Confessions of a High School Supermodel

Meet Maddie Fox, a self-proclaimed Lozerilla. She’s 16, loves One Direction, shops at Forever 21, and frequently spends high school lunchtime hiding inside a bathroom stall. Maddie dreams of fitting in with the popular girls, but her shyness (and the fact that she has the most embarrassing family in the world) makes that impossible.

But when a chance encounter with a modeling scout thrusts Maddie into stardom as the next Victoria’s Secret supermodel, the girl that no boy ever looked at twice is suddenly a sex symbol, her picture on every teenage guy’s bedroom wall.

Maddie has to navigate her newfound fame amidst the jealous girls at school who want to see her crash and burn. But is getting everything you ever wanted all it’s cracked up to be?


6. Chapter 6





Saturday flew by and Maddie still didn’t call Ann Sterling.  She procrastinated all day, the same way she did when she had to study for an Algebra test, telling herself that Ms. Sterling’s office would be closed on weekends. 

Maddie shuffled around the whole day, staring at the telephone number on her desk, and finding extremely important things to do other than call, such as brush Honeydew’s fur, feed him kitty treats, and tie a pink satin bow around his neck.  Honeydew had liked everything except the bow; he growled his low, threatening meow when she did that. 

Now it was Saturday evening and her mom’s friend Ms. Blake had called her for a last-minute babysitting job.  Maddie was relieved to get out of the house, where she felt like the presence of the phone number had turned her bedroom into a jail cell.

Maddie occasionally babysat four-year-old Justin while his mom, who was divorced, went on dates.  Justin also happened to be the little brother of Sawyer Blake, who not only went to school with Maddie, he was Sundance’s boyfriend. 

Maddie had a crush on Sawyer the way you have a crush on someone you don’t know very well. The hope of them ever liking you back seems impossibly out of reach.  Maddie had never uttered a single word to Sawyer, yet he was the guy she found herself fantasizing about when she daydreamed about having a boyfriend. 

Maddie’s mom dropped her off in front of the Blakes’ house and Ms. Blake greeted her breathlessly at the front door. 

“Hey Maddie, thank goodness you’re a little early!  Justin hates it when I leave—he’s throwing a tantrum.” 

Maddie walked in and saw the little boy sitting on the floor pouting, tears streaming down his face.   Maddie immediately knelt down, picked up a toy truck, and began rolling it across the floor, making a cartoonish “vroom” noise with her mouth. 

Justin’s tears stopped almost instantly as his gaze fixed on Maddie and the truck.  He picked up a toy car himself and began imitating what Maddie was doing. 

“Thanks Maddie, you’re a lifesaver,” Ms. Blake gushed.

Maddie sat there on the floor playing with Justin while Ms. Blake scrambled to finish getting ready, slipping on earrings and spritzing on perfume. 

“Sawyer’s out with his friends,” she explained.  She paused briefly as she applied pink lipstick to her mouth.  “You know how it is, I wish Sawyer would take care of his little brother but he’s just so irresponsible.  I swear, every day I regret getting him that car for his sixteenth birthday.  He’s always out; he never wants to spend time with his family anymore.  He’s sleeping at Dean’s house right now.  He’ll be gone all night.”  She smiled at Maddie.  “I’m sure you never give your mom any trouble.”

Maddie acted disinterested but listened intently.  She was always curious about Sawyer, the way a person might be curious about the personal life of a celebrity.  She would never admit in a million years the amount of time she spent dissecting his Facebook page.  She always knew from his pictures what (or perhaps she should say who) he was doing. 

Sawyer and Sundance had been dating for a couple weeks now, and Maddie always saw them holding hands in between classes.  The couple had already moved onto the standard matching Facebook profile pictures, a black and white photo of the two of them with their arms wrapped around each other. Sundance commented on almost every one of Sawyer’s photos and statuses, whereas Maddie was too self-conscious to even “like” anything on his page. 

Being at Sawyer’s house was always somewhat of a thrill for her, even though she had never run into him while she was babysitting.  Maddie had actually tried peeking into Sawyer’s bedroom once before but she’d chickened out at the last second, afraid that Ms. Blake would come home or Justin would walk in right as she was about to do it. 

Outside, a car honked. 

“There he is!” Ms. Blake chirped.  “How do I look?”

Maddie scrutinized Ms. Blake’s outfit.  She had on a little black dress with a cute black blazer, earrings, and black leather flats. 

“You look hot,” Maddie finally declared.

Ms. Blake beamed.  “You really think so?”

“Like a milf,” she confirmed. 

