Confessions of a High School Supermodel

Meet Maddie Fox, a self-proclaimed Lozerilla. She’s 16, loves One Direction, shops at Forever 21, and frequently spends high school lunchtime hiding inside a bathroom stall. Maddie dreams of fitting in with the popular girls, but her shyness (and the fact that she has the most embarrassing family in the world) makes that impossible.

But when a chance encounter with a modeling scout thrusts Maddie into stardom as the next Victoria’s Secret supermodel, the girl that no boy ever looked at twice is suddenly a sex symbol, her picture on every teenage guy’s bedroom wall.

Maddie has to navigate her newfound fame amidst the jealous girls at school who want to see her crash and burn. But is getting everything you ever wanted all it’s cracked up to be?


21. Chapter 21






After the excitement of getting being mobbed by fans at the mall, the next day at school seemed rather dreary in comparison.  Her teachers seemed determined to pile her with as much homework as possible, and all the high school juniors were in the process of filling out their college applications, which was stressing everybody out.

Maddie had finally texted Evan after she’d gotten home from the mall last night.  She knew a phone call would have been more polite after everything he had done for her, but Bree’s teasing about him liking her had made her feel a bit shy, and a text felt more impersonal.  So before she could overthink it, she hastily wrote out a ‘thank you’ text and hit send.  She didn’t know why she felt so awkward about him all of a sudden!

At school, the students had just finished listening to a speech from their college counselor about the university admissions process.  The air was thick with anxiety as students struggled to scribble notes down. 

“I never realized how much work it was!” Bree complained as they exited the assembly room with the other kids.  “Essays, AP tests, SAT scores, grades, recommendation letters…” she babbled, ticking them off on her fingers.

“I know, it’s really overwhelming,” Maddie agreed sympathetically.  College applications meant she’d have a mountain of work to do on top of her regular schoolwork and her commitments to Victoria’s Secret.  “And we’re not even seniors yet!  We still have, like, a year and a half of high school left!”

“Where are you applying?”  Bree implored, looking panicked. 

“I have no idea!”  Maddie protested, looking down at the huge folder full of brochures in her hands.

“Really?”  Bree bit her lip disappointedly.  “I was hoping I could just apply to wherever you were going.”

Maddie shrugged.  “I seriously have no clue where to apply.  I’m sure my mom probably wants me to go to Harvard or something.”

“Oh, Harvard!” Bree groaned.  “She’s been watching too much TV!”

“What do you mean?” Maddie asked.

“Have you ever noticed how in pretty much every TV show and book and movie with high school students, someone always goes to Harvard?”  she exclaimed, her voice dripping with disdain.

“I mean, take Gossip Girl,” she continued, working herself up into a proper rant.  “You never see anyone studying!  They’re all just shopping and going to parties and sleeping together,” Bree seethed.  “Yet somehow, they all end up in freaking Ivy League schools!” 

“I know, it’s so unrealistic,” Maddie nodded in agreement. “I mean, the chances of getting in are, like, slim to none.”

“They’re practically impossible!” Bree burst.  “Harvard accepts less than one percent of applicants each year!  Not even getting straight A’s your entire life guarantees you’ll get into Harvard.  Remember that girl from last year who won valedictorian- what was her name?  Ivy something.”

“Ivy Chung,” Maddie filled in.

“Yeah, Ivy Chung!  Not even she got into Harvard!”  Bree crossed her arms, her point proven.  “I’m pretty sure she went to USC.”

Maddie nodded.  “You’re right.  Hey, did you ever hear of that one guy who got rejected from Yale—“

“…So he wrote Yale a rejection letter of his own and that’s how he got in?” Bree finished.  “Yup,” she smirked.  “I wish I could do that!”

“Thank you for your letter,” Maddie recited in a businesslike voice.
“However, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your rejection….”

“…as it does not meet my needs at this time.” Bree finished with a laugh.  She frowned suddenly.  “Hey Maddie, how is it going to work, doing modeling and college?”

Maddie bit her lip.  Good question.  “I’m not sure,” she replied honestly.  “I don’t want to have to give up modeling.  But you know my mom would kill me if I didn’t go to college.  Like, she’d literally murder me.”

Bree glanced at the large clock on the hallway wall.  “I need to get to Mr. Duncan,” she said, a determined look crossing her face.  “I have to ask him to write me a recommendation letter.  I’m sure there’ll be a bunch of other kids there.  I better hurry.  See you later, ‘kay?” she said as she dashed off.

“Bye!” Maddie called out as she opened her locker.  I wonder who I should ask for a recommendation letter? she wondered to herself.  Maybe Ann would do it.

Maddie was picking out the books she needed and thinking about college apps when she saw a familiar and most unwelcome face approaching her from across the hall.  It was probably the last person in the world Maddie wanted to see. 

Sundance.  Her pretty face was grinning from ear to ear, her curls were tied up in a chic topknot, and she had on long dangly earrings than swung when she walked.

