This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


14. OOPS

Justin's Pov:


Chaz and Ryan had been flirting with Desi a lot, Christian just followed. They were really starting to annoy me, especially when Ryan took her to the couch. I tried not to mind it. Desi came up to me looking a little bored.


" Hey Desi. " I smiled at her.


Desi: The boys wanna go swimming and I was wondering if we can use your room to change, and they wanna borrow some shorts to swim in.


" Woah, woah. Your gonna change with them? "


Desi: Relax sexy, I'll use your closet. There is enough room for me to change right?


" Let's just say I have a lot of clothes so there's plenty of room for it all. "


Desi: Haha okay. I brought them to my room and suggested Desi should change in the room alone. I don't trust them in the same room a her changing. I wanted to talk to her about them, because it seemed like she felt weird around them. At least around Chaz and Ryan. So I shut the door and told them to wait outside.


Desi: What is it Justin? 


" Oh, nevermind. " She looked at the bathing suit. Lucky for me it was a small bikini, very 'revealing'. I couldn't help but smile.


I walked in my closet and waited for her to finish changing. I decided I would join them for their swim so I changed too. I took off my jeans, and boxers and changed into some swim shorts. Then I took off my shirt. I was ready, but I wasn't sure if Desi was.


" Can I come out? "


Desi: Just a minute Justin. And don't peek!


" Okay! " I yelled back.A few seconds later she came knocking on the closet door.


Desi: I'm back cutie! She adjusted the top a little and pulled it up. I couldn't help but stare at her up and down. Especially up, because she was bigger than Carly up there, and it fit her chest tight, causing the top to barely cover, and me to stare. Damn, I'm a perv right now. I felt her hand grab my chin and bring it up.


Desi: Justin dear, my face is up here not in my bikini top.


" Haha sorry its just, they, umm, it fits you kinda tight, and I.. "


Desi: I know I know, the top fits me tight, it barely covers me so you stare. 

I laughed at her remark as we exited the room. And then Ryan and Chaz fell to the ground. 


" What are you guys doing? "


Chaz: Definitely not listening if you guys were gonna go far.


Desi: Umm.


Christian: I told them not to! He said shaking his head.

He's so innocent still. 


" Desi was changing right here! Are you sure you weren't peeking! "


Ryan: No, but I wish I would've been. He said mumbling.


Desi: What?!


Ryan: Nothing.


Chaz: Okay I'm just gonna say it Desi your a babe you look spicy! Especially in this bikini, that's small. But I like small. 


Desi: Eww Chaz! 


" Hey no checking her boobs out only I can do that! "


Desi: Justin!


" Sorry. "


Desi: Can you boys hurry up and change please?


Chaz: Hey well, does your cute friend have a small bathing suit too? She can join us?


Desi: No!


Chaz: How about a boyfriend!


Desi: Possibly!


Chaz: Dammit!


My friends are still the same, but oh well. A few minutes later they were done changing and we were going downstairs to the pool. I walked downstairs holding Desis hand watching girls stare at me, and guys staring at her. We walked outside to the pool filled with people. A lot of them were drunk, so they were crazy. I turned to Desi who looked up at me smiling. I had an idea and picked her up bridal style, into the pool with me. 


Desi: AHH! It's cold! She quickly hugged me, and wrapped her legs around my waist. I chuckled and held her tightly. 


"Sorry babe, now you know how it feels when you put ice in my pants, but just throughout your whole body."


We were splashing each other and I got used to the water. It seemed like she did too, because she wasn't cold anymore. Desi held on tight and then she touched my abs. She smiled as I held her in my arms and looked at me with loving eyes. I gently pulled her forward and we kissed for a long time. I didn't want this moment to end but some drunk girl just jumped in the pool and splashed us as she was topless. She slurred something as she got in the pool. Something along the line of 


' Let's party Bitches! '


Ryan, Christian, and Chaz just stared at that drunk girl since she was topless. I gotta admit I stared a little bit too, but I found it funny more than attractive.


Desi: Haha well that was awkward.


Ryan grabbed Desi and started messing around with her. He wasn't really letting go so I was getting bored of this. I decided to get out of the pool because it seemed like Desi had her attention focused on all my friends, and wasn't paying much attention to me. I wrapped a towel around myself and sat on a bench for a little bit to dry. I looked around and then I saw some girl staring at me. I didn't really care, but when I looked again she was still looking and winked at me. She started walking here and I actually felt kind of nervous. I just simply smirked as she walked over.