Ms. Blake look confused.  “What’s a milf?”

“Uhhhh.”  Maddie hesitated a beat.  Awkward.  “It just means you look good,” she quickly explained.   

“Well, I hope he thinks so too!” Ms. Blake did a little spin on her way to the door. 

“Maddie, the numbers are on the fridge!  Try not to let Justin eat too much chocolate!  Put him in bed by nine, but ten at the absolute latest!”

Maddie smiled reassuringly. “I will, Ms. Blake!  Don’t worry about anything; Justin and I are going to have a great time tonight!”  She looked down at the four-year-old playing on the carpet.  “Aren’t we?”

“I knew I could count on you!  Thanks Maddie!”

As soon as Ms. Blake left, Maddie looked down at Justin. 

“So dude, what game do you feel like playing tonight?”  Maddie looked through their collection of video games.  They had the Sims, Legend of Zelda, and Mario & Luigi, just to name a few.  She finally put on a Pokemon video game and took a seat next to Justin.

They played video games for a while until they got bored, then Justin put on a red cape and ran around the house pretending to be “Justin Kredible, the Mighty Superhero!” Maddie warmed up the slices of pizza Ms. Blake had left in the fridge for dinner.  Then she gave Justin just ONE piece of chocolate for dessert, then another one because he whined so much for a second piece, and then finally a third one to shut him up for good.

She tried for a full ten minutes to get him to brush his teeth, even attempting to bribe him with stickers.  Justin just stood there stubbornly with his arms crossed and his lips pressed tightly shut, refusing to allow the Disney Cars themed toothbrush anywhere near his teeth.

Maddie finally told him, exasperated, “Well if you’re not going to use this toothbrush, I will!” 

She then pretended she was about to stick his toothbrush in her own mouth.  When the toothbrush was exactly one millimeter away from her lips, Justin squealed “Noooo, it’s mine!” and grabbed it out of her hands, then finally proceeded to brush his teeth. 

At last, Maddie managed to put Justin to bed.  She flopped on the couch at the end of her night, exhausted.  I really do EARN my ten bucks an hour, she thought to herself.

Now it was ten-thirty and Maddie was sitting on the Blakes’ couch in the darkness, watching TV, America’s Most Wanted, to be exact.  She was pretty deeply engrossed in a story about a man who broke into a house and killed a sleeping family when all of a sudden, she heard a noise outside that made her sit straight up.  She could hear the sound of someone’s feet on the gravel pathway outside. 

Oh crap, she thought.  Someone’s trying to break into the house!  What the hell do I do?  Maddie’s heart began to race. 

Maddie wasn’t sure if she should run into Justin’s room and drag him out.  If anything happens to him, Ms. Blake will never forgive me!  

She grabbed her cell phone and her fingers shakily pressed the numbers 9-1.  She held the phone with one hand and kept her thumb poised over the number 1. 

One false move and I’ll call the cops, she thought.  This made her feel a tiny bit better, but she was still terrified.  Her ears sensitive to every little sound, she looked around. 

She heard a sound from somewhere in the house.  The door in front of her opened slowly and Maddie found herself face to face with…

Sawyer.  Maddie jumped and shrieked, causing Sawyer to yelp.  She fell back onto the couch as her heartbeat slowly returned to normal. 

Maddie could see shock and confusion on Sawyer’s face as he slowly registered the sight of a girl sitting in his living room.  “Sorry I scared you!” he whispered huskily. 

She knew she should be embarrassed at her little outburst, but all she could think was, He’s so hot!

He stood before her dressed in a white shirt and jeans, all bad boy and smoldering.  Sawyer was, well, Sawyer.  He was good-looking, with smoky blue eyes, and longish light brown hair cut in a Justin Bieber sort of shag.  He was lean and muscular from playing basketball, soccer, rugby, and flag football, but not bulky in a bodybuilder kind of way.  Maddie had seen him once before with his shirt off, running around the track at school, and she knew what amazing abs he was hiding under there. 

“Hey Sawyer,” she said in a high-pitched voice.  All of a sudden her relief evaporated and she felt nervous and on high alert.

“Hey!”  He nodded at her.  “You’re Mandy, right?” he asked as his eyes scanned her up and down, taking in her shapeless blue sweater, grey sweatpants, and sloppy bun. 

Maddie felt her cheeks turn red as she suddenly wished she’d worn a cuter outfit.  He doesn’t even know my name!  Three years we’ve gone to the same school and he doesn’t even know my name!  This was confirmation of everything Maddie had always feared- that she really was completely invisible to boys. 

