This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


6. The BBQ part 2

Amy's point of view continued-

"Hey your Ariana grande!" I said shocked

"Yeah! Am I at the wrong house?" She asked confused

"Haha no, Justin's BBQ right?"

"Yes" she smiled, I moved aside letting her in.

"Everyone's outside" I said walking ahead

"Wait don't leave me" she said grabbing my arm

"Sorry" we walked together out to the patio and I went with Carly and desi

"Carly!" Ariana hugged her.

"Hi munchkin" Carly said breaking away from the hug

"Ariana this is Amy and desi"  Carly said pointing to us

"I've meet Amy but hi desi" Ariana said smiling

"You girls want to take a seat?" Desi asked taking a seat at a table by the snack table, with a view of the pool and the grill well from where I was sitting.

"So" desi said

"Let's talk about boys" Carly suggested

"Ohhh yes!" Ariana said

"Ok" I said and desi shook her head, just as Carly was beginning to talk Justin came to our table

"Do you girls want Anything to drink?" He asked

"What is there?" I asked

"Pepsi, fanta, Mountain Dew, virgin margaritas, coke, sprite" he said

"Pepsi" Ariana said

"Sprite" desi said

"Coke" Carly said

"Pepsi" I said

"Be back with orders" Justin went to a different table

"Desi why don't you start" Carly said and desi began talking about her troubles with Bryant I zoned out knowing this story. I looked around
Noticed everyone was out the pool and some people sat down. usher was with the DJ requesting songs or so. I felt as someone was looking at me and turned to catch Niall looking at me, he looked away and continued to be on the grill as if everything was casual. I wanted to catch him doing it again so I looked at him with the corner of my eye, Turing again and catching him. I waved hi as his cheeks turned pink and he hide behind the grill, smiling at his little act.

"Who are you waving to?" Asked Ariana

"Oh um the sky" I said

"Yeah the sky..." Desi said

"She was waving at the grill" Carly turned to the grill

"That's what i thought but there's no one there" Ariana said. Justin came back with our drinks placing them Down and walking towards the grill. The girls turned to see who was at the grill

"Umm Niall!" Carly shout out

"Ohhh" Ariana joked

"You like him?" Carly asked

"We just met!" I said

"Everyone, testing, testing" we all turned to Justin attempting to use his mic "it's working?" He asked "ok well the chicken and meat is ready and the ca-bobs, now if anyone wants burgers you'll have to wait a little more while Niall finishes it up... Thank you for listening now go back to what you were doing" Justin said placing the mic  down 

"He looks pretty lonely... Up there by himself.." Desi said

"Right, look at him" Carly said

"Why don't you go keep him company?" Asked Ariana

"Guys" I said

"Come on" they all said

"Ugh it's going to cost you all" I said grouchy, getting out my seat. Walking up the small steps and towards Niall

"Hi Niall" I said smiling

"Hi Amy" he looked up from the grill smiling.

"How's a going?" I asked trying  to start some conversation

"Just cooking burgers" he laughed


"So what brings you here?" He asked

" I'm going to be honest with you, they forced me to" I pointed to the table

"Oh" Niall said

"Sorry I'm probably distracting you or annoying you" I said

"Annoying!? No distracting just a bit"

"Oh sorry I'll leave" I was about to walk away

" wait, not by what your doing... Like.. Um your appearance, you know you're really pretty" Niall looked at my eyes, I wasn't sure if he was being sweet or flirting. But I avoided his crystal blue eyes.

"Wow your right this place is pretty, you have a nice view of everything and its beautiful, nice and shady" I ignored what Niall said not sure what I should have said. I turned to see him but he was back on the grill, he looked disappointed. I sighed and walked away.

"That was short" desi said

"And" I said

"Go back" Carly said. I rolled my eyes and walked back up the stairs

"Hi again" I said to Niall once again

"Oh hi... Amy" Niall said

"Do you need any help?" I asked feeling bad

"Um I want you to get the chicken and meat and put them on the plate set them aside" 

"Okay" I did as Niall said, using the clippers and picking the cooked meat up. "Done" I smiled lifting the plates

"Can you place them over here?" He asked pointing to a table behind him. Although the table wasn't properly standing so I set the plates down and attempted to properly set up the table.

