Confessions of a High School Supermodel

Meet Maddie Fox, a self-proclaimed Lozerilla. She’s 16, loves One Direction, shops at Forever 21, and frequently spends high school lunchtime hiding inside a bathroom stall. Maddie dreams of fitting in with the popular girls, but her shyness (and the fact that she has the most embarrassing family in the world) makes that impossible.

But when a chance encounter with a modeling scout thrusts Maddie into stardom as the next Victoria’s Secret supermodel, the girl that no boy ever looked at twice is suddenly a sex symbol, her picture on every teenage guy’s bedroom wall.

Maddie has to navigate her newfound fame amidst the jealous girls at school who want to see her crash and burn. But is getting everything you ever wanted all it’s cracked up to be?


24. Chapter 24




The next morning, Maddie was awakened far too early by the rude blare of her alarm clock.  She rolled over in bed, the giddy smile from last night still permanently etched onto her face.  Who could have expected her evening would take such an unexpected turn of events?  After everything that had happened with Sawyer when she was babysitting, it was a total surprise when her night turned out as good as it did. 

Not just good.  Make that amazing.  She still hadn’t quite gotten over the fact that Evan had left his own awards ceremony just to come to her rescue.  She recalled how they had arrived at the theater just as the award for Best New Actor was being announced.

“And the winner is… Evan Reed!” the presenter yelled.

A sudden surge of cameras sought to capture the reactions of Evan and his surprised date.  Maddie was suddenly extremely glad for the floor-length Versace gown the stylist had insisted on squeezing her into as hundreds of flashbulbs dazzled in front of her face.  Evan’s acceptance speech on stage had been the best part!  “As an actor, much of my inspiration comes from everyday life,” he explained, not taking his eyes off Maddie, while she blushed in her seat, embarrassed but secretly delighted.

It had been a little awkward right after the ceremony.  People weren’t quite sure what to make of Evan randomly turning up with a date.  The press had eaten it up with a spoon of course.  A Victoria’s Secret supermodel dating a movie star?  It was just too perfect!  The attention was all well and good for their careers and all, but Maddie wasn’t sure how Evan actually felt about her. 

“How long have you guys been dating?” one interviewer asked as they were leaving the theater.

“You two make a great couple!” another person told them.

“Kiss, kiss, kiss!” a photographer chanted, hoping to get the million dollar shot.  Maddie felt mortified and Evan too was cringing. 

He must be so embarrassed that everyone thinks I’m his girlfriend now! she thought desperately.  I wish I was a mind reader so I could see inside his head and know exactly what he’s thinking!  Did he pick me up and bring me here just to be nice or does he actually like me?  Boys can be so confusing!

By the time Maddie had gotten home, it was well into the early hours of the morning.  She immediately collapsed into bed but had to wake up for school only a few short hours later.  Maddie hadn’t meant to stay out all evening on a school night but she wouldn’t trade last night for the world! 

Madie dragged herself out of bed and blinked the sleep from her eyes.  Today was Friday and she had a vocabulary quiz she had no idea how she was going to pass on just two hours of sleep.  And after school was Sundance’s pool party that she’d invited Maddie and Bree to a few days earlier.  Maddie hastily threw a Victoria’s Secret bathing suit into her school bag and slumped to the kitchen, still in her pajamas.

Maddie was exhausted, but a Red Bull energy drink from the 7-Eleven next to school perked her up enough to get through the day.  Bree had been shocked to hear what had happened- outraged when she heard how Sawyer had tried to hook up with her, and then excited when she heard about Maddie’s surprise turn as Evan’s date.

Maddie didn’t see Sundance until after school when she and Bree turned up at Pool Party Friday. 

A few hours later, Maddie sat on the edge of Sundance’s pool, her legs dangling in the water, her face tilted up to catch the warmth of the sun.  Looking around, it was easy to see why the popular kids loved hanging out at Sundance’s place so much.  She lived in a modern, stylish mansion in a gated community.  Her backyard was spacious and lush, with brightly colored tropical flowers sprinkled across the perfectly manicured green grass.  She had a hot tub and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.  Maddie overheard Sundance say her parents had designed the pool to look like the one at the Playboy Mansion, with an underground grotto and a waterfall cascading between some large rocks.