' Hey hot stuff ' She said flirtatiously.


" Hey wanna sit down? "


' I was about to ask that 'Unexpectedly she sat on my lap instead.


' Oh your sooo hot! ' She said pulling my hair causing my face to move closer to hers.


" Uh, thanks. So are you. "I winked at her, I wasn't gonna lie this chick was a total babe. Her blonde hair, and red lips matching the short red dress she had, with her long heels.

She just giggled at my compliment.


" So what's your name? "


' Roxanne '


" Mmm Roxanne, even the name is sexy. " I smiled at her.


Roxanne: You know what else is sexy?


" Yah? "


Roxanne: Your body


She whispered in my ear, sending chills down my back. Then she put her hands in my shirt feeling my abs, slowly bringing them down to my legs digging her nails in them. 


" You, you wanna get umm, wanna get a drink? " I said nervously as I swallowed a gulp of saliva.


Roxanne: I thought you'd never ask...




Roxanne and I were drinking a lot.


I had a couple beers with her and we talked. We got some more drinks from the bartender. Man this girl could drink, she was pretty cool. 


Roxanne: Justin don't you think I'm so fun to hang out with?


She said running her fingers through my hair. 


" Uhh yah, your fun."


Roxanne: Well you know what else I could be?


" Uh, well... hot? "


Roxanne: Haha no silly. I'm already hot. But I can be anything you want. She whispered in my ear.


" Anything? "


Roxanne: Mmhmm. You know what that means?


" Yah? " I said licking my lips.


Roxanne: That means you can have your way with me. I'll do anything you want. And we can be anywhere you want.


She said rubbing my chest.


Man this girl was hot and she really knows how to turn me on. She instantly made me blush, with a huge smile across my face.


" Oh. " I sound like such an idiot, I didn't know what to say.


Roxanne: Haha your so silly. Speaking of silly I have a game we can play.


" Haha lucky for you, I like games. "


Roxanne: Okay, c'mon follow me. She grabbed my hand and we began walking through the wave of people dancing, drinking, and making out.


As I walked with her my head was hurting, and I began to feel dizzy.

I kinda felt like puking, but I forgot all about what I was thinking when I felt her cold hand touch my cheek. She looked at me and winked as she opened a familiar door, my bedroom door.



Desi's Pov: 


I was having a lot of fun with the boys in the pool. They really know how to party. But I was getting kinda tired of the constant flirting.


" Umm I think I'm gonna get out now."I said grabbing all of their attention.


Chaz: Why so soon hot stuff?


Ryan: Yah? Don't you like us?


Christian just rolled his eyes at them and laughed.


" Well actually I think I might go look for Justin. "


I was gonna be honest with them because I really am curious about where he is.


Ryan: Aww things were just getting fun baby girl.

I didn't really know how to respond to that...


Chaz: Well hope I can hang out with you soon sexy. And preferably when your in a small bikini.


Christian: You guys must be really horny right now, because all your doing is flirting with her, when you know she probably has something going on with Justin. So just shut up and stop checking her out already!


Ryan: Damn Chris!


Chaz: I do admit she kinda turned me on and gave me a boner...


" Umm eww! "


Chaz: C'mon just stay for a while, he's probably just getting a drink.


" Fine. "


Ryan: Yes!


We kept having fun in the pool until I heard someone yell ' Desiree'. I turn around and see Amy. I yelled her name back, as she handed me a towel and I hopped out. She told me my top was tight, and I laughed explaining it belonged to Carly. Then she said Justin was with some blonde girl.


" What? No Justin is right here!"


Or so I thought. He wasn't in the water, I guess I didn't notice. I assumed this blonde girl was just a friend, but I was curious to see. I need a drink, I grabbed Amy's. it was a margarita, wait Amy was drinking? Whatever I need to focus on finding Justin. Before Amy could say anything I left wrapping the towel around myself and dried myself. Why would Justin leave the pool, and me to hang with some other girl? I mean I'm his girlfriend. Well technically he's not mine, yet. But we're pretty much like a couple, sorta. I looked around to see if I saw Justin but I didn't. So I began walking past all these people who seemed to all be drunk, or almost drunk. I looked to see if I saw his friends or someone I know to ask of they've seen him. I bumped into Carly, Fredo, and what seemed like seven girls next to Fredo. They were all in the lounge by the kitchen, some were drinking and others weren't.


