This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


9. smoothies

          Justin's POV: 

 I watched as desi exited out my house, Amy followed. I walked away from Niall and Fredo to my room. What just happen? Desi kissed me and I kissed back. But it felt different you know... Like when our lips touched it felt like little shocks and I just felt alive.

Niall's POV:

I was seated Indian style when Amy went in and kissed my cheek. I couldn't help but blush, she kissed me well it's a cheek kiss you know as in friendly. I got up and looked at fredo who watched Justin walk away.

"What's his problem?" I asked 

"Justin just kissed desi" fredo said 

"That's great right!" 

"I think, but Justin hasn't said a word" 

"Oh alright" I said walking away as well. I went back to the kitchen putting the plates away that Amy washed. If fredo hadn't came in the kitchen Amy and I would have kissed lip to lip. Oh that must have been nice. 

"Hey Niall" I turned around to see Fredo


"I need a girl" Fredo said and I laughed 

"Um well okay" 

"Carly was pretty cute" 

"Jepsen? And you" I laughed some more 

"Okay well then who?" 

"I can ask Amy is she has any friends"

"Oh yes! Do that, she's hot her friend is hot that means more hot friends" 

"I will" 

Amy's POV:

* The Next Day*

I got up did my morning things. Dressing into some black jeans and a white t-shirt with a little cartoon figure on it. 

"Hey sweetie" my mom greeted me as I walked into the kitchen 

"Oh hi mom" 

"I made breakfast it's on the stove" I shook my head serving myself. My mom walked away and I sat down at the table serving my self some juice. I took my phone out. One hand with a fork and the other with my phone. I laughed as I went down twitter feed, seeing I gained a few new followers like Carly and Ariana, fredo, Justin and hey even Niall has a twitter. It would be nice to see Carly and Ariana again. I looked thought my contacts seeing Carly's number. 

To carly: Hey Carly! It's me Amy :) I was wondering if you're busy?
I pressed send. Continuing to eat 

Hour later- 

From Carly: hey! Actually I just finished a photo shoot so I'm free. 

To Carly: great! Wanna meet up for smoothies? 

From Carly: sounds like a plan! Can I invite a few friends? 

To Carly: yeah sure! As long as I can do the same :) 

From Carly: of course. You know the Jamba Juice by panera bread on oaks lane? 

To Carly: yeah it's actually pretty close to me 

From Carly: wonderful ill meet you there. 

I got up putting my phone away. 

"Mom! I'm leaving!" I yelled walking towards the garage. I searched the car for the keys spying them on the passengers seat. 

I drove to Desi's house, inviting her along to the gathering. I knocked on her door and I'm still waiting for her to answer. 

"Hello" her mom answers the door 

"Hello is Desi home" 

"Yes she is. Desi!!! Come down we have company!" 

"Coming!" I heard desi yell. I stood awkwardly with her mom at the door step. "Yeah" desi ran down the stairs

"Hi desi" I said 

"Amy!" Her mom walked away and 
left us 

"You busy? I was wondering if you 
wanted to get a smoothie" 

"Sure! Hey mom is it okay if I go with Amy" 

"It's fine" 

"Be right back!" Desi said running off. I walked to my car buckling up. Seeing desi get in my car. 

"I needed shoes and my hair is a mess so a beanie" desi said putting her seat belt on. I laughed she's all worried about her appearance when I'm here in black jeans, a over sized graphic tee and messy curls. 

Desi's POV:

All day yesterday, and this morning all I could think about was the kiss. I feel like such an idiot for leaving, now who knows what Justin thinks of me. It's been my dream to ever get any romance with Justin. I've loved him for years. And now I feel like I screwed up any chances I had with him. 

" Desi! Hello Earth Desi! "
Amy squealed in a very annoying voice.

" Yah? "

Amy: What's up with you? I've been trying to talk to you and you seemed spaced out.

" What's up with me? Amy I thought I told you, I kissed Justin yesterday. And that's all I can think of. And I left right after! "

Amy: Well I kissed Niall.

" What? "

Amy: Nothing. 

" Where? When? "

Amy: Yesterday, when we were leaving it was just a small kiss on the cheek. 

" You didn't tell me? "

Amy: It's not a big deal.

There was silence and then we arrived at Jamba Juice. Amy mentioned Carly and some of her friends joining. As we got out the car and entered Jamba Juice we both looked around to see Carly. I saw a girl with a hoodie and some huge sunglasses but that didn't look like her. Then she waved at Amy and I and walked over with Ariana and other girl.

Amy: Carly?

Carly: Yah it's me but keep it down.
She whispered. 

" Hey Carly. "

Carly: Hi Desi. Amy Desi these are my friends Brenda and Ariana as you already know.
Brenda this is Desi and Amy.

We all shook hands and greeted each other then sat down on a table.

Brenda: Umm I'll go order for you guys if you want. So what do you guys want me to ask for?

Carly: Large Strawberry please.

Ariana: Small Caribbean  Mix.

" Umm large mango please. "

Amy: Medium strawberry banana please. 

Brenda: Okay!

We all handed her our money for the orders and waited patiently. Carly and Amy began having some small talk and Ariana joining now in then in the conversation. I just sat there still drifting off about yesterday. 

