*For Death & Co. Contest

Adam believes that today is just a normal day. He wakes up, goes to school, and walks home with his best friend as usual. But that's when it all changes. The last thing he sees is the fear in her eyes and her screaming his name. Little does he know that he is dead, and dead is no normal day.

*Chapters will be a little bit short for the contest
*She will be named in the end, so don't bug me about that


2. Death Has Come

            My eyes open to white. White sky. White ground. White everything. Then, the white is gone, and is instead filled with a cluster of cop cars, ambulances, and people.

            I notice the majority of the people from either my school or the neighborhood such as Alyssa, Jacob, Max, Abbi, and Mrs. Clark from across the street.

            Then I notice her. Her golden hair mixed into a ratted mess and her ice blue eyes filled with tears. Her tall body is wrapped with a navy blue blanket and she sits on a stretcher while an EMS checks her pulse.

            But even though I see everyone, no one seems to see me. Then I realize where the focus lays. A shadowed figure is slumped on the ground with a pool of blood surrounding it. My common sense tells me that it’s a boy, but there is something strangely familiar about it.

            I come closer to the body and fear overcomes me like I’m being submerged in water.

            The body is me, except not really me. I am dotted with blood, my shirt and sweater is ripped (both of which my mother would never approve of), one of my legs is bent in an awkward direction, my skin is pale, and most hauntingly, my eyes are wide open, but there is no life in them.

            I reluctantly move over to my body and look down at myself.

            If I am here, then why are they here? I am ok, this isn’t me, this can’t be me.

            I hear a shake in her voice, and I sprint over to the sound. A cop is questioning her, but she has a hard time answering.

            “I don’t know, it happened so fast,” she says between tears, “The truck came and then, and then…,” she bursts into tears again.

            “Ma’am, ma’am!” the cop tries to comfort her, but does no good.

            “…and then stopped moving,” is the last thing she manages to choke through tears.

            “Hey! Hey! Get away from her!” The cop shows no recognition that he heard me, so I ignore him and go straight to her.

            “Hey! Hey it’s ok, I’m here, I’m alive.” I attempt to put my arm on her shoulder, put something strange happens.

            My hand goes right through her.

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