Not that Maddie was actually enjoying the pool.  She’d been so sleepy that morning, she hadn’t paid any attention to which bathing suit she’d thrown into her bag, and to her dismay, she’d ended up with a skimpy hot pink string bikini that was a size too small for her.  Victoria’s Secret model or not, it was just too risqué to wear in front of everyone, especially with boys around!  (To Maddie’s utter relief, Sawyer was nowhere to be found.)  So Maddie had kept on her big t-shirt over the bikini and didn’t swim.

Just as Maddie expected, there was loads and loads of alcohol at this party.  There was a table set up with more liquor than she had ever seen before in her life, except perhaps at a grocery store.  Maddie had to field at least half a dozen offers from people eager to get her mixed drinks (Rum and coke?  Vodka cranberry?  Margarita?)  Some of them had crazy names too, and Maddie had no idea what was even in them.  (Fuzzy Navel?  Slippery Nipple?  Sex on the beach?) 

Maddie and Bree simply asked for cups of Coca Cola.  Even that had taken some effort to get right.

“Here Maddie, I brought you some Coke!” Sundance offered sweetly.

“Thanks!” Maddie said, taking a small sip of the cold brown liquid.  Something about it tasted off to her.  A second later, she got a hit of the familiar bitter taste of liquor. “Hey!” she cried, making a face.  “There’s alcohol in this!”  She set it down, annoyed.

“Oh, sorry,” Sundance shrugged, her eyes not looking sorry at all.  “I didn’t know it had alcohol in it.”

Maddie turned away.  Are they trying to get me drunk? she wondered.  After how much trouble she’d gotten into at the launch party, Ann would be furious with her if she got drunk at this party.  She would already be furious at Maddie for even attending a party with so much underage drinking in the first place. 

Maddie wished Bree were around but she was occupied in the corner with one of the boys in their class. They’d discovered they were both massive fans of the TV show Game of Thrones and had pretty much separated themselves from the rest of the party, locked in a feverish debate.  Maddie occasionally caught some random words like “Khaleesi” and “Hodor” being tossed around. 

This unfortunately left Maddie stuck with the popular girls.  There were four of them who had suddenly decided to take an interest in her- Sundance, Livia, Amberly, and Tavannah.

 “So Maddie, why don’t you tell us all about being a model!” Livia pressed, her voice so syrupy sweet it sounded almost sarcastic.

“Um yeah, it’s not as glamorous as people think.”  Maddie answered, trying to stifle a yawn.  Man, I need to try to get to sleep early tonight!

“Excuse me, are you bored right now?” Livia asked, placing her hand over her heart and feigning hurt.

“She only parties with celebrities now!  PPF is too low key for her,” Amberly quipped.  Maddie could tell she was joking but she also sounded kind of…not.  

Maddie flushed and tried to change the topic.  “So, uh, how does everyone think they did on the vocab quiz?” she asked weakly. 

No one even bothered to answer the question; they simply stared at her as if she had suddenly grown three heads.

As much as Maddie had evolved the past few weeks from the Lozerilla who had hid in the bathroom, she couldn’t help but feel her confidence sink when she was around these girls.  Somehow, just being in their presence automatically made Maddie feel shorter, fatter, uglier, dumber, and weaker than she had felt all day.  She didn’t know if the feeling would ever go away no matter how successful she ever got in life.  Maddie suspected she could win an Academy Award and she would still feel like a complete loser around them. 

 “So, who’s the name of your agent?” Tavannah asked, all serious and businesslike.

“Ummm, well I was discovered by a Victoria’s Secret executive.” 

“What’s her name?” Amberly inquired eagerly.

“Ummm, Ann.  Ann Sterling.”  Maddie felt a bit like an animal in a petting zoo, with all the girls crowded around giving her attention.  I wish Bree would come back!  Where did she go?

“You know Maddie,” Tavannah chirped, squeezing in next to her.  “My cousin is seriously the most gorgeous girl on the planet.  She’s been trying to get into modeling for, like, ten years.  Maybe you could give me Ann’s number and I could pass it along to her?” she suggested, her voice all honey and saccharine.  

Maddie shrugged.  “Uhhh, okay.”