Niall's point of view~

I was finishing up some burgers with cheese and some with out,setting them on buns for people To pick.

"Uh, em, uff" I heard this moaning sound but ignored it "crap!" I heard and turned around to see Amy on the floor with a table on top of her, which I couldn't help but laugh at.

"Hahahaha what happen?" I asked removing the table off her

"The table was slanted sided, so I tried making it straight" Amy said as I gave her a hand.

"Haha you're unbelievable" I said as she dusted her self off.

"It was the tables fault" Amy giggled

"Alright ready?" Justin said coming up the stairs

"Yah" I said and he went table to table and soon people came to pick there food. Amy walked away to help hand out plates. Coming back.

"What are you going to eat?" I asked

"Oh um a cheese burger" she said

"Nice! I'm getting the same, just as soon as this line goes down"

"Oh yeah of course" there was an awkward silence but the line was gone. Amy walking to get a cheese burger, going to a table with her friends. Aw I was hoping to sit with her and talk.

"Hey Niall man, got any napkins" Ryan asked and I took some out my apron. I prepared my burger with everything and sat at a table near Amy and her friends but I sat alone. And decided to take out my phone.

"Niall! Join us" I looked up from my phone at Amy smiling down at me, I looked over her towards the table

"There's no room for me" I said

"We will make room" she said dragging the table I was siting at with out warning. Combining the two tables together making enough room for two more people.

"Hi Niall!" Ariana waved. I smiled and continued to eat... This was awkward just me and girls. But Amy was right in front of me, nice view if you ask me. Wait Niall hold up... Are you starting to develop feelings for this girl. I thought looking at her laugh at a joke. Damn.

"Mind If we join you?" Justin said with Fredo behind him

"Yeah!!" Desi yelled. Justin took a seat in between Amy and  Desi. While fredo sat by Carly.

Justin's point of view~

I saw Niall through the kitchen widow, sitting alone and Amy asked him to join her group. A smile appearing on his face does he like her? Why isn't she asking me!... I continued to watch and they laughed, that's it. I'm joining.

"Fredo!" I yelled getting out the kitchen past guest. Where is he? I saw him flirting up some girls, smiling and pulling him away.

"What up" he said

"Let's go over here" I said pulling him

"That table is filled with chicks and is that Niall?" He questioned

"Yes" I said slamming my hands on the table

"Mind if we join?" I asked looking at Niall then the rest

"Yes!" Desi was the first to respond and I took her command taking a seat.

"What should we do?" Asked Amy taking a bite of her burger

"Truth or dare" this smirk came across Ariana's face as she spoke

"No thanks" Niall said

"Oh come on don't be little chicken" I said

"I'm not a chicken, I just don't like this game" Niall said

"Oh come on Niall! It will be fun!" Amy said putting her hand on his. his cheeks Turing bright red

"I'll play"he smiled

"Dirty version right" desi asked evil grin forming on her face

"Yes!" Carly Said, fredo agreeing. I had second thoughts now since it wasn't regular truth or dare.

"Ariana why don't you start, it was your idea" Amy smiled

"Okay, let's see hmm fredo truth or dare"

"Dare" fredo said

"1-5" asked Ariana

"4" fredo replied

"Ok I dare you to... Strip and jump in the pool" she smiled evilly and fredo's eyes popped out his head.

"Oh hell no"

"It's a dare" desi said back

"Yup" Ariana laughed

"Hate you all" fredo said and began to take off his clothes

"I can't see this" Amy yelled covering her eyes. Everyone laughing. Never thought I'd see my best mate butt naked before. Alfredo ran doing a canon ball in the water, coming back up

"Disturbing sight" Niall said Turing around

"Is it over?" Asked Amy

"Yes" I said taking her hands off her face

"Oh thanks" she said and Niall looked at me

"Get me a towel " fredo yelled

"ill get it!!" amy yelled running  inside.

