This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


4. so It's a yes?

Desiree's point of view~


 I was next in line to get my table.


 "How many?" The worker asked


 "Party of two" I said


" what's your name honey?"    


 "Desiree Bieber"   She just looked at me then slightly laughed. showing me to my seat. I kept waiting for Amy she said something about spending time with her family for a few.. not sure I forgot. Still shocked about the concert yesterday. I feel tired because I couldn't sleep at all last night, with all that excitement. I began to scroll through pictures of last night in my phone. Damn Justin is so sexy I thought. I looked up and saw Amy walking up to the table with the waitress. She looks so awkward like with a smirked/ confused face. I just smiled awaiting for her to get to the table...          




Amy's point of view~ 


  I got out my car entering I hop, going to the lady at the front desk.


  "May I help you?" She asked 


 "Um party of two for uh Desiree?" I questioned 


"Desiree bieber?" The lady questioned as well, giving me a strange look as she read bieber.

"Yup that's her!" I laughed 


 "Marisa! Show her table party of two bieber" another waitress led me to the table. Waving to desi 


 "Thank you" I said to the waitress taking my seat 


 "Haaaay!" Desi smiled 


  "Um hello" I smiled 


  "Haha your so awkward!" Desi said laughing 


 "How!? All I said was hello!" 


 "I don't know you just are!" 


  "Mmkay so guess what!?" I announced but being interrupted by a different waitress 


  "Are y'all ready to order?" This lady with freckles and light brown hair said 


  "Yeah I suppose" desi replied


  I glanced down at the menu while desi ordered


  "What about you mam" I looked up giving her a puzzled look... 


 "Em... Pancakes and erm eggs uhh this one" I pointed to the menu confused clearly not being ready


"Drinks?" She chewed her gum 


 "Orange juice" desi said and I nodded agreeing 


  "I'll be right back babes" she walked away 


 "She was chewing that gum like a cow..." I confessed trailing off 


 "Yeah I know right, but what were you going to tell me?" 


" ohh I almost forgot!" I yelled, lifting my sleeve showing her my wrist


"Umm okay?" Desi said, I looked at my arm and realized the number was washed off from my shower. I took out my phone and went to my contacts 


 "You see this number?" I questioned 




  "That is Justin's in bieber" 


  "Psh yeah right and those are the Jonas brothers" desi said pointing to a table of guys, I laughed and shook my head pressing call and putting it on speaker 


    'Ring..... Ring.... Ring'     


My phone continued to ring as I waited for him to pick up. Desi sat across from me with her hands crossed looking closely at my phone. 


   'Hello?' answered a sleepily deepish voice


   'Justin?!' I yelled into the phone looking at Desiree's whole facial expression change


  'Yes Who is this?' He asked, as I took the phone off speaker


  'The girl from your concert... The one that's not a fan' 


    'Ohhh! The cute one!' Justin said and I felt like he was smiling on the other line 


    'Sure.... So about that BBQ" 


    'Yeah it starts at 2:00' 


  'okay will my friend wants to go so I guess I'll see you there' 




  'Yah Bye!' I yelled pressing end







"At 2:00 he is having a BBQ" I said putting my phone down on the table 


  "Did you say yes!!!??" She yelled at me 




  "Aahh!!! Yes!! Wait how did you meet him?" 


  "When I went to search for food, I ran into him after and he was being a weirdo" 


  "My baby is no weirdo"       



"Fine he's a freak" I smiled  



"You're-" desi began to talk but was interrupted once again by the waitress 



"Orange juice?" The waitress said and I raised my arm 

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