Confessions of a High School Supermodel

Meet Maddie Fox, a self-proclaimed Lozerilla. She’s 16, loves One Direction, shops at Forever 21, and frequently spends high school lunchtime hiding inside a bathroom stall. Maddie dreams of fitting in with the popular girls, but her shyness (and the fact that she has the most embarrassing family in the world) makes that impossible.

But when a chance encounter with a modeling scout thrusts Maddie into stardom as the next Victoria’s Secret supermodel, the girl that no boy ever looked at twice is suddenly a sex symbol, her picture on every teenage guy’s bedroom wall.

Maddie has to navigate her newfound fame amidst the jealous girls at school who want to see her crash and burn. But is getting everything you ever wanted all it’s cracked up to be?


27. Chapter 27




The next morning, Maddie trudged into the studio at 6:30am, her mom and Cassidy wandering sleepily behind.

Maddie was sent straight to hair and makeup, where she nearly dozed off in her chair as a team of professionals worked tirelessly for the next several hours.  Several different foundation colors were blended with the precision of a master artist and painstakingly applied to Maddie’s face to give the illusion of flawless skin.  Her nails were buffed and filed and manicured to utter perfection.  Fake lashes were carefully glued onto the tips of her lashes one at a time with tweezers.  Gradually, her appearance transformed into the glamorous supermodel whose beaming face graced all of Victoria’s Secret’s store windows, shopping bags, billboards, and magazine advertisements.

The entire process made her look undeniably amazing, but man did it take forever!  The entire commercial is going to be, what, thirty seconds long?  And a full day of work goes into it! 

Production was suffering one delay after another and they were now a couple hours behind schedule.  It was making everyone pretty grumpy and tense. 

First, one of the hair stylists accidentally burned her ear with the curling iron.  "Ow!" Maddie shrieked, yanking her sizzling flesh away from the hot metal rod.  The hairstylist then scolded her for fidgeting around too much while she was working ("Thees eez vhy I burn you!  You moving too much!” the woman complained in a thick Russian accent!) 

Well I've been sitting in this chair for over three hours, she thought, annoyed.  I bet I could have flown to Mexico by now! 

Maddie should have been wildly excited for her first commercial, but her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Evan.  She kept her cell phone clasped between her palms the whole time she was on the makeup chair, unable to resist checking it every other minute.

Evan still hadn't texted her, called her, emailed her, nothing!  Maddie was pretty sure that website had just blown whatever chances she had with him.  He totally believed what it said about me, she thought sullenly. Does he really think I was just using him to try to get more famous?  I didn't ASK him to take me to that party! 


Boys were funny.  Why was it that once you started liking one, they immediately stopped liking you back?  And once they stopped liking you, they were virtually all you could think about.  Boys are such a mystery.  I hope one day we’ll be able to understand what they’re thinking and why they do the things they do. 


She was extremely tempted to just pick up the phone and call him but she forced herself to resist.  Stop it Maddie!  You don’t want to look desperate!  He’s going to think you’re stalking him or something!


Finally, Maddie’s transformation was complete, and she limped down to the set, both legs having fallen asleep in the makeup chair. 


Maddie had never been on a commercial shoot before.  It was quite similar to a photoshoot- the equipment, hot lights, all the people walking around.  But instead of just a photographer with one camera, there was a director and several cameras.  Maddie felt much more comfortable in front of the camera than when she had first started modeling a few months ago. This particular commercial involved more posing than actual acting, but she did have to follow some directions, like laughing on command.


The commercial would have different shots of Maddie dressed in loungewear and hanging out in a teenage girl’s bedroom.  In one shot, she lay on her stomach on a bed with her feet in the air, talking on an old fashioned telephone with a long, curly cord.  In another shot, Maddie had to sit at a dressing table and draw a heart on a mirror using pink lipstick.


There was a real dog on set as well.  At one point, Maddie had to clip a leash on the dog’s collar and run through a hallway in a tank top and her Victoria's Secret sweatpants.


Yup, this is exactly how I look just hanging out alone in my bedroom, Maddie thought to herself with a tiny smirk.  I just layer on four pounds of makeup, put on a push up bra and my highest heels and stare at myself in the mirror.