“Oh, thank you!” she exclaimed delightedly.  “She’ll be so happy!  You know, she’s always wanted to do Victoria’s Secret too!”

“I’m going to take a dip in the pool!”  Amberly interrupted.  She removed her hair clip and shook out her long, glossy hair before glancing down at Maddie.  “Hold my drink for me, ‘kay?”  She didn’t even bother to hear Maddie’s answer before quickly pushing her can of Bud Light beer into Maddie’s hands. 

“Uh… sure,” Maddie mumbled, looking down at the can. 

“Are you and Evan Reed dating?” Livia suddenly demanded. 

Maddie blushed.  Way to get straight to the point!  “Um, no, we’re not.”

“Do you like him?” she implored. 

This isn’t a conversation, it’s an interrogation! Maddie thought idly as her face colored an ever darker shade of crimson.  She didn’t answer the question but her expression easily gave her feelings away.

“I see,” Livia nodded knowingly and turned away with a smirk.

“Maddie,” Sundance interjected, “Would you take off that stupid t-shirt already?  I mean, it’s a pool party!”

“We all know what a great body you’re hiding under there!” Livia chimed in.

Maddie fidgeted uncomfortably.

“Oh, leave her alone!” someone piped up from behind.  Maddie was grateful to hear Bree’s familiar voice through the crowd, now salted with irritation.  Finally!  Where have you been?  Maddie wondered.

Bree glared around at the other girls.  “I was just wondering where your bathroom was," she asked in a bored voice.  “I was going to pee in your pool, but I decided not to.”

Sundance narrowed her eyes.  “In the house.  First door on the left!” she snapped. 

“I have to pee too!” Maddie spoke up.  Anything to get me out of here! she thought, grateful that Bree had shown up at last.

The two girls traipsed their way into the house and found the bathroom.  Neither of the girls really had to pee- it was just an excuse to get away from the party for a few minutes.  Maddie began braiding her hair in front of the large mirror while Bree reapplied her lipgloss.

“Ugh, why did you leave me with them so long?” Maddie complained as soon as she and Bree were locked inside. 

“I’m sorry!” Bree protested.  “It’s just you know how obsessed I am with Game of Thrones and hardly anyone I know watches it!  I never have anyone to discuss it with!  Besides, you looked like you were fine.  They didn’t light you on fire or anything.”

“Not yet,” Maddie clarified.  “Can we go soon?” she whined.

“Hey, need I remind you that it was you who wanted to come to this party in the first place?” Bree asked, hand on her hip.

Maddie sighed.  “I know, I know.  It’s just way less fun than I thought it would be.”

“We can go soon,” Bree said.  “I just need to text my mom to come pick----“

“Shhhhh!” Maddie suddenly stopped fussing with her hair as she whirled to face Bree with her finger over her lips, her eyes open wide.

Her ears had pricked up as she overheard the sound of her name.

Bree looked confused for a second, and then her eyes widened as well.  The two girls froze, standing very still and quietly straining their ears to hear the bits of conversation floating through the crack of the open window.

Very faintly, they could hear the sound of some voices from across the backyard.   Sometimes she could make out who was saying what, sometimes she couldn’t.

“She tries way too hard!” Livia said bitchily.  “It’s so sad and pathetic!”

“And did you notice how she kept mentioning modeling?” Amberly asked.  “She thinks she’s such hot shit!  Like, it was all she wanted to talk about!”

 “It’s like, okay, we get it, you’re a model, you can shut up now!” complained Sundance.

“She’s completely in love with herself!”

“She’s so fake and stuck up!  She thinks we’re all jealous of her!”

“I know, right?” Tavannah chimed in.  “Like, a lot of people have modeled, Maddie, you’re not that special!”

Maddie felt her heart speed up.  Is this what they really think of me? she thought, feeling tears spring to her eyes.  Bree’s expression looked equally horrified.

“I’m sure she’s dying to make everyone think Evan Reed is her boyfriend!”

“Evan was only taking pity on her for being such a loser.  He was totally flirting with me at the launch party,” Sundance declared haughtily. 

“And oh my god, did you see those pictures she did?  She’s trying so hard to look edgy and sexy that she just ends up looking totally stupid.”

