Head Over Heels *A Harry Styles Fanfiction

Sarah, a small town girl from New York, has an alright life, until one day. She ends up meeting the one and only Harry Styles who becomes a love interest. However, when she meets the others band members, will someone else catch her eye? Please read to find out!


2. *Information*

Hey! This is a little something to get to know Sarah



Hey, my name is Sarah! I'm a dancer, and a fairly good student. I am 18 years old, and in my freshman year of College and Julliard in NYC. However, I am currently on winter break back in my hometown (a little bit outside of the city). My life is alright, but like others I've had really bad rough patches, some even my sister Alexandra, or Ali, doesn't know about. But yeah, this is me!


Likes: One Direction; British Boys; Dance; Friends; Family

Dislikes: Bullies; Haters; Hospitals; Injuries


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