*For Death & Co. Contest

Adam believes that today is just a normal day. He wakes up, goes to school, and walks home with his best friend as usual. But that's when it all changes. The last thing he sees is the fear in her eyes and her screaming his name. Little does he know that he is dead, and dead is no normal day.

*Chapters will be a little bit short for the contest
*She will be named in the end, so don't bug me about that


4. First Time

"Letum is the place between Heaven and Hell. It's like," she pauses, "the neutral zone. Letum happens when someone dies of unnatural causes. You know, murder, drowning, a car crash," se gestures to the truck with splattered red liquid, my splattered red liquid.

"What happens if you due of natural causes, and what do you mean my first time dying?"

"Well, first of all, if you die of natural causes, you are transported to either Heaven or Hell. Whichever you belong to. And what I mean by the first time is that this was your first life. Most people remember Letum and life after death if they have already died before. Please no more interruptions."

"Sorry, wait..." I say silent for the rest of her paragraph.

"Anyways, when you die into Letum, you are basically a ghost. No one knows of your presence except your own, that's why you can touch your dead body. Also, there are people like me, who greet those who die. Usually, you can sense te close death of someone, so you can choose to be a greeter. But I have a feeling you will," she smiles as if she has a plan for my future. "Another thing though, if you are a greeter, you will transform into the next person destined to die that you have a connection to. In fact, I am transformed right now."

It takes me no time to figure out who the next death will be.


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