“Maddie, we need you for the laughing shots!” the director called.  Maddie smiled widely and chuckled as if someone had just told an entertaining story.   A wind machine was positioned right in front of her face so that her hair would blow around her sexily. A camera slid across a rack on the floor and captured her from all angles.


“CUT!” the director yelled.  “Great job.  Okay, let’s switch up the lighting for this next shot!  We also need to adjust the lenses and…” Blah blah blah.


Maddie got up and stretched her legs, grateful she could finally stop smiling. There was a lot of standing and waiting around between takes while the equipment got changed.    Her eyes instinctively settled upon her cell phone, which was lying a few feet away off set.  She hadn’t noticed it lighting up or buzzing during her takes, but maybe she missed something.


Maddie grabbed the phone and immediately swiped her thumb across the screen.  One new text message! her mind screamed.  Her heartbeat doubled in anticipation of what she was about to read.  In a split second, her mind raced through all the possibilities Evan could have said.


Maddie eagerly clicked on the text.


“Your sister got bored so I took her out for a walk.  We’ll be back soon.” 


It’s just from mom.  No need to get so excited.  Maddie sighed heavily as her heartbeat slowed to normal.

Of course it wasn’t from him.  You know, maybe he never got my text after all.  Maybe our phones malfunctioned or something- I’ve heard that can happen.  Or maybe he's like, really, really busy with something?  Maybe he lost his phone?  People lose their phones all the time.  Hey, maybe it got stolen!  That’s probably it.  Oh my god!  Maybe he got into a car accident!  Maybe he’s lying in a hospital bed in a coma or something! 


Maddie paused.  She knew what Bree would say if she could hear Maddie’s thoughts right now.  Her friend would say she was being ridiculous and insecure.  Maddie was suddenly annoyed with herself.  Who cares if he never wants to talk to me again?  I sure don’t!  I don’t care if I never hear from Evan ever again! Maddie thought defiantly, letting anger replace her anxiety.


She pressed the “power” button on her phone, patiently waiting until the screen turned black.  There!  Even if he tries to text me, I won’t see it!  I have better things to do than wait around for that jerk to text me back!

Maddie stared at the phone in her hands once more.  Maybe I should put it away somewhere where I can’t see it?  Maddie slipped out of the room and walked down the hallway to return to the hair and makeup room where she had left her purse.  Out of sight, out of mind!

Maddie reached the door, which was open a small crack.  She could hear two of the makeup artist’s assistants chatting inside.  Maddie was about to push open the door and walk in, but she stopped abruptly when she heard her name. 

"Do you think it's true?" one woman asked.


"The boob job, definitely!” the other woman answered confidently.  “The stealing, you never know!  We could have another Winona Ryder on our hands!"


Maddie stiffened.  They’re talking about The Truth About Maddie Fox!


"Yeah, I knew it was suspicious how she and Evan Reed were all of a sudden turning up on red carpet events together.”


“It’s a total publicity stunt, like when Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes,” the other stylist agreed.


“You know he’s already gone out with half the girls in Hollywood?  Remember all that Taylor Swift drama?”


“I actually heard he has a new girlfriend!”


Maddie’s blood ran cold.  New girlfriend?  It’s just gossip, she reminded herself firmly.  It’s not true!


“Ooh really?  Who?” the woman asked her friend.


Yeah, who? Maddie wanted to know.


“That blonde girl Maddie brought to the Pinkette party!”


Out of all the answers Maddie had been expecting to hear, that one never would have even crossed her mind.  What?  That has to be a mistake!  Probably just some rumor Sundance started to make herself sound good!


“Ohhh!  You mean Sunflower or Sunbeam or whatever-her-name-was?”


“Sundance!  She and Evan were photographed having lunch together at the Ivy!”


“No way!” the woman gasped.  “Isn’t she Maddie's best friend?”


“I think so, yeah!  TMZ has pictures of them sitting together talking.”


Maddie could feel the blood rush to her face and she knew anyone who saw her right now would see how shocked she looked.  He really moved on that quickly?  And with Sundance of all people?  she thought incredulously.  Did it really have to be her?  Maddie felt a stabbing pain in her chest as she pictured Evan and Sundance sitting at a restaurant together, laughing and feeding each other little bites of food.


