Head Over Heels *A Harry Styles Fanfiction

Sarah, a small town girl from New York, has an alright life, until one day. She ends up meeting the one and only Harry Styles who becomes a love interest. However, when she meets the others band members, will someone else catch her eye? Please read to find out!


1. The Beautiful Winter Sunrise

Sarah’s POV


            As I walked through the park (one of my favorite places), I looked at the beautiful scenery around me. It was 5:57 am (in the winter) and the sun was just rising. I sat on a swing and looked at the beautiful colors in the sky mesh together, forming a perfect balance of pinks, purples, reds, oranges and yellows.


“Wow, the sunset is breath taking this morning.” I thought aloud, thinking I was all alone. “Yeah, it really is.” I heard someone say from behind me. Hearing someone else’s voice behind me startled me, making me fall off of the swing, backwards no less. “Oww . . .” I said as I sat up and rubbed the back of my head (it had taken the brunt of the fall). “Oh, wow, sorry for startling you like that. I didn’t mean to frighten or harm you.” The guy (that looked somewhat familiar) said as he helped me up; then he asked, “What’s your name love?” “My name is Sarah, and what may yours be?” I said/asked him. “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Sarah and my name is Harry. Wait, you don’t know me?” Harry asked, slightly relieved. “Pleasure to meet you too Harry, and to be honest, I remember you from somewhere, I just don’t know where exactly . . .” I trailed off, feeling slightly guilty, because I had a feeling I should know who he is, I just can’t remember. Had we by chance met before? Hm...


“Well, I’m from the British boy band One Direction. And it’s quite nice not to be attacked by a fan girl, even though it’s not that bad.” Harry said, with a faint grin on his face. “Oh I know! You’re from the British boy band One Direction!” I said and immediately after I did an imitation fan girl scream and ran into him, hugging him, and knocking the both of us into the grass. We both burst out laughing. “Interesting . . . I thought you didn’t know who I was?” Harry asked as we lay side by side in the grass. “Well, now that you mentioned you’re part of One Direction, I started to remember where I knew you from.” I said honestly (as I sat up), but I felt like an idiot, and it must have come across to Harry. “It’s like a breath of fresh air when you meet someone that you can talk to without getting attacked and your clothes ripped off.” He said honestly and chuckled. “Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to rip your clothes off.” I said laughing as I plopped back down next to Harry (on my side so I could face him) and subconsciously, I rolled into a little ball (because I was freezing, but I didn’t want to say anything). Harry rolled onto his side to face me and saw me in a ball and then touched my arm. “First, you’re freezing and second, why are you wearing a short-sleeved shirt outside in the winter?” He said as he sat up, took off his jacket and laid it over me. “I’m only wearing a short-sleeved shirt because I didn’t expect to be out here to long and thanks.” I said smiling as I sat up and wrapped the jacket around me. “You’re welcome; maybe we can hang out later, get something to eat or go catch a movie . . .” Harry started and as he was finishing, I cut him off. “Sure, and we should probably exchange numbers so we can get it all planned out.” I said, just trying to get his number. “Good idea” Harry said smiling and we both took out our phones and exchanged numbers. We talked for another half an hour, just trying to get to know each other and then he walked me home as we continued to chat. “Well,” Harry started as I was about to go inside, “I’ll text you the details about the date and I’ll see you later.” He finished and then kissed my hand.


             I smiled and said goodbye and walked inside the house and then sighed. Wow, I had just met Harry for One Direction and I’m going to go on a date with him. Go Sarah!




I know it's probably terrible but it is my first fan fiction writing so please comment on any type of ideas and please follow me and like or however this goes (still not that sure). Thanks for reading so far!!

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