This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


15. drunk

Justin's POV-

Seeing that look on Desi's face hurt.

The tears in her eyes, it was terrible.

Roxanne: Justin, who was that?

She asked me.

"Desiree, my girl-"

Roxanne: Umm I thought I was yours.

She interrupted me.

"No your not, listen Roxanne I've made a terrible mistake. "

I said as tears came down my face.

Roxanne: Hey calm down, it was just sex no need to cry. What's so important about her seeing us anyways?

She asked looking angry.

"Because I think I love her."

I said, feeling mixed emotions of anger and love.

Roxanne: Ha! You love that! That little immature girl. C'mon ditch the girl scout and get with me, a real woman. And I can make you feel like a man.

"Listen Roxanne, that girl happens to be really special to me. She's someone I'm so happy that I met. And because you came with me and got us drunk I lost her.." I said barely choking out the last three words.

Roxanne: But I'm prettier than her.

She hissed in my ear caressing me.

"Stop! Just leave I need to be alone"

Roxanne: Whatever, it's your loss kid. You could've had everything you ever wanted in a girl.

She added while leaving

I don't know what I just did, I probably ruined everything, and I know she left the party. All I can do is just lay here and feel sorry for myself I guess.

Amy's Pov:

"Hey Carly you've seen dez?" I asked.

"Haha who's dez?" She giggled nearly able to stand

"Forget I asked" I walked away, checking my phone 2:00 am. I walked out side red cups everywhere a few sleepy bodies here and there. The moonlight shinning on me, I'm so tempted to grab a marker and paint all these stupid peoples faces. There was a rattling noise in the bush, I took a step back eyeing it from a different angle seeing the suspicious guy that sat at the couch. I gasped running into the house locking the patio door shut. I need Niall.... And desi to get home. I decided to go upstairs since that's where I told her to go. All the doors were shut, a vomiting noise from the bathroom. I walked to the end of the hall slowly opening Justin's room door. He was sat at his desk, playing his guitar.

"Justin" I asked, thinking if thats the only time I've said his name. He looked at me scared, his eyes blood shot red. Was it from drinking? Or tears

"Yes?" He asked

"Have you seen desi?" I asked he quickly got up. Falling to his knees in front of me. I stepped back looking at him weirdly. He began baling tears. "I'm leaving" I was about to walk but he pulled my legs. Making me fall to the ground.

"You ass!" I yelled pushing myself up

"Look amy, desi walked in on me and you've got to convince her it was a mistake"

"Hold it, what are you talking about.... Walked in, in what?"

"Roxanne and I having sex" Justin looked miserable. As he ran his fingers through his hair

" you expect me to lie to my friend, just so you can get your way and seem innocent think again Bieber" I laughed walking out. I passed the bathroom the door opening a naked lady with blonde hair and love bites all over her. I gave her a disgusted look. Running down stairs. I'm getting Niall and we're leaving. I passed the dance floor more sleepy bodies and people still dirty dancing at two something in the morning. I spotted Niall in the kitchen, red cups in his hand. His friends zayn and Josh were with him and Carly and ari passed out. I took out my phone calling desi, it rang and rang but nothing. Here goes another text that she hasn't answered too. I smiled taking a picture from afar, of Niall, Zayn, josh, Ariana and Carly.

"Niall!" I yelled wrapping my arms around him.

"You're hot" he whispered in my ear

"And you're drunk" I laughed, holding his hand. "Zayn are you drunk?"

"No am Niall" niall put a finger on my lips.

"I'm Zayn" Zayn smirked

"I'm sober Amy" I looked at josh.

"Thank god, help me take these boys into my car?" I asked. Josh shook his head grabbing zayn. I grabbed Niall. Pulling him out the front door. I sustained niall on the car as I unlocked it.buckle him up.

"You touched me butt" niall laughed

"I was trying to find the seat belt Niall" I said getting out .Josh buckled Zayn. Hopping in the front.

"She wants you" zayn chuckled, I rolled my eyes starting the car.

