Confessions of a High School Supermodel

Meet Maddie Fox, a self-proclaimed Lozerilla. She’s 16, loves One Direction, shops at Forever 21, and frequently spends high school lunchtime hiding inside a bathroom stall. Maddie dreams of fitting in with the popular girls, but her shyness (and the fact that she has the most embarrassing family in the world) makes that impossible.

But when a chance encounter with a modeling scout thrusts Maddie into stardom as the next Victoria’s Secret supermodel, the girl that no boy ever looked at twice is suddenly a sex symbol, her picture on every teenage guy’s bedroom wall.

Maddie has to navigate her newfound fame amidst the jealous girls at school who want to see her crash and burn. But is getting everything you ever wanted all it’s cracked up to be?


3. Chapter 3






Maddie stormed out of Forever 21 and briskly walked through the mall by herself.  She was in such a rage, she felt like she could strangle a tiger with her bare hands.  

What the hell is wrong with them?  Do they TRY to humiliate me or does it just happen naturally?  I have the most obnoxious, horrific family in the history of the entire universe!  You can’t take them out in public!  You can’t take them anywhere!

She paced all over the second floor of the mall, past Express, past Gap, past Zara.  She finally calmed down as she was taking the escalator downstairs.

  Right in front of Sundance and Livia and Amberly and all those girls!  They’re going to tell everybody!

She passed by Starbucks, which reminded Maddie of how she had been completely and utterly mortified the last time she had visited the mall with her mom.   The last time Maddie had gone to Starbucks with her mom, it had been humiliation of the utmost proportions.

Starbucks had been extremely crowded, with a massive line stretching out the door, and the people waiting for drinks taking up nearly every inch of room.

Maddie had turned to go wait in line but her mom had grabbed her by the hand and marched to the front counter where the barista had been yelling out, “double soy latte with no cream!”  Her mom had elbowed her way to the front of the crowd, dragging Maddie behind.

“Oh, that’s me!  Yes, that’s mine!”

The barista had glanced at her in surprise.  “Uh… are you sure your name is Michael?”

“Yes,” she shot back.  “Of course I’m Michael.”

“I’m so sorry about that ma’am.”

Her mom’s way of paying for the drink had been by leaving a five-dollar bill in their tip jar.  As she left the store sipping her ill-gotten Starbucks, she muttered, “Rats, I should have asked for whipped cream.”

Maddie remembered looking at her mom sipping coffee from a cup labeled “Michael” and reasoned quite sensibly to herself, In case she ever commits a crime, I can use this as her insanity defense.

Maddie shouldn’t have been surprised.  Waiting in line was not her mom’s forte.  She was always finding some sneaky way to cut the line.  When they were at the bank, she’d pretend to have a panic attack.  At the local art museum, she’d shoot straight to the front of the line with, “I’m so sorry, our tour bus is leaving any minute.”

Whenever they were at a public bathroom, she would use Cassidy as her go-to excuse. “Excuse me, my little one can’t hold it.  She’s about to make a mess on the floor.”  Cassidy had been potty trained for, oh, only about the last five years!  But she’d go along with it because it was just easier to do what her mom said.

Remembering all those humiliating experiences with her mom made Maddie feel like crying, but she forced herself to take some deep breaths.  She walked over to the Teavana store and poured herself a sample of White Chai tea.  Drinking it made her feel calmer, more relaxed.  She poured herself a few more samples and decided she was going to emerge from the store separate from Lozerilla Maddie who had been humiliated minutes earlier.  She was going to be mature, sophisticated Maddie who wouldn’t get embarrassed by silly things like oversharing mothers and little sisters who watched too much reality TV.

Maddie was SO over this trip to the mall!  She would just use her coupon so they could leave already.   Maddie walked into Victoria’s Secret to use the coupon for free panties her mom had given her.  She wanted to just get home and forget this afternoon had ever happened.

Maddie glanced down at the coupon.  Free cotton hiphugger, no purchase necessary.

Maddie usually loved shopping at Victoria’s Secret. She loved all the brightly colored underwear with cute sayings and even her mom thought the bras were good quality.  Not to mention Victoria’s Secret Pink hoodies and sweatpants were practically an official uniform at her high school.  Ordinarily she’d take her time looking through everything, but today she wanted to just get in and get out.