“Actually, it’s Maddie,” she corrected him.

“Oh, right!  Sorry Maddie, I totally knew that,” he slurred. “I’m just really bad with names.” 

“It’s okay,” she said hastily.  “I mean, we don’t have that many classes at school together or anything.”

“So Maddie!  That’s short for Madeline, right?” Sawyer asked as he turned to make his way into the kitchen, wobbling a bit as he walked.

“Madison,” she corrected, turning her face so he wouldn’t see her cheeks blazing.

“Yeah, yeah, I totally knew that.  I’m just a little….” He suddenly smiled guiltily, his eyes heavy-lidded.  “You know.”

Drunk, Maddie finished inside her head. 

In the light of the kitchen, she could see him more clearly.  She noticed his shirt was a little sweaty and his longish brown hair was rumpled.  His eyes were red and she could smell something sour on his breath that she guessed was alcohol. 

Maddie had never understood the appeal of alcohol.  Her dad had let her try a sip of beer once, when she was little.  She had spit it out and rinsed her mouth out about 500 times.  She’d even used Listerine to get the taste out, and she hated Listerine! 

Maddie wasn’t the moral police or anything like that; she didn’t hold herself to some kind of impossibly high ethical standard and look down on everyone around her who fell short.  She just couldn’t understand why anyone would choose to drink something so disgusting-tasting.  It just didn’t taste good!  Donuts, cupcakes, ice-cream—those were vices she could understand.  Alcohol, she could not.

 “So, uh, what are you doing here?” Sawyer finally asked, as if he all of a sudden remembered he had just found a random girl standing in his house. 

Time stood still for a second while she fell in love with the way his sandy hair fell into his blue eyes just so.   He had the most chiseled jawline.  And that shirt made his biceps look really good. 

Maddie finally realized she was just standing awkwardly, staring at him, and she should probably say something.

“I’m babysitting your little brother,” she stammered.  “What are YOU doing here?  Your mom said you’d be at Dean’s house.”

Sawyer nodded. 

“Dean’s house…” he mumbled thickly, as if he were talking around a marble in his mouth.  “Yeah, that’s what I told her.”  His eyelids were starting to look even heavier.

Sawyer didn’t answer her question about why he was home early; he merely turned and stumbled toward the refrigerator. Maddie trailed after him.  He grabbed a big bottle of water and started chugging it in front of her.  He spent about two full minutes downing the entire bottle of water.  Maddie stood awkwardly and watched him.  At last, he finished and let out an enormous stinky belch. 

Maddie wrinkled her nose, grossed out but also secretly a little thrilled.  This was more contact than she usually ever had with anyone in the popular crowd.  She could picture herself casually mentioning at school on Monday, Yeah, Sawyer and I hung out at his place this weekend.  You know, cause we’re cool with each other like that. 

Sawyer looked over at her as if he was seeing her for the first time.  He looked totally out of it. 

“Oh, hey Mandy.”

She decided to forgive the fact that he couldn’t remember her name.  He was drunk after all.  And besides, the way he said “Mandy” made it sound like it was covered in thick hot caramel with mini-marshmallows. 

“Hey,” she breathed.

Sawyer began searching around the kitchen.  He found a bunch of bananas, pulled one out of the bunch, peeled it, and took a big bite.

“Want one?” he asked her.

“No thanks.”  Maddie paused for a second.  “You know, I’m actually not that big on bananas.”

Sawyer swallowed and nodded knowingly.  “Yeah, bananas are tricky.  It’s like, too green, too green, too green…. AND they’re brown!”

Maddie giggled nervously.  “Yeah, that’s what I meant.”

Sawyer started to pull his t-shirt up over his head.  He paused midway and looked at her.  “You don’t mind, right?”

Inside, Maddie felt like jumping up and down, screaming Take it off!

She shrugged.  “Nah, it’s cool.”

Sawyer pulled his shirt off all the way.  Maddie tried not to let her gaze linger too long on his perfectly smooth, tanned chest.  She didn’t want to seem like a pervert. 

Focus, Maddie! she scolded herself.  Think of something to say!

 “So, where were you tonight?” she asked suddenly.  She winced internally.  She didn’t mean to sound so accusatory. 

He looked her in the eyes, a strange twinkle behind those two blue pools.  “Promise not to tell?”

Maddie’s eyes widened.  “Promise,” she breathed. 

He smiled mischievously.  “I wasn’t at Dean’s.  I was with Livia.” 

Maddie froze.  Ugh, Livia.  “But aren’t you dating Sundance?” she asked carefully.