"Hey guys." I said as I tried fixing my towel, but it just fell.


Carly: I see you went for a swim.


"Oh yah." I said feeling a little shy even though I had a bikini on still.


Fredo: Damn chica you got to much junk up top and in the back to even fit in that bikini! 

He said that with widened eyes.


Carly: That's my bikini, I hope it's bit too small.


"Thanks I'm fine."


Fredo: Yah you are, so is your body.


" Umm.."


There was a weird silence in the room and then Carly spoke.


Carly: Where's Justin?


"Actually I came to see if any of you guys knew."


Alfredo: I saw him go upstairs a couple minutes ago I think he was with someone.

I left knowing where to go check and walked up the stairs and past the long hallway of rooms, going to Justin's. I heard some weird noises from two people, when i stopped next to the door. Slowly opening it, I saw something I wish I hadn't seen, Justin having sex with some girl. I stood there frozen, not wanting to believe this.



Justin's POV: 



Roxanne took me to my bedroom. My stomach felt really nervous, because I was sure of why she brought me upstairs. She looked at me and winked and I froze. She grabbed my hand.

Roxanne: Relax baby, you seem so tense.


" Sorry I just have a headache. "


Roxanne: You look like your hot in all those clothes.

I wasn't even wearing a lot of clothes but oh well. I guess she was hinting she wanted to see my abs so I took my shirt off.


Roxanne: Mamma like 

She winked at me as she started feeling my abs, she got closer to me and sat on my lap. She stroked my hair and then pulled it aggressively.

Damn she was making me nervous.

Then she pushed me down and had her knees on each of my legs. I began breathing heavily.


Roxanne: What's the matter baby?


" Uh, noth-nothing." I barely let out as I stuttered.


I had this guilty feeling in my head. I felt like I was forgetting something here. But I'm not sure what. I completely forgot when Roxanne suddenly took her top off. My eyes widened as I saw her like that


Roxanne: Haha your reaction is funny. 


Sooner or later she had no clothes on and she helped me do the same. She seemed anxious to have me because she kept touching me and was desperate to rip off my clothes. She then again pushed herself on top of me, and began to hover her lips over mine. I couldn't take it and I kissed her. She started kissing me back, forcefully and passionately. I had my hands on her hips, grabbing her.


Roxanne: I want you Justin. She whispered in my ear.


I gave her what she wanted after I rolled her over. One thing led to another, then suddenly the door flung open. Dammit I thought I locked it, but who the hell is coming in my room?!

I turn around and see Desi with tears filling her eyes. She dropped her drink in shock, the glass breaking, and the liquid spilling all over the floor.


"Desi, I can explain."


Desi: Save it Justin.

She turned on her heels and walked out the door. Now I remember why I was feeling guilty.



Desi's Pov: 


I left the room, tears running down my face rapidly, staining my cheeks. I went downstairs and wanted to leave this party, but I came with Amy in her car. I didn't want to have her leave now if she was having fun. Besides, I really didn't feel like explaining to anyone what happened. I left to the front yard of Justin's house, putting my hands on my face and yelling outside. I kept screaming no one was outside anyways, at least that's what I thought. I felt a hand on my shoulder, turning to see Christian with Ryan.


Christian: Hey, hey what's wrong Desi.


" Oh I didn't know you were out here."

I said in a voice barely understandable.


Ryan: Yah, but what's wrong?

He had a look of concern.


" Just-" I stopped myself from telling him anything about Justin.


" Just, I just wanna go home."


Christian: Do you need a ride?

I nodded my head and he looked at Ryan who got his keys out then walked me to the car. He unlocked it, then Christian opened the back door for me. I sat down, and Ryan started the car, then backed out of the driveway.


" I really appreciate it guys."


Christian: No problem sweetheart.


I gotta admit Christian was a total cutie pie and sweet guy. He placed his warm hand on me, his comfort calmed me down a bit. Ryan asked if I was okay and I told him I was in a drowsy voice. 


Ryan: So where do you live?

I didn't understand what he said, I slowly fell asleep on Christians shoulder.

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