"You know Niall, has a room here in Justin's house" josh asked

"Yeah I know, but I'm not leaving him there. There's a naked creepy women upstairs and a rapist outside and plus he's cute when he's drunk" I smiled, josh laughed as we came to the light, I looked at the rear view mirror seeing Niall talking into his shoe... Oh god. I continued to drive, parking in a gated area. I took out the keys and opened the front door. My mom gave me keys to a flat, I guess it was her way of telling me to move out, it was furnished and the fridge was stocked. Josh took Zayn inside first, as I struggled to get niall out.

"You're hair smells like marshmallows" niall smiled, I sighed waiting for Josh to come out and help me. Josh grabbed niall's left arm and I grabbed his right, pulling him into the house. Josh set him on the couch with zayn.

"Ok, Call me if anything Happens. I need to catch a bus" Josh said

"Wait stay over and I'll drive you back later"

"Okay, can I use your restroom?"

"Go ahead on the left" I sat on the arm chair starring at zayn and Niall.

"It's for you" niall handed his shoe to zayn

"Hello?" Zayn asked holding the shoe to his ear. I laughed.

"Wait its for you" zayn said walking over to me, handing me the shoe. I bit my lip, holding the laughter.

"Hello?" I answered the 'shoe phone' I put it down " Niall!" I gasped " it was your mum she's preggers with billy bob"

"Damn billy bob, I've got to get to Ireland!" He declared standing up falling to the grown, he groaned "maybe in the morn" he laid. I smiled, walking to a closet taking out blankets and pillows. Zayn fell asleep sitting up, I placed a blanket on him. Getting on my knees to cover Niall up. I lifted his head placing a pillow.

"Good night niall" I kissed his cheek

"Mmm, night katy perry" he mumbled. Josh came out.

" do you want the bed" I offered

"Oh no the couch is fine"

"Okay here are pillows and blankets" I walked away into my room. I got into the covers closing my tired eyes. Probably being 3:00 am.

"Aww Niall did ya fart!" I heard someone yell. I laughed closing my heavy eye lids. The hang over these boys will have, and the explaining Desi has to do.

The next morning-

Desiree's Pov:

I woke up and looked around. That's really weird I don't even know where I am. It looks like a hotel room or something. I heard talking not to far away, and then footsteps coming.

"Good morning." I looked up to see Christian walking towards me, smiling

"Umm what happened? Where are we?" I questioned.

Christian: Oh, well yesterday you wanted to leave the party and go home but you fell asleep in the car so we just spent the night here with you.

He said.

"We?" What did he mean..

Christian: Chaz, Ryan, you, and me.

"We slept here together in this hotel?" I said pretty worried.

Christian: Relax Desiree we got a big hotel with a room for yourself.

"Aww thanks Chris, that's real sweet of you." I replied as I smiled.

Chris: Uhh no problem.

He said as his face turned a light shade of pink.

"Haha, why are you red Chris?"

I giggled.

Christian: What? M-me red? Oh Umm I don't know.

He spoke in a way I could barely understand him.

"It seems like your blushing."

I smiled at him.

Christian: Well it's just that your so beautiful Desiree.

He barely managed to say, looking like a little puppy.

"Aww thanks I said." I was blushing myself.

But what about Justin? I know I've loved him for years and had posters of him, but I never thought he was an asshole. I saw videos of all the sweet things he does, and I always thought of how I would love it if he were mine. I would treat him right, but I guess he doesn't care too much about treating me the same. I love Justin, I really do, but I don't know what to do.

Christian: Are you okay?

He asked as I started tearing up.

"Ya.. It's just that.. no I'm not okay." I began crying on Christian's shoulder

Christian seemed like he didn't know what to do at first. He stood there awkwardly but then put his arms around me and began rubbing my back.

Christian: Don't cry Desiree, whoever hurt you I'm sure he didn't mean it. I mean who would ever hurt someone as amazing as you?

He softly spoke in my ear.

Ryan and Chaz came in the room and saw what happened.

Ryan: Are you okay?

Chaz: No she's not okay you dumb shit don't you see she's frekin crying her eyes out?

Ryan: Calm down bro, but what happened to her anyways?

Chaz: Nigga I don't know, why don't you ask her?

Ryan: Umm Desiree why are you crying?

He said looking nervous.

"Because he frekin hurt me! He hurt me so much." I cried.

Christian: Who Hurt you?

