This story is about two best friends. One of them is a huge Belieber, and the other... well not so much. One of the friends gets tickets to see Justin live in concert. While they're at the concert some unexpected stuff happens. Things get pretty wild from there, read to find out more. ;)


12. Amy's View

I walked around looking for Niall. I don't really know anyone besides him.. Well there's Justin, fredo, Carly, Ariana. I spotted him on a couch talking to a few guys and Justin standing nervously. 

"Hi Niall" I smiled 

"Amy! Do you know where desi is?!" Justin yelled and I looked at him with wide eyes 

"Um no" I turned back to Niall as he smiled at me. 

"Amy have a seat" Niall suggested, I took a seat next to him. Being squished. It wasn't just him on a couch it was a much older guy with shades, looking a bit suspicious. Desi soon came hugging me and kissing Justin with a three guys behind her, taking him away. 

"Want some drinks?" Niall asked and I laughed 

"I don't drink" 

"Ha little saint doesn't drink" I looked over at one of the guys niall was talking to earlier make a remark 

"Who are you?" 

"None of your business" he yelled over the music 

"Fine, screw you" I whispered but the loud music he probably didn't hear me. " in second thought Niall, ill take the drink" 

"You sure?" Niall asked putting his hand on my thigh. Like I don't have to do this to prove something 

"Positive" I smiled 

"I'll be right back" Niall got up and walked away. I sat there alone. With a creepy guy on my right and Niall's friend in front of me. Niall's other friends left. I scooted a bit to my left. Niall friend got up and took the seat next to me. 

"What's your name" he asked 

"None of your business" 

"Listen little girl" this guy gripped my wrist. I winced at the pain a bit. "How bout we go up stairs, and we get a bit physical" he put his other hand on my cheek, rubbing my face awkwardly

"I don't want to go anywhere with you" 

"Fine this couch is fine by me" he put his hands on my thighs. His breath wreaked of alcohol. 

"Austin!" Niall yelled pushing this guy away. "What the hell man!" Niall yelled 

"Calm down Niall I'm just having a bit of fun" this guy slurred 

"Fun my ass you almost raped my girlfriend" I looked up from touching my wrist... Girlfriend? Niall pushed his friend. His friend tried to pull a punch but failed. Niall punched him right in the eye. And I stood up. Fredo ran over. Taking the guy away, Niall turning to me. 

"Are you okay?" Niall asked his blue eyes looking brighter 

"Yeah I'm fine some friends you have" i sat down. Noticing the man that was here a moment ago gone.... 

"Actually I just meet him so I wouldn't consider him a friend" Niall sat by me 


"I'm glad Carly hasn't finished the drinks, imagine if she entertained me" 

"Rape" I laughed, Niall joining 

"Wait positive he didn't touch you" Niall grabbed my hand, and I winced 

"Okay maybe he squeezed my wrist digging his nails in my skin" I showed Niall 

"Fucking serious" Niall gently grabbed my hand, he got up. Heading towards the bathroom with me behind him. People were dancing... That horrible dancing you know?... He closed the door behind us. 

"Can you get on the counter?" Niall asked 

"Well I dunno Niall can I, my wrist hurt so I can't really sustain my self in a pull up position to get on the counter" Niall smiled, grabbing me by the hips gently lifting me and sitting me on the counter sink thing. Niall grabbed cotton balls wetting them and putting it where his so call friend sank his nails too. He looked really cute trying to wrap bands around my wrist and do anything possible to make me feel better. He seemed so entertained I didn't want to disturb I let out a giggle and he looked up 

"Oh sorry, it's just your hand is small" 

"And your hand is big" I joked, causing him to turn pink "your really sweet Niall" I changed the subject 

"Really think so" 

"Psh heck yeah!" 

"Thanks Amy" 

"Yeah so about this girlfriend thing" I said and Niall looked at me weirdly 

"Girlfriend?" He asked and I felt kinda dumb

"Yeah you called me your girlfriend, but you know... I'm not" I said kinda harsh and Niall thought about it for a moment

"Ohhh about that sorry it just slipped out my mouth And-" I cut Niall off by kissing him, at first he was shocked by my actions and didn't kiss, so I thought I'd pull away. Soon Niall kissed me back. Both of us smiling in between the kiss. I moved my hands play around with his hair 

Knock knock* 

The door knocked and we pulled away looking at each other then the door.

"Should we open it" Niall whispered removing his hands from my hips placing me off the sink. 

"We could, but then we would have to explain what we are in here for" I whispered back. Niall walked to the door putting his ear 

" I think they're gone" Niall said opening the door. He walked out first and I followed, Niall leading to the kitchen 

"Woah you should have seen desi and Justin and Ariana" Carly said 

"What do you mean?" I asked 

"We just had a shot contest" Ariana giggled 

"Oh so Carly are the drinks done?" Niall asked 

"Ohh I totally forgot" Carly scratched her head 

"Forget it I'm getting a beer" Niall said walking over to a bucket taking out two beers "what about a beer" 

"Um what does it taste like?" I asked, Niall laughing 

"I dunno... Like Beer, taste it" Niall smiled handing me the can. I watched as he opened it and took several sips. I opened mine, just looking around at people dance. A crowd started to huddle up around some one, I put the can down going to see. Pushing through the crowd to peek but I couldn't tell who it was. I walked back to Niall seeing him chat with Carly 

"You're back! Can you help me bring Ariana to Niall's room?" Carly asked 

"Uh sure" I walked over to the table grabbing Ariana, Carly holding on to the other side of her. We pushed through some people climbing up the stairs. I sustained Ariana while Carly opened the room door, placing her down. Carly was putting the sheets on her while I took off her heels and man I'd die walking in those.

I walked out waiting for Carly. Blinking twice not believing what I saw. I peeked my head down the hall seeing Justin walking to his room with a blonde girl, in a really tight above the knee dress. But wait where's desi? Carly walked out closing the door. 

"Hey can you tell Niall, ill be right back I'ma go find desi" I told Carly, she nodded her head. I walked down the stairs outside seeing desi smiling and splashing water with three guys

"Drink?" A man offered, I smiled and took it approaching the pool

"Desi!" I yelled, the first time not hearing me. Continuing to throw water and giggle "Desiree!" I yelled and she turned around smiling 

"Amy!" Desi yelled back, I grabbed a towel off a bench giving it to her, before she caused anymore attention 

"Your um... Top is a bit low and tight" I said 

"It's Carly's" desi said tying the towel around her "what's up" 

"Well... I saw Justin walk past me with a blonde girl, are you aware of that" 

"What? No Justin is right here!" Desi yelled turning around towards the pool, her eye brows going up "it's probably a friend" desi said 

"Yeah maybe she did look pretty friendly if you ask me" with out another word desi took my drink out my hand walking off, I looked at her walk away 

"So you single?" I turned around to the three boys 

"Yes why?" 

"Well I'm available" 

"Me too!" they said practically piling on top of each other I rolled my eyes walking back to Niall seeing him chatting with two guys and a few beers 

"Hi Niall" I smiled 

"You're back" Niall put his arm around me " guys this is Amy" 

"Hi I'm josh" this muscular guy with brown hair said 

"And I'm zayn" a tanish dark haired quiff guy said 

"Hello!" I waved smiling 

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