Maddie took a few steps away from the makeup room so that the women inside wouldn’t know she had overheard.  That’s it!  I need to talk to Evan, Maddie thought, determined.  I don’t care if it makes me look weird or clingy.  I’m sick of this waiting game.  I don’t care- he needs to give me a straight answer about why he’s ignoring me!  He owes me some kind of decent explanation!


Maddie firmly pressed her cell phone’s on button and a minute later, the device powered back on.  As soon as it was lit, her phone immediately began shaking and vibrating with the buzz of recent notifications. 


Oh my god, did he text me already?


Maddie examined the screen and gasped.  “You have 742 new text messages!” her notification read.


Maddie inhaled sharply.  Is my phone broken? she wondered hesitantly.  Did I do something to it when I turned it off?  Her phone was still buzzing constantly as more new text messages poured in.  She struggled to check her missed calls, deleting notifications as they popped up.  “You have 300 new messages,” the mechanical voice stated.  “Your inbox is full and cannot accept any new voicemails.”


Maddie stared at her phone in total bewilderment.  What in the world happened to my phone?


Suddenly, Ann appeared next to her, looking as breathless and bewildered as Maddie felt.  “Maddie, that… that website!  It posted your cell phone number!  Just a few minutes ago!” Ann sputtered.  She narrowed her eyes.  “There’s a whole bunch of other ‘secrets’ about you as well.  Our PR team is getting flooded with calls from the media, asking for comments.”


Maddie held up her phone, which wouldn’t stop buzzing for even one second.  “I guess that explains why I’m suddenly so popular,” she said drily.


She couldn’t make any calls; she wouldn’t even know if Evan texted her.  The thing was completely jammed and useless.  Maddie felt panicked.  She had no idea what on earth she should do.  Her eyes swept around the large set looking for her mom, but Mrs. Fox was nowhere to be found.  Maddie remembered she had taken Cassidy for a walk.   


Ann took the phone out of Maddie’s hands and powered it off so it sat dead and silent.  “First of all, we need to get you a new cell phone,” Ann began with a businesslike expression.  “I’ll send an intern out to pick one up.”


Maddie nodded her thanks.  She’s SO mad!  I can tell!


Ann cleared her throat and spoke down to Maddie, her eyes cold and distant.  “Look Maddie, I just spoke with my boss.  We want to find out who’s doing this just as much as everyone else, but we can’t wait any longer to address the situation.  All the personal drama surrounding you is taking too much attention away from our brand.  Instead of focusing on the clothes, everyone is focused on all the rumors about you.  We need to have a press conference immediately.”


Maddie gulped.  Why is Sundance always getting me in trouble?


Ann hesitated as if she didn’t want to say what came next.  “We’re going to be suspending you as our model until further notice while this situation gets resolved.  It’s just becoming too much of a liability to be associated with you.” 


Maddie was shocked.  “Suspended?”


“Yes, just a short hiatus,” Ann explained, her face ashen and apologetic.  “We just need to resolve all this at the press conference.  If it continues to be such a distraction, I’m sorry, but we’ll have no choice but to start using one of our backup models.”








Boyfriend Material: Things I Want in a Guy


-Has a decent last name so that if we ever get married, I won’t have to call myself Mrs. Puppykiller or anything like that.

-Really, really ridiculously good-looking. 

-Six pack!!!  (No, that’s too shallow.)

-Four pack.

-Can put up with my crazy family.

-Likes to cuddle!

-Opens doors for me and pulls out my chair.

-Makes me laugh so hard I spit chocolate milk out of my nose.

-Picks me up in the middle of the night and takes me to award parties.

-Doesn’t smoke cigarettes, do drugs, or get drunk.

-If somehow our world ever became like The Hunger Games and I got chosen as Tribute, someone who would offer himself up in my place.  :P

-Protective, but not jealous.

-Plays the guitar and writes songs for me!  (Ok, not a requirement but wishful thinking.)

-Stares at my eyes and not at my chest.

-Any member of royalty will do…  (Prince Harry isn’t too old for me, is he?)

-Not a player.  The only games he likes to play should come on an Xbox.

-Speaking of exes, someone who doesn’t have any crazy ex-girlfriends who will hunt me down and kill me in my sleep!

-A great kisser….

-As crazy about me as I am about him!



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