"Niall do you like Amy?" I asked in a whispering tone

"I don't know, why you ask"

"Cause it looks like it"

"And if i do, so what" he looked at me

"You just can't like her okay" I said

"Why not?"

"Cause I say so" we became silent as Amy came back giving Alfredo his towel and siting back with us. Niall giving her a warming smile. i looked at Carly and couldn't tell if Carly was in shock or... I don't even know. Fredo sat back with us, will a towel... Thank god and starred at me, shit, oh shit he's going to pick me! I just know it I squeezed my eyes shut opening them up in shock to not hear my name instead fredo said desi.

"Truth or dare desi?" He asked

"Dare" she said pretty confident


"5" desi said

"I dare you to, put this ice down, hmm" fredo looked around for a victim "down Justin's pants blind folded" he smiled at me, and I looked at desi with a scared face while she was grinning like Crazy. Ariana helped wrap the blind fold around desi's head as I backed away. A pair of hands grabbing my shoulders, Turning to see Amy, a relief

"Good luck" she whispered and I got goosebumps with her breath sending chills down my neck. I don't like this dare one bit. Niall held me from the back and Ariana helped desi walk, desi was inches away from me and I couldn't take it

"Waaaitt!!!!" I yelled and everyone stopped "maybe we should stop this since people will think what's going on you know what I mean?" I said

"Oh I get it the mates wants privacy ok lets play in the game room" Niall said pushing me and everyone following.

"I'm getting you back Niall" I whispered making my hands into fists. We reached the game room and fredo gave desi the ice and Ariana helped her as fredo and Niall held me at a corner.

"Now desi there are three pairs of pants choose wisely" Carly said her and  Amy cracking up.

Desi was now upfront to the three of us and I was hoping she put ice in Niall's pants instead

"Can I touch?" She asked and my eyes got wide

"Of course " fredo smiled and I looked at him "touch" I whispered my voice cracking. Desi started touching Niall's chest 1st, moving to fredo but since he didn't  have a shirt on it was between me and Niall. I was next and desi started touching my face and went down to my chest and she smiled

"Does some one point out the pants?orr?" She asked

"You have to" Ariana said

Desi touched my wait and gripped my underwear and jeans opening them up and grabbing the cup of ice she went right for the middle and poured the Ice down My pants.

"Aaaah! Fuck" I said trying to dance it off Niall and Alfredo letting me go laughing their ass off.

"Fuck, fuck! Ahh"  Desi took off the blind fold and smiled bitting her lip. It was a cute sight but the ice was painful. I took off my pants and went to my room grabbing a new pair of underwear.

Desiree's point of view-

I began to touch three different bodies hoping I picked Justin. I started off with this muscular soft skin body but that wasn't Justin. Next I touched a shirtless body and right away I knew that was Alfredo so I stopped down to two. I touched the middle one from the cheeks down, just by the way the cheek structure I knew it was Justin but I continued to touch his muscular sexy chest!! Oh my god! I'm touching Justin!! I yelled in my head trying to keep my excitement down. Remembering why I was doing this I went to Justin's hips gripping his underwear and jeans pouring the cold ice with water in his pants. Oh my god why did I just do this!!

"Aaahh fuck!" I heard Justin yell and I removed the blind fold. Smiling at him jumping and dancing around. He began shaking and I bit my lip. I felt like I was going to die when Justin took off his pants and ran away. Snapping out of it and Turning to see everyone laughing. Especially Amy and Niall. They seem to be getting along pretty well. maybe I should dare them to do something....

"High five" Ariana said giggling. I felt bad I just did but at the same time I felt lucky I just touched Justin and was inches away from Jerry. Justin came back wearing a pair of grey skinnies

"Okay I pick Amy  " he said starring at Niall as if he would kill him

"Why me!" She complained

"Cause I say so" Justin said and Amy looked at him rudely

"Now amy truth or dare"

"Truth" she smiled

"Aw what no fun! Guys!" Justin yelled

"Her choice" Niall smiled as he had this victory look

"1-5" Justin said bummed out. Why though and what was his dare?...