Ugh, what does she want now?  Maddie asked herself, annoyed.  Can’t she just leave me alone?  I could forgive her hogging all the attention at the party, I could even forgive the kiss!  But she went too far when she ruined my poster!  Too bad for her it all ended up working out in my favor.

Maddie determinedly turned her attention back to her locker and tried to ignore the bubbly blonde approaching her.

“Maddie!  Mad!” Sundance sang out, using the nickname only Maddie’s family ever called her.

Maddie cringed inside.  She turned away from her locker and faced Sundance’s pretty visage.  “What is it, Sundance?” she asked coldly.

Sundance smiled, her cheeks flushed and glowing.  “How was your weekend?” she asked in a friendly voice.

“Uh, fine,” Maddie answered in the bitchiest voice she could muster.

A flicker of annoyance glinted in Sundance’s eyes.

“I just wanted to say thank you again for inviting me to the launch party!” Sundance said, her voice as sweet as maple syrup oozing off a hot pancake.

Maddie shrugged uncomfortably.  “Don’t mention it.”

“I had an amazing time with you!”

“Uh, I’m glad you had fun,” Maddie answered, shifting from foot to foot. Should I bring up the kiss or not?  This is so awkward.  Her eyes narrowed.

“Look, Sundance, do you remember… on the dance floor…. when that song was playing…. the Katy Perry one… and you, you know… kissed me—“  Maddie stumbled over her words, embarrassed to even be saying them.

“Oh, that!” Sundance waved away her concerns with a flick of her wrist.  “I just get so into that song!” she laughed lightly.

Maddie studied the ground, not meeting Sundance’s eyes. “Yeah, but the Victoria’s Secret people weren’t very happy about it.”

“Oh!”  Sundance gasped and covered her mouth with your hand.  “Maddie, did I get you in trouble?”

“Yeah, kinda.”

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”  Sundance’s face looked genuinely concerned.  The corners of her cute little heart-shaped mouth was turned down in a pout and she looked genuinely upset.  “I honestly never meant to cause any problems!  I just got caught up in the music and the song, and we were having such a good time dancing….”

“It’s okay Sundance,” Maddie shook off the apology.  “It’s fine, it’s not that big a deal.” 

Sundance bit her lip.  “I feel really bad about it.  Let me make it up to you!  Come to my house this Friday!  It’s Pool Party Friday, we’re going to have a great time!”

Maddie hesitated.  Is this some ploy to get more publicity through me?  “I don’t think so.”

The words hung heavy in the air.  No one ever turned down Sundance, especially when she was inviting them to a party.

All of a sudden, Sundance’s face crumpled.  “It’s just--” she started breathing heavily.  “I really need my friends right now,” she choked.


“I don’t know if you heard, but Sawyer and I… well, we’re going through some issues.”  Sundance hid her face behind her hand.

Issues?  Last I heard, he dumped your ass!  she wanted to snap.  But it just wasn’t in Maddie’s nature to be mean to a girl whose boyfriend had dumped her, no matter how annoyed she was.  Maddie felt backed into a corner. 

Sundance breathed deeply.  “It’s just kind of a hard time for me right now,” she sniffed.

Maddie hesitated.  It won’t be so bad.  Maybe she’s being genuine this time?  And I HAVE always wanted to go to one of her pool parties.  “Well, I guess I can go,” she said reluctantly.

Sundance’s eyes lit up.

“ButonlyifBreecomes!” Maddie added, speaking quickly so that her words all slurred together.

Sundance sighed heavily, as if inviting Bree were some huge burden for her. Maddie crossed her arms defiantly.  If you want me to come, she has to come too! 

“All right, Bree can come too,” Sundance agreed reluctantly.

“Great!”  Now I just have to talk Bree into going!

Sundance smiled mysteriously, a triumphant look flashing across her eyes, “I promise, you’ll have the best time!  Anyway, see you later, Maddie!”

“See you later!” Maddie echoed, more confused than ever.




Funny Things To Do At School

1.  Wink at the teacher and say “hey sexy.”


2.  Tell your teacher that you don't do homework because it's against your religion. 


3.  Point out the window and yell “LOOK EVERYBODY—SPIDERMAN!” Once everyone looks, say “Too late, he’s gone now!”


4.  Superglue a coin to the ground and watch people try to pick it up.


5.  Go to the bathroom and bring a piece of chocolate with you.  Smear the chocolate all over your hand.  Then go back to class and say, “There wasn't any toilet paper.”


6.  When there's an empty seat next to you, talk to the empty space as if it's your imaginary friend, and have a long conversation.


7.  Raise your hand, and when the teacher calls on you, ask in a childish voice, “Where do babies come from?”


8.  Instead of going to class, bring your dog to school and send him into your classroom with a note tied around his neck that says, “Help!  I’ve been turned into a dog!”  


9.  If you come to class late one day and the teacher yells at you, snap back, “Quit whining, you’re still getting paid!”


10.  Write in the school bathroom ,"Objects in mirror may be dumber than they appear."

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