*For Death & Co. Contest

Adam believes that today is just a normal day. He wakes up, goes to school, and walks home with his best friend as usual. But that's when it all changes. The last thing he sees is the fear in her eyes and her screaming his name. Little does he know that he is dead, and dead is no normal day.

*Chapters will be a little bit short for the contest
*She will be named in the end, so don't bug me about that


5. The Next Death

*Three Weeks Later*


"You don't have to do this," the officer says below.

"Yes I do!" Tears cover her face as she prepares to jump from the top of the building. "It's my fault he's dead! I jut screamed. I could have done something! I just screamed."

I stand next to her, but she is unaware of my presence.

"Please, please," I whisper. 'You still wanted to go to Paris. It wouldn't be the same if you we're dead,' I think.

"It's my fault," is the last thing she says before she jumps.


Her body is perfect when she comes out of the mist.

"Adam, Letum.." Is the first thing she says.

"You've died before," I say.

"Yes," she looks down.

"Sam," both girls say.

The Letum Sam, the one that I just met three weeks ago, widens her eyes, "It's you." Her body goes into the Sam I've known since Day One, and a new person appears. But this person is taller, older, maybe 19. But the two Sams look similar, and I suddenly remember. When Sam's sister was 19, she was texting and driving, and was killed at an intersection.

"Cristina," Sam whispers. They embrace, then Sam walks to me and hugs me. "I love you."

Cristina smiles as me, and we all walk hand in hand, past the world we were all familiar to, and into the world of Letum.


*The End*

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