This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


8. I Blew it

Desi's point of view-

"Right foot on green" Fredo announced and we followed. I was really nervous to have Justin over me. Like that doesn't happen to just any girl. And he just looked like he had no problem. I was wondering if his arms would hurt from being in that position so long. But I guess not judging by his huge muscles.

"Left hand on red" Fredo yelled but I lost balanced, I opened my eyes to see beautiful brown eyes starring down at me. Justin was on me and we both began breathing heavily.

"Oh im sorry" Justin said going in a push up position.  His face his perfect face and sexy lips starring down at me. I wanted to kiss him so bad, it was as if I got a thirst to kiss him. I couldn't help myself any longer,
so I pulled my self up a bit and went in for it placing my lips on his.

Justin actually kissed back, his plump soft lips moving in sync with mine. It felt magical. I pulled away. Looking at him in shock as he had the same face .

"Umm." I said, not knowing how else to react to all of this.

"Woah baby" I turned around to Fredo. Crap! He just saw us kiss. Justin got up still looking at me with his mouth open. Ugh he probably hates me now for kissing him. Just look at his face you can tell he didn't enjoy it. I felt awkward and I just wanted to cry. But OMB I just kissed Justin!! I wanted to freak out, but I kept my cool. I smiled to myself going up to Amy. She was talking to Niall but we needed to go. 

"Amy we have to go!" I said walking out the door. OMB I kissed Justin! I Licked my lips trying to remember the feeling. I opened my car, Amy finally joining. Though she starred at me weirdly. Her light skin pink of embarrassment or so. I was shaking with excitement as I got in the car. And I couldn't stop smiling. Amy looked at me like I had issues. 

Amy: Umm Desi. Care to explain that smirk across your face?

" Oh Amy! "

Amy: What? And why do you look like your dreaming or something?

" Because I think I was dreaming. When we played twister, somehow I fell on Justin. "

Amy : Yah, somehow.  Keep thinking that. 

" What? "

Amy : Nothing.

" Well anyways he looked at me in my eyes, and I looked at his. We were both breathing kinda heavy, and then we..."

Amy: You what?!

" We kissed! "

Amy: Really?

" Yes it was perfect.  Even more perfect than I have dreamed of all this time. His lips were so soft and warm. And I just slowly moved in and planted my lips on his. Then he kept going! It felt amazing! "

Amy: Then why did you wanna leave so fast?

" Well I don't know after the kiss he stared at me and smiled, but also looked shocked. Then Fredo just looked at us. I got embarrassed and panicked so I told Justin that I had to go. And that's when I got you. I regret doing that. Now Justin might think I hate him or something.  And I don't even know if he liked me kissing him. "

Amy: Oh, well maybe you can try talking to him. 

" But Amy, he makes me nervous! He's so sexy, and perfect to me I can't control myself! "

Amy: Well he's nervous around you. Who says 'I heard you like to skip'?

" I think he just tried to be funny, I don't know. But I blew it Amy. "

I let out a deep sigh. Justin will think I'm some freak for kissing and ditching. I just got nervous. Now I'm not sure what to do...

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