Maddie found the cotton hiphuggers and started checking out the different colors.  She cringed when she saw the lime green panties similar to the ones Cassidy had been parading around in.  She purposely avoided looking at those.

The uneasy feeling returned to Maddie when she noticed a woman dressed all in black staring at her from across the store.  She could tell the woman was openly watching at her, even though she was pretending not to.  Maddie was a bit uncomfortable, but she ignored her and continued looking at underwear.  She had narrowed it down to either the blue or the purple pair when she heard a cough behind her.


Maddie turned around and saw the woman in black standing before her, smiling.  The woman looked middle-aged, about in her mid-forties, with a polished blonde bob haircut and impeccably applied makeup.  She was wearing a black blazer and pants.  She was dressed a little bit like the other women who worked there, but Maddie noticed she didn’t wear a nametag or a measuring tape around her neck.

“Sorry to startle you like that!  My name is Ann!”  The woman said sweetly and offered Maddie her hand to shake.

Maddie accepted her hand suspiciously and shook it without saying anything.  It’s not often random strangers walk up to you in the middle of the mall and introduce themselves to you.  Maddie guessed she was trying to sell her something.

“Uh… hi?” she finally said awkwardly.

“I’m Ann Sterling and I’m with corporate Victoria’s Secret.  I just noticed you while I was standing here.”

“Oh.  Um, hi.”

The woman continued.  “Are you here with somebody older, maybe your mom?”

Maddie immediately shook her head.  “NO!” she blurted out.

The woman looked taken aback at Maddie’s outburst.

“Uh, I mean, no, my mom isn’t here.”

“Well, I noticed you because I think you have a really great look.  Do you have an agency?”

“An agency?”  Maddie felt stupid repeating what the woman said but she was having a hard time following.

“Yes,” Ann replied patiently.  “Are you signed with a modeling agency?”

“Um…. Noooooo.”  Maddie dragged out the syllable.  What in the name of sweet baby Jesus was this woman talking about?

Ann’s eyes widened.  She looked shocked.  “No?  And how old are you?” she asked in an excited voice.

“I’m sixteen,” Maddie replied.  And you’re a freak, she finished in her head.  Where on earth were all these questions going?

Ann smiled at her earnestly.  “That’s perfect!  Well, like I said, I’m with corporate Victoria’s Secret and I think you have a really great look!  Just what we’ve been looking for.  I spotted you from all the way across the store!  We’re actually casting for our new campaign right now.  I can’t believe you’re not signed with an agency yet!  Anyway, I would love to show your picture to some of the other Victoria’s Secret executives at our corporate office.  I’m sure they’d be interested in seeing you.”

Maddie was speechless.  She opened her mouth but, like so often in her life, she couldn’t think of anything to say.

Ann handed her a business card.  “Here, this has all my information on it.  I’d love to set up an appointment with you for a test shoot.  It would be better if one of your parents was here, since you’re a minor.  Talk to your mom about it.  Have her call me.”

Maddie looked down at the business card.  It stated, Ann Sterling, Vice President of Operations, Victoria’s Secret.  Below that was a phone number and an email address.

“Could I take your picture right now on my iPhone to show the other executives?

All of a sudden, Maddie felt wary and suspicious of the woman standing in front of her.  This was probably a joke.  That’s what it was, somebody’s idea of a sick, cruel joke meant to humiliate her.  Were Sundance and her friends behind this?  Maddie wasn’t an idiot.  She had seen the movie Carrie.  They made the girl think she won Prom Queen and then dumped a bucket of pig’s blood on her.

Maddie felt her eyes well up with tears.  She shook her head hard, trying to make the tears go away.  “No.  No pictures!”

They were probably going to take the picture and put it on Facebook and use it as some way to make fun of her.

The woman’s eyes looked genuinely confused.

What a good actress. I’m not falling for it.

“Are you sure?”  Ann asked.

Maddie dropped the panties she was holding and wordlessly walked out of the store. This was her second time that day making an unexpectedly early departure from a store.

Ann looked after her anxiously, but didn’t try to follow her.  “Have your mom call me!” Maddie could vaguely hear her call out after her.

Maddie crumpled the business card in her hand.  She wanted to throw it away but there wasn’t a trash can around.  Her heart twisted and clenched in her chest.  She’d had enough of this day.  She just wanted to go home.



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