Confessions of a High School Supermodel

Meet Maddie Fox, a self-proclaimed Lozerilla. She’s 16, loves One Direction, shops at Forever 21, and frequently spends high school lunchtime hiding inside a bathroom stall. Maddie dreams of fitting in with the popular girls, but her shyness (and the fact that she has the most embarrassing family in the world) makes that impossible.

But when a chance encounter with a modeling scout thrusts Maddie into stardom as the next Victoria’s Secret supermodel, the girl that no boy ever looked at twice is suddenly a sex symbol, her picture on every teenage guy’s bedroom wall.

Maddie has to navigate her newfound fame amidst the jealous girls at school who want to see her crash and burn. But is getting everything you ever wanted all it’s cracked up to be?


26. Chapter 26





Maddie reluctantly stared down at her phone and hesitated for a moment.  Whatever Ann had to say to her didn’t sound like it would be good news.  What could it be?  Is Victoria’s Secret going bankrupt?  Is Ann leaving the company?  I’m supposed to film a commercial for Pinkette tomorrow- is that going to get canceled? 

Maddie really didn’t want to find out whatever bad news it was, but she knew she had to get it over with.  She pushed her fears way down to the bottom of her stomach and forced herself to make the call. 

Ann answered on the first ring.  She skipped the small talk and cut straight to the point.  “Maddie, have you googled yourself?” she sputtered, not even bothering to say hello.

“Ummm no, not lately,” Maddie replied slowly.

“Well I suggest you do it pretty soon,” Ann spat irritably.

“What is it this time?” Maddie asked cautiously.  She hadn’t dared to look herself up online since the pictures of her kiss with Sundance had made its way around the blogs.

Ann paused.  “There’s a website up.  About you,” she stated bluntly.  “A website with a lot of, shall we say, interesting information about you!  It’s the first thing that comes up when you google your name.  It’s called ‘The Truth About Maddie Fox.’” 

Maddie felt her heart speed up but she was more curious than alarmed.  “Uhhh, what exactly does the website say?”

“Hold on a second.  Here, let me read you what it says on the home page.”  Ann cleared her throat and recited in a flat monotone voice, “’The Truth About Maddie Fox’ will uncover the real story behind this teenage supermodel’s rise to fame.  All of her shocking secrets and dirty details will be exposed to the world!  Get ready for exclusive stories and never-before-seen photos from the people who know her best!  She may be the darling of Victoria’s Secret, but Madison Rose Fox ain’t no angel!  You’d better hold onto your seats because gossip, sex, and scandal is on its way!

Maddie tried to calm her sense of internal panic.  “That’s crazy!  I have nothing to hide!  Nothing in my life has been scandalous!”  Sundance and her friends have really outdone themselves!  What will they think of next?  Maddie tried to take deep breaths.  I can't let Ann know how freaked out I am!  “It sounds like a joke,” she said disdainfully.  “It’s really not a big deal.”

Ann paused.  She wasn’t laughing.  “Maddie, you’ll have to see the website for yourself to know exactly what I’m talking about.  Whatever you might think, people are going to believe what’s written on here.  Some people are even saying you made the website yourself.  For publicity.  It was obviously created by someone close to you.  It has all sort of pictures of you—"

“Pictures?” Maddie interjected, her heart sinking.  “What kind of pictures?”

“Were you drinking at a party recently?” Ann asked sternly.

“No!” Maddie protested.  “Of course not.  The only party I’ve even been to lately was….” Her mind trailed to Pool Party Friday.  She vaguely remembered Amberly asking her to hold her can of beer at some point.  Somebody must have snapped a picture of her. 

“Ann, I know exactly who started the website,” Maddie spoke tensely.  It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?  Who else hates my guts?

“Oh, yeah?” Ann sounded wary.  “Who?”

“Sundance!”  Maddie burst.

“Sundance?” Ann repeated skeptically.  “You mean the lovely young lady you brought to the Pinkette launch party a few weeks ago?  The same girl you called your best friend in a dozen different interviews.”

“Yes!” Maddie exclaimed.  “Her.  She’s mad because we got into a fight.  She’s trying to get back at me!”  Maddie purposely avoided telling her about Bree slapping Sundance across the face.  Besides, by the sounds of it, it was probably already up on this website for the world to know.

