoes,I sat there and noticed the number on my wrist.   


    'Oh' I whispered.     


  I forgot to tell desi about the whole Justin thing... Oh boy,well she did say break fast so I could tell her then, or I could text her. I glanced at my bag on the floor, groaning not wanting to crouch down and get it 'tomorrow' I nodded my head getting in to my sheets.  
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