"Justin!" I screamed out.

The boys all looked shocked for a second, and Ryan slightly gasped.

Chaz: Man Justin fucked up something else once again. He can be a real ass whipe sometimes.

Ryan: Chaz shut up

Christian: I'm sure he didn't mean it, Justin's a great guy, take it from someone who knows him.

I don't know what to feel. Christian says he probably didn't mean it, but Chaz made it seem like he pulls shit like this all the time.

Chaz: What did the punk do anyways?

Chaz asked looking at me.

"Well he broke my heart, he's a heartbreaker. I thought he really had feelings for me, but at the party he left me and I saw him having sex with some girl. "

I was barely able to say the last words.

Ryan: Seriously?

Chaz: Was he really doing her? Was she hot?

Right now no one was making me feel better. Chaz was just irritating me.

Christian: Guys shut up! Don't you see she's hurt?

Chris came to me and have me a hug. I continued to cry in his arms while he made me feel a sense of comfort. He's been so nice to me, and Ryan and Chaz cheer me up somewhat. Ryan and Chaz left the room to the kitchen, as Chris and I stood there in the middle of the room with our arms wrapped around each other.

Christian: Hey Desiree?


Christian: I want you to know I'm here for you, and I think a girl as beautiful on the inside and out deserves better.

He began to pull closer to my face as he kissed me. It was forcefully and passionately. I wasn't really sure what to do, he just kept kissing me. I pulled away from the kiss, and looked at him.

"Chris, I like you I really do. But.."

Christian: But what!

He said with a sad expression on his face.

"But Im in love, and I'm sorry it's not with you. I know at the time things are very complicated but I don't know what to do anymore. And I don't know if Im ready to move on. Especially with a friend of Justin's. Besides, your still in high school, you can't have a long distance relationship with me. You need to worry about school, your future.

Christian: Im almost finished with school.

"Almost is never enough. You have a life to live and I don't think I'm in it. Christian, we just met." I said.

Christian: I understand, I'm sorry.

"It's alright, don't be sorry. Maybe your just confused. You don't need to rush into dating, and any girl is lucky to have someone as cute and sweet as you."

Chris started blushing again. He was handsome and very respectful, but he's in high school, and lives in Canada I live in California. A relationship with him wouldn't work. Especially because we just met.

Christian: Alright well Im gonna go to the kitchen, wanna come?

I followed him to the kitchen and saw Chaz and Ryan with so much junk food surrounding them. Ryan destroying the bag of Doritos, and Chaz stuffing donuts in his mouth. I giggled at the sight, boys will be boys.

Ryan saw me giggling and Chaz did too. Chaz shrugged his shoulders, and Ryan stopped and cleaned the crumbs off of him.

Ryan: Oh Desiree wanna sit down?

He mumbled with food in his mouth.

"Where would I sit?" I said, seeing there was no room on the couch.

Ryan looked at Chaz, signaling him to move somewhere else. Chaz rolled his eyes with his cheeks stuffed with donuts. He quickly chewed, and swallowed.

Chaz: I'm only moving because she's hot and I like her.

He then smirked at me and I rolled my eyes while laughing.

Ryan wiped the crumbs off the couch and patted it so I could sit down. I say next to him as he placed his arm around me while 'yawning'.

Christian: Wow Ryan, you really had to use the oldest trick in the book?

We all laughed at him while he turned bright red.

Ryan: Whatever, psshh shut up Christian at least I can get girls.

Christian: Is that a proposal for a competition?

Ryan: No I'm just saying you don't know anything about girls. Shit I bet you've never even been laid!

Chaz: Ooooo!

Ryan and Chaz fist bumped while Christian crossed him arms.

Christian: That's not true! I've laid plenty of times! Ya..

Chaz: Oh ya? With who?

Christian: Girls at school, you wouldn't know them because you guys don't even go to my school.

Ryan: Oh really? What was it like?

Chaz: Was it nice and slow, was it fast and rough? Did you make her scream?

"EWWW! You guys are gross" I began to crack up and I couldn't control my laughter.

Christian: Shut up guys... I've done it different ways and that's all you need to know!

Chaz: Chris I think you and me both know you've never been laid, I think we all know.