“Look Maddie, I don’t know what issues you have going on with your little friends at school, but you need to sort them out.  There are a lot of allegations about you on this website.  I know the stories aren’t true because I know you personally, but other people don’t know that!  And the pictures give their stories credibility.” 

Whatever they said about me must have been pretty bad for Ann to react this way!  Stay calm!  “But Ann, whatever they have to say about me, no one’s going to believe it anyway!”

Ann sounded panicked.  “The website is getting serious publicity.  It’s been on all the blogs.  Now major news sources are reporting on it.  You’re the top story on The Huffington Post right now,” she babbled.

“Ann, I don’t know what more I can say to defend myself!”  Maddie said helplessly.  “It’s just some stupid website started by a bunch of mean, jealous girls at school!  Nothing they say is going to be true!” 

“Well, the other executives are furious.  We’ve already warned you about your behavior before.  We’re considering….” Ann hesitated.  “We’re considering finding another model.”

Maddie felt her stomach drop and the blood rush to her ears.  “What?”

“Don’t get upset, we don’t want to rush into anything drastic here.  We’re just going to wait and see how this all unfolds.  All I’m saying is that we’ll be keeping an eye on this new website very, very carefully!” 

Maddie was taken aback at the suggestion she could actually be fired.  Not even Sundance’s kiss was that bad!  I had no idea it was this serious!  I'm going to kill those girls!  “I’m sorry Ann.  I’ve always been so much trouble for you.”

 Ann sighed.  “Never mind, Maddie.  Remember, you’re scheduled to come in tomorrow to film your commercial.  We expect you to be on time and on your best behavior.”

As soon as they got off the phone, Maddie flipped open her computer.  She had to see this website for herself.  She settled down and began to read, her heart clenching a little more with each click.  

 “Think Maddie’s looks are all-natural?  Think again!  She got several plastic surgery procedures the summer before she started high school.  Her nose got a little smaller and her boobs got a whole lot bigger!  Her parents paid almost ten thousand dollars for her to get it done!”

The text was accompanied by several “before and after” pictures.  Maddie recognized the “before” pictures from her middle school yearbook.  Of course I looked different back then!  That was when I was going through puberty, Maddie thought, irritated.  Obviously my boobs were a lot smaller then!  I hope no one actually believes this crap!

Maddie continued reading.  “What is Maddie’s favorite afterschool activity?  Is it tennis?  Marching band?  Nope!  Before she made so much money doing Victoria’s Secret, Maddie loved to shoplift from designer clothing stores at the mall.  One time she stole an $800 dress from Betsey Johnson after she brought it into the dressing room with her and shoved it in her backpack!  Security footage captured the whole thing on tape!  She won’t ever go back in the store because there’s a picture of her next to the cash register!”

This was written alongside several photos of Maddie at a school dance a few years ago.  Maddie was wearing a pink and blue Betsey Johnson dress in the photos.  That dress was on sale!  Like my mom would have ever bought me an $800 dress!  What a lie- I’ve never stolen anything before in my life!  Unless we’re talking about Cassidy’s Halloween candy. 

The accusations seemed to get progressively more ridiculous and untrue.

“Maddie goes to extreme measures to stay skinny.  Personal eyewitnesses have seen her snorting cocaine off a toilet seat in the girls’ bathroom at school.  Maddie has also received treatment for bulimia.  She binges on fattening foods and then makes herself throw up.  Does this look like a model’s diet to you?”

This was accompanied by a picture of her from the Victoria’s Secret launch party holding a plate loaded with pasta. Oh give me a break!  I’m not allowed to eat now?  What a bunch of nonsense!  But what if people really believe it?

“Maddie is bisexual.  Her friend Bree is actually her girlfriend….  Maddie is a homewrecker who slept with a married photographer at her photo shoot!.... Maddie has filmed a secret sex tape with a guy from school.  Maddie and her lawyers are planning on releasing the tape once they have finished negotiating a multimillion dollar porn deal with Vivid Entertainment!”

Oh my god!  My mom had better not see this!!!

Probably the worst thing on the whole website was what it said on the very last page.

