Head Over Heels *A Harry Styles Fanfiction

Sarah, a small town girl from New York, has an alright life, until one day. She ends up meeting the one and only Harry Styles who becomes a love interest. However, when she meets the others band members, will someone else catch her eye? Please read to find out!


3. An Interesting Phone Call

Sarah’s POV


As I walked inside, I looked at the clock. It was 6:43; I usually get home about a half an hour ago, but the only person in the house is my older sister Alexandra (Ali), and she was probably still asleep. I walked over and plopped on the couch, sighing and then smiling, reminiscing on the events that just passed, when for the second time this morning, I was startled. “What are you doing home so late?” Ali asked me with a hint of authority. “And whose jacket is that, because that is definitely not yours.” She said, seeming to become like my mother. “I met someone down at the park and we hung out. He saw I was getting cold and gave me his jacket, alright!” I exclaimed as I put my hands into the jacket pockets, and I felt a set of keys and a piece of paper. I pulled out the piece of paper and saw a list of four emergency contacts, the other four boys from one direction I was guessing. I then pulled out the keys and realized they were most likely Harry’s only pair. Oh no . . . “Sarah, what are you doing?” Ali asked as I got up, quickly changed and threw on my own jacket and brought Harry’s with all his stuff. “I’ll be back, and I don’t know when, bye.” I said as I rushed out the door.


 I quickly dialed Harry’s number and thought please pick up, please pick up, but, he didn’t. Then I took out the list of numbers and called the first one on the list. They automatically picked up. “Hello, I know this is a weird question but who is this and is Harry there with you?” I asked, feeling like a complete idiot. “Why that is an awfully odd question indeed but I’m Louis and yes, Harry is here with me.” He answered. “Can you please put him on, I need to talk to him quickly.” I asked. “And why is that? How do I know you aren’t a fan girl just trying to talk to him?” Louis asked, and I was trying to not lose my temper. “Tell him Sarah needs to talk to him briefly, please.” I tried to say calmly. “Well tell me Sarah, why should . . .” Louis started but got cut off as someone stole the phone. “Hey Sarah what’s up?” I heard Harry say concerned. "I just wanted to tell you I have your keys and I was wondering where I could drop them off. I thought you might need them . . .” I said, trailing off at the end. “I’ll text you the address I’m going to with the guys and if you want, you can drop them off and we can talk some more.” He said, suggesting he wanted to see me again. “Sure. I’ll see you there. Bye!” I said, smiling as I thought of seeing him again. “Bye love” Harry said and we both hung up.




Oh Lou ... *tsk tsk* Well anyways, thoughts on how it is so far?

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