“Yup.”  He smiled at her knowingly.  “That’s what she thinks, anyway.”

Maddie nodded her head as if she understood, even though she really didn’t.

It was such a lie the way movies and TV shows tried to make it seem like hot, popular guys ever had crushes on anyone but hot, popular girls.  In Maddie’s world, boys like Sawyer never, ever went for the shy beauties with the glasses and the mismatched clothes.  They picked the most clichéd girls to go out with, the most beautiful ones, the hottest ones, the most popular ones.  Of course Sawyer went out with girls like Livia and Sundance and not girls like Maddie.  Naturally.  

Sawyer had a reputation for being a bit of a player.  He was hot, he knew it, and all the girls at school knew it.  He went out with a lot of girls, sometimes more than one at a time.  She wondered if he had had sex with anyone he’d gone out with.  She wondered how far they’d gone.  She was dying to ask but she knew she’d never dare. 

“So, uh, what did you and Livia do?” she asked carefully.  God, I sound like his mom.

“Just had a couple beers.  And, you know, did some other stuff.”  At least he had the decency to look sheepish.    “Oh, hey, I think I still have a couple cans left if you want!” 

He looked so cute and sweet standing there offering her a beer.  Maddie briefly considered the possibility of sharing an alcoholic beverage with the cutest guy in school, but she shook her head.

“No thanks.”

Sawyer looked at her for a second and his eyes seemed to get a little clearer and less cloudy.  “Hey, let’s go watch TV or something!”

 “Sure,” Maddie smiled, wishing again that she’d thought to wear a cuter outfit.

They sat side by side next to each other on the couch while Sawyer flicked through the channels at a rapid pace. 

Sawyer lingered on The Simpsons and Maddie blurted out, “Wait, don’t change it!”

He looked over at her. “I love this show!”

“Me too!”

Maddie smiled at the TV screen, trying not to look too excited.  She was extremely aware that Sawyer was dressed only in his jeans as he sat on the couch.  She was also aware of just how close his face was to her own.  Why, if she moved her head just so, she’d be kissing him.

Maddie had never kissed anyone before, a huge source of insecurity for her.  Every teenage sitcom and high school movie she’d ever seen made her even more painfully aware of the fact that she had never been kissed. 

Maddie found herself wondering what would have happened if she had taken Sawyer up on his offer of a beer.  She’d probably get fired from ever babysitting again, for one thing.  But maybe if she had, she and Sawyer would be kissing right now.  I bet if I somehow got that Victoria’s Secret job, he’d want to go out with me, she thought idly.

Suddenly, Maddie heard the familiar sound of a key rattling in the front door lock.  Her eyes flew to the clock on the wall.  Eleven-thirty already.  Ms. Blake must be home.  She felt a prick of disappointment at having her time with Sawyer cut short.  Well, actually that was a huge understatement.  What she felt was a giant wave of disappointment crashing over her.  We were starting to bond! We both liked The Simpsons and everything!

Ms. Blake wafted into the door, smiling and floating as if she were in a dream.  “Hi Maddie, how did everything go?  Oh, Sawyer!  What are you doing here?”

Sawyer shrugged nonchalantly.  “Just got home early.”

Ms. Blake looked at Maddie.  “Well, I’m hoping he didn’t give you any trouble.”

“He was no trouble at all,” Maddie smiled.

“So you got him to brush his teeth?”

Maddie frowned for a split second. Huh?  Oh, she means Justin, not Sawyer.  “Yes, everything went fine!”

Sawyer’s phone buzzed and Maddie glimpsed Sundance’s name flashing on the screen.  He turned away to answer it.  “Oh hey babe!  …Nothing much, I’ve just been home all night thinking of you!” he stated smoothly. 

Ms. Blake fished inside her purse for her car keys.  “Sawyer, you stay here while I drive Maddie home.  Come on Maddie, let’s go.”

“Sure, you can come over,” his voice dropped to a whisper and got all silky.  “My mom won’t notice.”

Maddie reluctantly got up off the couch, her ears still straining to hear Sawyer’s conversation.

“Sawyer, say goodbye to your friend,” Ms. Blake commanded him. 

“Bye Mandy” he mumbled distractedly. 

Maddie walked with Ms. Blake to the front door and shut it behind her.  Well, that went well, she thought sarcastically. 


Fantasy Boyfriend List

Josh Hutcherson

Sterling Knight

Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

Niall Horan

Cody Simpson

Zac Efron

Kendall Schmidt

Justin Bieber

Taylor Lautner

Jaden Smith

Nick Jonas

Sawyer Blake

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