Carly: Desi, are you okay? You look like you're dreaming. 

All three of them giggled.

" Umm yah, I'm just kinda tired, you know. "

Amy: Probably because you didn't have much sleep last night thinking about what happened.

Carly: Did I miss something?

 " Well-"

Amy: Actually you did. Yesterday we ate breakfast at Justin's house along with Fredo and Niall. Then we played twister and Desi and Justin kissed.

I gave Amy the death stare.

Carly: Are you serious!? Really Desi?

Ariana: Shut Up! You kissed Justin?

Amy: Shhh, keep it down remember.

I felt so nervous, and embarrassed that Amy put me on the spot like that.

" Well umm, yah I did. "

Carly: Desi! Omg. I so need to text Justin about this.

" Don't! " I quickly replied, maybe a little too quick. 

Carly: Oh okay then. Sorry I just got kinda excited.

" It's fine, but you know what's more interesting? "

I smirked at Amy.

" Amy kissed Niall. "

Ariana: Omg! 

Carly: You did?

I can see Amy turning red and I couldn't help but laugh and have an evil smirk across my face, payback.

Amy: Well it was just on the cheek so it's nothing major you guys.

Brenda: I'm back with the smoothies!

Amy: Thank God...

We all grabbed our smoothies and began to drink them. Their was some awkward tension in the table and I got a text.

1 New message from Justin

' Hey Desi can we talk? '

I quickly replied ' Sure Justin :) what's up? '

1 new message from Justin

' Well actually do you think you can come over to talk? '

I don't really know how to feel, except that I was nervous. But I'm kinda glad he asked to talk because I didn't want to ask him since I'm kinda nervous.

I replied ' Okay but I need a ride :o '

A few seconds later he replied.

' I'll pick you up? Where are you? '

I texted back letting him know where.
' Jamba Juice on Oaks Lane '

' Okay I'll be there soon :) '

10 minutes later:
Justin let me know he would be there in about 2minutes so I got out my mirror and applied mascara, lipgloss, and tidied my hair up. I looked around at the girls in the table and let them know I had to go.

Amy: Why?

I couldn't tell them I was going to Justin's house so instead I lied.

" I have to visit my, um aunt. "

Carly: Umm okay then. 

Amy: Is your mom picking you up?

" Actually my cousin is. She's with my mom. "
Another lie.

Carly: Okay, well nice seeing you.

" You too Carly. Nice meeting you Brenda "

I hugged Ariana and Brenda. Then I hugged Amy and Carly. Amy looked at me like she knew something was up. She's my best friend she knows these things. I waved and walked out the door and waited in the parking lot. I know Justin was pulling up because I know he drives a black Range Rover occasionally. I hopped in the car and there he was. Be cool Desi. He smiled awkwardly and greeted me. Gosh that was cute.

Justin: Hey Desi.

" Hi Justin. "

He smiled at me looking a little shy.

15 minutes later-

We got to his house and Justin parked his car. He got out quickly to come open my door. 

" Thanks Justin. "
I smiled at him.

Justin: No problem beautiful.

Justin Bieber called me beautiful. I wanted to scream but instead I just kept my cool. We walked to the front door and he opened it then let me go in first. 

Justin: Umm you can take a seat on the couch right here if you want. 

" Okay, thanks Justin. "

He pressed a button on a remote control and played some soft music. Then he sat next to me and joined me as he put his arm around me.

Justin: So I wanted to talk about yesterday.

" Yah? " I said as I began fiddling with my fingers.

Justin: Well that kiss, it felt magical. And I got this feeling that just kinda made me feel alive. So did I do something wrong? Because you left.

" No Justin. I think your so hot! I loved it. I mean I've dreamed of kissing you along with all the other Beliebers and it was even more perfect than I imagined. "

He kinda blushed a little.

Justin: Then why did you leave?

" I don't know, I got so nervous. Then Fredo saw, I didn't know how to react to all of that so quickly. "

Justin: Oh okay.

He looked at me deep into my eyes with his. Those beautiful eyes. I noticed he bit his lip and then suddenly he leaned in and kissed me. I closed my eyes and let his lips work his magic on mine as I did the same. I put my arms around him and for what felt like an hour we just sat there kissing, even though it was only like 15 seconds. He pulled out and licked his lips as he looked at me. 

Justin: Damn. Everything about you is so hot! You're an amazing kisser. 

I blushed and almost felt like fainting. I sat there frozen a bit.

" Thanks Justin. Your even hotter. And everything about you... Is sexy. "
I whispered the last two words in his ear.

Just then Fredo came in the room.

Fredo: Aye, Justin can I-
Oh. Umm hey Desi. Was I interrupting something?

Justin: Well kinda.

He looked at Fredo and slightly pointed at me. 

Fredo: Damn. You see this is why I need a girl Justin. Desi, how do I say this. Your hot. You have a hot friend. Mind hooking me up with one?

I giggled and said.
" I can work on it. "

Justin: How bout I throw a party and Fredo you can find someone there?

Fredo: Yah bro, Desi invite your other hot friends because it seems like Justin has already taken you.

He winked.

Justin: Umm Fredo?

Fredo: Sorry Justin, I can't help it. You know I'm a flirt.

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