“I actually feel kind of embarrassed for her!” Livia declared.

“Am I the only one who doesn’t think she’s pretty?” Tavannah demanded.  “She looks like a weird, not-cute version of Victoria Justice.  There’s just something wrong with her face to me.”

“She’s like Victoria Justice with Down syndrome!” one of the girls shrieked before erupting into giggles.

“I mean, ew, did you see how big her feet were?” Sundance continued.  “Gross!”

“It’s really sad.  This girl is so full of herself!  What is she going to do in twenty years when her face gets wrinkles and she starts to gain weight?” Amberly agreed.

“No, but seriously, she has very little potential.  Her looks are so generic!  She’s really not even beautiful, just tall and skinny.”

“She’ll never make it in high fashion,” Tavannah agreed.  “She’ll never do Vogue.”

“She was probably lying about getting discovered.  I think her parents probably bribed someone to make her a model.   You know those little scam agencies where they take all your money,” Livia snickered.

“She’s going to end up on a lot of couches doing a lot of things on her knees to get a job!”

“I seriously see her being a druggie soon!”

“Not to mention, she totally threw herself at Sawyer last night,” Sundance cried.  “How desperate can you get?  He told me he had to practically, like, kick her out of his house!”

“She’s always been obsessed with him,” Livia agreed.

“I need a new drink!” Amberly declared.  “Anyone wanna get me one?”

At that, the girls went off to get more drinks and Maddie couldn’t hear them anymore, their voices gradually fading out of earshot.

Maddie didn’t think she had moved an inch during that whole conversation.    She suddenly felt weak and limp and lifeless.  She might have guessed that the other girls at school didn’t like her.  But she had no idea the extent to which they all hated her.

Bree glanced at her worriedly.  She opened her mouth and closed it again, unsure of what to say.  Finally, she simply stated, “You know they’re just jealous of you, right?  Fame and money attract all the wrong people.”

Suddenly, Maddie deeply regretted ever bringing Sundance to the launch party or trying to do anything nice for any of the girls.  I hate my life!  Everyone hates me!  I wish I could move a thousand miles away and go to another school!

Maddie blinked back tears.  “Bree, let’s just go.  I want to leave right now.”

Bree shook her head furiously.  “Not ‘til we go out there and tell those stupid bitches exactly what we think of them!” she spat.  The sympathy had drained from Bree’s face now and she was starting to look mad.  Like, really, really mad!  She looked like smoke was about to pour out of her ears. 

Maddie didn’t particularly want to be confrontational.  Besides, there are four of them and only two of us.

“Come on!”  Bree grabbed her by the hand and pulled her sharply toward the door.  All of a sudden, Maddie no longer felt sad but panicked and a little excited as her veins filled with adrenaline.  Oh my god, what is she planning?

As they approached the girls by the pool, Maddie could hear them giggling at something.  “Shut up, here they come!” one of them hissed.

“Hey, Maddie!” Sundance cooed.  “Took you forever in there!”

“Can I get you another drink?” Livia asked eagerly.

Maddie and Bree glanced at each other.  It’s time to finally take these bitches down!




Meanest Mean Girls of All Time!


1.  The Wicked Witch of the West. She tried to kill Dorothy, Toto, and their friends, all over a pair of goddamn shoes!  (They were awfully nice shoes though…)


2.  Tonya Harding.  The figure skater who couldn’t handle a little competition.  She hired a hit man to break the leg of her rival Nancy Kerrigan the night before the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.


3.  Blair Waldorf.  Gossip Girl’s queen bee of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Blair manipulates her way through friendships, relationships, and general life.  Classic Blair insult: “Too bad for you Brown doesn’t offer degrees in slut.”


4.  Rebecca Martinson.  Delta Gamma sorority girl whose abusive, hostile, profanity laced email to her fellow sorority “sisters” quickly went viral.  She accuses the girls of being too lame for guys to want to hang out with and threatens to assault them. 


5.  Countess Elizabeth Bathory.  The ultimate, original mean girl.  This infamous serial killer lured hundreds of peasant girls to work in her castle, where they were brutally tortured and murdered.  Rumor has it she believed bathing in the blood of young virgins would keep her looking beautiful forever! 



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