Christian: Alright! I haven't been laid dammit! Why do you care?

Ryan: Well why did you lie?

Christian: Because I didn't want Desiree to know I'm a virgin, okay?

"Why? I think it's fine if a guy is still a virgin" I said

Chaz: Aww that's sweet babe. Well what about you?

He walked next to me and sat on the arm rest of the couch.

Chaz: Have you ever screwed around, had some real fun? Ya know have you got some yet?

He started rubbing my thigh and winked at me.

"Eww stop! No I haven't dammit " I slapped his hand off my knee.

Chaz: Calm down sugar, I just wanted to know. Since you haven't I'm here to help you become a woman anytime, you and me.

Christian: You guys are sick.

I started to leave the room and went in the room I had for me, then locked the door.

I laid on my bed for about an hour. Just thinking about what seemed like everything in my life. What Chaz said, my future, and Justin. Mostly Justin though, because I've always wanted him in my future. My thoughts were interrupted as I heard a knock on my door. I sighed and got up. Opening the door I see Ryan.

Ryan: Hey.

"Hi Ryan." I quietly said shutting the door, walking over to my bed.

Ryan: Listen, sorry if we made you feel... uncomfortable but I hope your not upset.

"It's okay."

Ryan: So have you been feeling any better since the party?

He looked at me smiling sitting down next to me.

"Kinda, I appreciate you guys being there and helping me out." I said as I hugged him.

Ryan: No problem.

It was kinda awkward because it was silent for a while, until I leaned on his shoulder.

Ryan: Umm

"Oh I'm sorry." I looked at him embarrassed.

Ryan: No it's okay I was actually gonna say something but I stopped myself because it was stupid.

"What was it?" I asked

Ryan: I was gonna say you smell good.

"Haha well, thanks I guess." I giggled.

"I'm really thankful that you guys are helping me, this is really tough for me. And you make me feel better." I said

Ryan: No problem.

He smiled at me.

Ryan: Listen, I was wondering if you wanted to go get some breakfast.

He looked at his watch.

Ryan: Or should I say lunch haha.

"Ya sure, that would be nice." I said.

Ryan: Alright cool, I'll get my keys.

"I'll get my wallet." I added.

Ryan: It's on me

"Aww thanks Ryan."

We both smiled and quickly went to get what we needed. Ugh I guess I'm wearing this same dress from the party last night, I feel gross though.

"Ryan?" I called out.

Ryan: Ya? What's up?

He stepped into the room with keys in his hands.

"I think I'm gonna take a quick shower." I said

Ryan: Uhh I guess that's cool well I'll be waiting in the kitchen.

Ryan put his keys in his pocket and left the room. I made my way to the bathroom and grabbed a towel. I quickly slipped out my clothes and jumped in the shower. The water felt nice and warm, the way I like it. I scrubbed myself with soap, and washed my hair, then rinsed myself. I turned off the water and got my towel. Wow that was quick! I didn't wanna keep Ryan waiting so I slipped on my clothes again, I felt gross though. I dried my hair, untangled it and walked to the kitchen. All the boys turned around.

Chaz: Did you just shower?

Christian: No she just happens to look wet for no reason.

Chaz and Ryan had perverted looks on their faces.

"Yes I did shower." I said.

Chaz: No invite? That's rude.

"Umm Eww!" I said looking disgusted and laughing after.

Ryan and I walked to the front door and Chaz and Christian just gave us a look.

Chaz: Umm care to explain where your going?

Ryan: Just to get lunch dude, peace!

Ryan walked out and as I left I heard Chris scream 'Thanks for the invite!'

We walked to the car and drove to some place Ryan liked. It was a sit down kinda pizza place, I have to say its pretty nice. We got a table and he pulled the chair for me as we sat there and ordered the pizza. Gosh I love pizza, any one who takes me out for pizza is automatically amazing. We sat there together and talked. Ryan is really polite and sweet when you see this side of him. He made me laugh, and I felt like I've known him for years. We sat there and enjoyed the pizza just talking together. And then I looked at my phone light up. Wow I sure did miss a lot of calls and texts.

A/n) desi and I (Priscilla) are sorry for not updating sooner sorry but enjoy this chap! :)

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