"1" she smiled and Justin looked upset

"Is it true you've never been drunk" he asked bored

"True" she said

"Really!?" Justin asked pepped up that he guessed correctly I assume

"Really never been drunk eh?" Niall asked

"Never ever" amy said, her and Niall having a small conversation. Justin walked away mad to fredo and it was Amy's turn to pick.

Amy's point of view~

Justin picked me as a victim. Nope I don't know what he would have done if I said dare and I don't want to take the Chances.  Now it was my  turn and Niall began to give me options. I wanted to pick Justin and make him eat dirt but what if he picked truth? Like me... I looked around and thought about picking Ariana but she was so sweet. Carly hasn't been picked so ill pick on her I laughed at my little joke.

"You picked?" Niall asked

"Yeah I pick you" I laughed

"Crap! Really?"

"No haha I'm picking Carly now help me!"

"Okay well for dare... Hmm make her do some things like lick my toe"

"Ew Niall I don't want her to die!" We both laughed

"Hello!" Yelled Justin a bit peeved off.

"Okay Carly truth or Dare?"

"Dare" she said a bit shy



"I'll go easy on you. I dare you to put peanut butter on your face and have Ariana lick it off" I smiled

"Aw that's gross" Ariana said

"It's my dare" I smiled

"So do we bring the peanut butter up here or go down to the kitchen" Desi asked

"Up" Niall suggested

"Justin I don't know where you keep your peanut butter" I said

"Oh come I'll show you" he said pulling me away, I rolled my eyes and followed not really paying much attention

"You do realize, the people you've invited haven't asked about you" I laughed grabbing a knife

"A knife?" Justin asked, getting the peanut butter

"Yeah" I said but he insisted on a spoon. I brought the knife anyway. We came back in the room to see Carly sat on a chair with one in front and Ariana on the side.

"Ready?" I smiled holding up a knife

"Wait a knife?... Are you trying to kill me?" Carly squealed

"It's a butter knife" I smiled

"I suggested spoon" Justin said

"Spoon!" Carly yelled

"Spoon my ass" I mumbled throwing the knife behind me

"Watch out girl!" Alfredo said in the funniest voice

"Hahaha oh my gosh" we all laughed

"ok start!" Carly said inpatient. I grabbed the stupid spoon and began to spread it all over Carly's face, finishing up with her forehead

"Okay Ariana" I smiled  and she swallowed  the lump on her neck beginning to lick the peanut butter off of Carly's  face

"That's so sick!" Niall yelled

"That's gross" desi said

"Eww okay okay!! Stop!!" Carly yelled getting up "where's the bathroom!" She said. Alfredo showed her the way as Ariana giggled on the chair getting the butter off her tongue. I gave her a weird look and waited for Carly to get back.

"Who hasn't gone?" Desi asked and we all looked at Ariana

"Hey, hey what I just did counted" she raised her hands in defense

"We're back" Alfredo and Carly came. Carly had a towel still trying to take off the peanut butter

"Okay, Niall truth or dare?" Carly asked

"Dare" he smiled confident



"Okay I dare you to, she looked around the room and pulled a banana out her back pocket, seduce us with this banana"

"What the fuck" Niall laughed "I'll try" he said sitting on the chair, we all sat around him. As Niall began to peel the banana in the most sexiest way possible. He bit the top trying to rip it off

"Woah Niall! Work it" I yelled joking around

"Niall stop you're Turing me on" fredo yelled joking as well

Niall began to rub the banana on his body and we all tried to keep a straight face.

