This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


5. The BBQ part 1

Amy's point of view     


Dez and I finished breakfast and she wanted me to drive her home to change in to something suitable for Justin, no I have no idea what she meant but I just drove her home. I parked right in the drive way as we walked up to her door.       



Desi's point of view       



I don't know how, but I must be the luckiest girl in the Universe. First I win tickets and have a great time at Justin's concert, and now I'm going to his BBQ! It didn't seem real. Of course If I'm going to see Justin, I must look drop dead fabulous! I told Amy I had to change into something suitable before I welcomed her inside the house. I quickly grabbed Amy's hand and ran upstairs.


"What are you doing woman!?" Amy screamed.     


"I have to find a perfect outfit and your helping!" I quickly replied. I opened my closet and grabbed a shirt. Then I threw it on my bed. Eventually I threw all my clothes on my bed, and I began to search for something to wear. I looked and looked and I finally found the perfect outfit. I grabbed accessories, and then came the hair. I did curls in my long black hair, and it finally looked perfect. I don't really wear makeup so I just added lip gloss, and mascara. I was ready and I looked stunning if I may say so myself.     


" you look nice" I thanked Amy and  I stopped to look at her. 



"Change your outfit." I suggested.    



"Why?" Asked Amy.    



"We both have to look amazing, you never know if Justin has a cute friend over!" I said laughing. Amy found some stuff to wear and I thought it was cute. She kept her hair in her curly ponytail, so she didn't have to do her hair like I did. We were both looking cute. Amy grabbed her keys, getting out my house and hopping  in her car.    



Amy's point of view    


Desi told me too look through her stack of clothes. I found a pair of red shorts and a white shirt with black collar and the sleeve border being black as well with a small bow.     


" I'll be back" I said going to desi's bathroom. Changing. I decided to  stay with the converse I had on going back to desi's room. I entered seeing herself looking in the mirror. Ignoring her and grabbing my cell phone which revived a text     


I live in calabashes, maple wood drive 127362 Anderson street- Justin  



I put my phone back in my pocket     



"Oh your back" desi turned around pushing her curls upfront     




"We look cute" she said, I gave  her a look that I wanted to burst in laughter as she said that but she proceeded to her closet, retuning with a red cross bag purse and some jewelry. I took out my keys as both of us walked down stairs and into my car.



"Oh my god, this is actually happening!!!" Desi yelled 



"Calm down! It's not a big deal!" I said, putting his address in the GPS 



"Not a big deal!!? Not a big deal! It's a huge deal! You're going to a BBQ with Justin bieber the Justin bieber you don't know what will happen or who will be there!! This is amazing!" 




"I guess" I turned up the radio, looking at the GPS



Hour later~ 




We finally reached Justin's house and I'm guessing it was it by the cars outside. Stepping out taking a good look at the house It was a nice place big house with trees around for shade or maybe privacy




"Beautiful house eh!?" I said but didn't get a response from desi, Turing around and noticing she was still in the car, I walked back to the car. Opening her door.  



"Desi!" I said       


"What" she didn't make eye contact     


"Come on, I'm only here cause of you and I'm not going inside myself" I said     




"Not buts" I cut her off     


"Fine" desi got out my car


"you take the lead" she said pushing me. Going to the door and pressing the door bell waiting for it to open. A man with short hair, buzz cut well not really a buzz cut but similar to it. With darkish skin and brown eyes.     


"Come in" he smiled     



"Fredo" desi whispered, looking like she was going to knock down this man     



"You girls Justin's friends?" The man asked     



"Um not really more like we meet" I said coming in the house followed by desi behind me    


"Oh, well I'm Alfredo, but call me fredo" he smiled placing a hand out



"Amy"  I shook his hand smiling. He did the same to desi but she shook his hand fast and smiled big like full out grin



"Free to explore, Justin is out back I believe. I'll let him know your here" he smiled walking away 



"Oh my god!!! That was Alfredo Flores!!" Desi yelled shaking me 



"Um cool?" I questioned.... I didn't know who he was. 



"Cool! Oh my god I'm going to pass out!!" Desi continued to say in an eager, out of breath voice "juuu-stin" she said and I turned to see Justin coming inside the house from the patio. Looking back at desi and she began to sweat looking nervous. There was a small crowd of people in the living room not anybody I noticed but I needed to take dez to a bathroom. 



"Don't move" I said to desi. Approaching this blonde boy who was eating chips on the couch with a few guys 



"Um excuse me" I said taping his shoulder, him getting up and cleaning  his hands from the chips powder 



"Ye" he cleared his voice 



"Do you happen to know where the restroom is?" I asked biting my lip hoping he says yes 



"Follow me" he spoke and I noticed he had an Irish accent. he began to walk in the bathroom direction. I ran to desi grabbing her hand and following the man "this one" he smiled pointing to a door



"Thank you!!" I smiled   



"Need anything else, I'll be over here" he smiled walking away. I faced desi pushing her in the bathroom 



"What's up!" I said 



"I can't do this" desi said 



"What do you mean, it's a barbecue not a wedding!" 



"Yeah but I'm going to embarrass my self in front of everybody" 



"Act shy" I suggested "look I don't know but everything will be alright it's just a BBQ and you said you wanted to meet Justin so..." I trailed off 



"I know, but I'm nervous" 



"Wet your face, take a poo... I don't know think. Now I'ma be outside before anyone suspects anything" I walked out. Standing near the bathroom door. Waiting for desi to come out, I noticed the Irish boy was still on the couch with his friends, but that fredo guy called him away and his friends went outside 



"Ok I'm ready" I got a bit frighten by desi's voice   



"Awesome" I said 



"What now?" Desi asked 


"I have no idea, lets sit" I took a seat on his white leather couches. Justin's house was amazing, big! White walls antiques somewhat everywhere and a brown stairs case with white carpet. 