“Maddie is a fame whore who will do anything to get herself a little publicity!  She confessed to her friends at school that she thought dating movie star Evan Reed would help her career.  She tells everyone they’re boyfriend and girlfriend but she doesn’t even like him at all.  She’s actually going out with at least three other guys right now.” 

Maddie held her breath as she looked over the pictures of her and Evan at the awards ceremony.  Smiling, laughing, holding hands.  He must have seen this.  Someone must have shown him.  Does he really believe those things about me? she thought sadly.  He just wants nothing to do with me anymore?

“New information about Maddie will get released daily!  Check back here for all your Maddie Fox inside gossip!”

What is this, Gossip Girl?  Pretty Little Liars? Maddie thought scornfully.  This is seriously messed up, even for Sundance.

Maddie whipped out her cell phone and scrolled to Evan’s name.  I feel like every time things start going good for me, I have to get dragged back down!  I need to clear things up with him!  But what do I say?  Finally, she typed out and sent “Evan!  I just found out about the website.  None of it is true- you know that, right?”

Maddie stared at her phone, willing him to respond.  (Since when do boys ever respond to text messages instantaneously?)

She glanced at Honeydew purring sleepily on her bed, apparently calm and unbothered by this recent turn of events.  “Well at least you still believe I’m not a bulimic, nymphomaniac, drug addict,” she muttered.

She sighed and looked at the clock.  She really needed to get to bed soon so she wouldn’t be tired for the commercial shoot tomorrow.  Maddie went and brushed her teeth, keeping an eye on her phone the entire time.  She changed into her pajamas.  She climbed into bed. 

She couldn’t resist checking her phone again.  Still no answer.  Maddie felt a strange feeling settling into the pit of her stomach.  So I lost Evan before I ever even had him?



The Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments of My Life


1.  When I was in second grade, I called my teacher “dad” in front of everyone.  My female teacher.  I still have no idea why I didn’t at least say “mom!”


2.  When I was a little girl, my parents took me to Disneyland.  While we were at a restaurant, I went to go use the bathroom.  The boys’ bathroom was labelled “Prince” and the girls’ bathroom was labelled “Princess.”  According to my parents, I insisted on using the boys’ bathroom because “I wanted to see the Prince!”


3.  One time I farted in Spanish class during a test.  It was silent but it smelled really bad and I knew everyone suspected me!


4.  One time I came back after summer vacation and I thought my teacher Mrs. Sweeney was pregnant.  I congratulated her and asked her when she was due.  I felt so smug because I was the only one in class who had noticed and bothered to congratulate her.  Turned out, she wasn’t pregnant-- she had just gained some weight.  She was so mad after that and never, ever liked me again, even years later!


5.  I remember once in middle school, my friend Hayley told a joke that was so funny, I burst out laughing, and spit my chocolate milk all over her!  She tried to be nice about it but I could tell she was so disgusted!


6.  Freshman year, I was late to my physical science class and my punishment was to mop the entire lab after school. The teacher instructed me on what to do and then left me alone. I was doing it for about twenty minutes when I got bored and started pretending I was Cinderella. I started singing and dancing while I was mopping the floor, lost in my own little world.  Anyway, my teacher walked in on me and got angry.  He told me I wasn't taking my punishment seriously and made me mop the floor all over again!


7.  One time my mom argued with me for an hour over the meaning of “LOL.”  She insisted it meant “Lots of Love!”


8.  I got my period and asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom.  She usually didn’t let anyone use the bathroom during class, but she made an exception for me.  After I left, a boy asked if he could go to the bathroom too and she said no.  He demanded to know why she let me go and not him.  She didn’t say anything, just gave him a big smile.  When I got back, everyone knew! 


9.  I was sitting in the back of the bus one day and my pad fell out of my pocket.  I didn’t realize until this cute older guy told me "I think you dropped this." I picked it up and everyone started laughing. I never sat there again.


10.  One day I tried to make friends with a girl who always looked and smiled at me in class.  I tried chatting with her and was a little surprised when she brushed me off… until I found out she was actually always looking at the clock behind me and smiling when class was almost over.


Any embarrassing moments you guys would be willing to share? :)

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