"Uhh" we all turned to scooter standing at the door and bursted in to laughter

"It's not what it looks like" Niall yelled standing  up

"Not what it looks like. Ok I'll just walk backwards out of here pretending that I just didn't see a boy rubbing a banana on him with 6 teens around him... Okay sure" scooter walked away

"Hahhahaha" Ariana laughed

"His face what all confused" desi said laughing

"Let's move on" Niall said blushing like crazy

"Awh Niall you're all red" I went up to him side hugging him

"Carly you ass, now scooters going to think I have this sexual obsession with bananas" Niall said and Carly laughed more

"My turn!!!" He yelled and everyone calmed  down "okay Amy truth or dare"

"What me?" I asked


"Dare" I said

"What you pick dare for him?" Justin said

"Cause I trust him" I said looking at Justin



"Okay well you say you've never gotten drunk?" Niall asked and I hesitated to answer


"I dare you to drink, four shots of whatever acolholic  drink Justin has" Niall said

"Downstairs it is" Carly said marching ahead, I followed behind her only cause Ariana dragged me with her. Justin Cached up to us.

"What drinks do you have?" I asked

"Beer, cocktails and  wine" Justin sad taking it out the fridge

"Your pick" Niall smiled and I gave him a death glare

"Beer I guess" Niall began to put it in four cups and I felt sick but they were tiny cups like the ones people take shots out off.

"Take it easy okay you're my ride home" desi warned and I also have her a death glare. "Jeez" I heard desi say, everyone huddled around me and Niall starred at me

"Count of three... 1,2,3!" He yelled and I grabbed a glass drinking it, ugh it tasted awful, I picked up the next and chugged it down followed by the next and the final one.

"Bleck! Done" I yelled placing my hands on the counter sticking out my tongue

"Here" I looked at Niall as he handed me a water bottle rubbing my back . Drinking the water hoping to get that terrible taste out

"That's it right" fredo said and everyone agreed Ariana started jumping and ran out side that lucky bugger didn't get dared on.

"You're alright you don't hate me?" Niall asked peeking to see my face but I turned away from him still drinking the water Alfredo left and so did desi and Justin.

"You hate me don't you!" Niall said walking away bummed out

"Niall" I called

"Yes?" He smiled coming back

"I don't hate you but if I wake up tomorrow with a headache, you will take care of me okay you butt" I punched his arm

"Owey! Okay but ill need your number" he cheekily smiled as we exchanged numbers.

Justin's point Of view-

It was getting late it was dark out and people began to leave.Looking at the time being  11:09. I sat by the pool moving the water with my feet

"Mind if I sit?" I turned to see desi

"Oh yeah sure" we both sat swaying our feet back and fourth

"So about the ice... I'm sooo sorry!!" Desi said

"Haha it's cool"


"Positive" I smiled and desi laughed. I never noticed it but she's been really sweet and kind to me.

"Is there something on my face?!" She yelled touching her face an fixing her beanie

"No I was just looking"

"Haha you weirdo"

"Excuse me for thinking you're  beautiful" I said my thoughts aloud and we both blushed

"You think I'm beautiful? Wow thanks" she said shocked, I placed my hand on hers and we starred at each other. Admiring each other?

"Justin I'm going home!" Ariana and Carly came out ruining the moment

"Sorry did we interrupt something?" Carly asked

"No you didn't" desi stood up dusting her self off going to hug, Ariana and Carly I doing the same.

"Bye guys!" Desi said and it was us alone again once again that awkward slice but I swore I felt a feeling in my stomach when our hands touched.

"I think I'll be heading too!" Desi said walking inside. I followed and saw Amy half asleep and awake her head resting on Niall's shoulder as him and Alfredo played cards.

"Amy dear we're going home" desi said to Amy shaking her a bit. Amy stood stretching and yawning.

"Thanks" desi brought me into a hug

"No thank you for coming" I said back walking them to their car Amy got in the car followed by desi in drivers

"Meet you girls tomorrow?" I asked handing desi a piece of paper that has my number on it. Desi quickly agreed 

"Night Amy and desi" I said

"Bye Amy!!" Niall yelled

"Bye girls!!" Fredo yelled


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