  "What are you gals doing in here the fun is out side!?" My train of thought was interrupted by the voice of an Irish boy 


  "Don't really know anyone" I said getting up 


  "I'll introduce you, or Justin will" the boy said grabbing kitchen tools and spices 


    "Come on desi" I said following the boy 


  "Aye Justin" he spoke and Justin faced towards us smiling, signaling for us to walk towards him 


  "I'm done here" he laughed and walked away 


  "Oh my bieber!! Oh my bieber" desi whispered. As we walked towards Justin 


    "You made it" he brought me into a hug 


    "Yeah" I pushed him away 


    "Same ol same ol I see" Justin laughed "I never caught your name" 


  "Amy" I said 


  "Hello Amy and you?" He asked facing desi   


"Mrs... I mean Desiree" desi's face became red, as she began to say mrs   


"For a second I thought you were married" he joked 


 "Not yet" desi looked down avoiding his eyes 


  "Alright well lets introduce you to people" he put an arm over my shoulder walking, I was about to push it off when I saw desi mouthing to me  'Be nice'. The first group we walked up to was a women and three guys 


    "Hey everyone, sorry to interrupted just showing my friends some of my other friends" Justin said and I noticed Carly Rae jepson right next to me 


    "Okay well this is Carly, Ryan and scooter" Justin said pointing to each person 


  "Hi" I smiled waving to everyone   


"Hi scooter" desi smiled "and Carly and Ryan" they waved hello to us 


    "Why don't you girls stay here?" Carly suggested 


  "I'll come back after Justin is done" I smiled, what a nice person I thought 


    "Great! Can't wait" she smiled setting her cocktail down, Justin continued to talk about the people in the pool and I looked around even the out side was beautiful with an underground pool, patio and shade area with tables. There was about 3 snack tables and I wanted to go 


  "Amy?" I paid attention to Justin again as he called my name 


    "Did you hear that?" He asked 


  "Yes" I lied not wanting him to repeat it   


"Okay well Ariana isn't here yet, and you guys have meet fredo?" He pointed to him 


  "Yah" desi and I said In unison 


    "And you guys know Niall?" Justin asked 


    "Who's that?" I asked 


  "The one who brought you to me" 


  "That's his name" I said under my breath "The Irish one" I said normally


    "Yeah oh and usher over there" Justin waved to a man in shades by some ladies "I think that's everyone" Justin said 


    "Cool" desi spoke 


  "Yo Justin!" His name was called from inside. 


    "I'm needed call me if you need me or wanna chat" he winked walking away 


  "Ew" I laughed   


"Stop it Amy, I know you thought that was hot! Oh my god he winked at me!" I swear I saw desi faint but get back up 


  "Mind if I join you?" Asked Carly 


    "We where just going to you" I said   


"Yeah the guys went with Justin"  she said 


    "Just us girls now" desi said   


"Carly did you bring a purse?" I asked   


"Yes but left it in Justin's room" 


  "Oh this thing is getting quite annoying" 


  "Ask him if you can do the same" she suggested   


"Alright be right back" I left Carly and desi to talk. I waked back in the house. Going to the kitchen seeing Justin making drinks 


    "Justin may I put my purse In your room?" 


    "Yeah, hold on" he said taking his hands off the blender and opening a window "Niall! Man come here" Niall handed his position to fredo and came in the house 


    "Can you show her my room?" Justin asked


  "Yeah sure" I followed Niall once again and began going up the stairs but I just stood there "what's wrong?" He asked      "I don't take off my shoes? It's white carpet.." I asked


    "You can if it makes you feel better" 


  "It would" I sat down on the stairs and began untying my converse 


    "Haha your funny" Niall sat by my side waiting 


  "Me funny?" I asked placing my shoes aside away from the walk way 




"Um thanks" we began to walk up the stairs   


"I'm Niall" he smiled, placing his hand out 


 "Amy" I smiled. I followed behind niall, we reached the top of the stairs and made a left and went down a hall "This is big" I said


"I know, that's why I like the rooms near The stair case. But here ya go" He opened Justin's door in I went looking around for where Carly placed her purse. spying it on his bed. Justin had a king size bed with velvet header and vases, he had a desk and laptop near his window and closet that had bunches of papers...probably songs? I set my purse and opened it to take out my phone, pressing the home button to see the time.


"I like your lock screen" I was startled by Niall's voice, jumping and falling on the floor


"You scared me" I said getting up


"How? Oh my gosh I'm right here"


"You were over my shoulder" I walked up to him "Now can we go before I break something" I laughed at the thought. Opening the door and following the complicated path down, stopping for Niall to catch up. He reached me and started laughing


"what?" I asked pushing him


"Your face was like this" Niall sticked out his tongue and tried to replicate my lock screen pic 


 "Oh shut up" I smacked him running down the stairs holding on to the railing of course. Reaching the bottom and trying to put my shoes on quickly


 "Got you" Niall said smacking my arm, lightly


 "aw you but" I sat down to properly put on my shoes as he walked away laughing. Right as I tied the last lace






 A/N- sorry if they're any errors done in a rush. I wanted to update quickly, The is a two part chapter so the other will be up soon. :) enjoy!


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