Confessions of a High School Supermodel

Meet Maddie Fox, a self-proclaimed Lozerilla. She’s 16, loves One Direction, shops at Forever 21, and frequently spends high school lunchtime hiding inside a bathroom stall. Maddie dreams of fitting in with the popular girls, but her shyness (and the fact that she has the most embarrassing family in the world) makes that impossible.

But when a chance encounter with a modeling scout thrusts Maddie into stardom as the next Victoria’s Secret supermodel, the girl that no boy ever looked at twice is suddenly a sex symbol, her picture on every teenage guy’s bedroom wall.

Maddie has to navigate her newfound fame amidst the jealous girls at school who want to see her crash and burn. But is getting everything you ever wanted all it’s cracked up to be?


20. Chapter 20





About an hour later, Mrs. Fox, Cassidy, Maddie, and Bree were all walking through the mall, browsing through their favorite stores. 

Bree hadn’t sounded too warm and fuzzy when Maddie had called her up a little while ago and invited her to go shopping, but she had eventually persuaded her friend to join them. 

“Please!” Maddie insisted.  “I have something I really need to show you!  I promise you’re going to like it!”

Mrs. Fox had picked Bree up from her house, and in the car ride to the mall, Maddie had presented her surprise.

“So what’s this secret thing you needed to show me right away?” Bree had asked tentatively, sitting stiffly next to Maddie in the backseat of the minivan.

When Maddie pulled out the poster of One Direction, Bree let out an earsplitting shriek that made everybody jump. Maddie’s mom had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the car ahead of her. 

“Be quiet back there!” Mrs. Fox screamed.  “You girls are going to get me in an accident!”

And that had just been the poster!  When Maddie showed Bree the personal video from One Direction, she was sure her friend was going to faint with excitement.  When they got to the part of the video where the band members said “We love you Bree,” Bree looked like she was about to have a heart attack.

“Oh my god!” she screamed in a whisper, not wanting to upset Mrs. Fox again.  “You can visit the poster at my house whenever you want!” Bree swore.  “I can’t believe you’re giving it to me!  Wouldn’t you want to keep it for yourself?” she asked incredulously.

“Well, I kind of owe you one,” Maddie replied honestly, unable to keep the delighted smile from sweeping across her face.  Maddie looked at Bree’s shining face as she replayed the One Direction video over and over again and knew that she had her friend back.

Now the four females were browsing around Victoria’s Secret, which was only fitting considering Maddie’s current position.  Maddie felt kind of nostalgic.  This was the first time she had been back in this exact store since that fateful day.  The day I got discovered.

 “You should really get some kind of employee discount since you’re a model now,” Mrs. Fox mumbled as she slipped on her reading glasses and carefully examined the price tag of some leggings.  “Your pictures are everywhere!” 

It was true.  There were giant, ten-foot-tall pictures of Maddie hanging in the store windows out front, and a couple posters of her scattered around the store. 

Cassidy was being her usual annoying self, scurrying around the store and picking out the skimpiest thongs possible.  She kept tossing them at Maddie and Bree, repeating “try this on, try this on, try this on” like a parrot.   Maddie felt sure the sales people were going to come over and yell at them any second. 

“Did you know that the guy who invented Victoria’s Secret killed himself?” Cassidy piped up.  “He jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!  I saw it on TV!”

Maddie sighed exasperatedly.  “Cass, no one wants to hear about that right now!”

Ordinarily, Maddie would have been completely embarrassed at her little sister’s silly antics, but she had a lot more patience when Bree was around to lighten things up.  Bree wouldn’t get upset at the seven-year-old; she’d just start playing along. 

Bree grabbed one of the thongs Cassidy had thrown at her and looped it around her wrist like a hair tie.  “Here, I tried it on!” she announced.

Cassidy scowled.  “You did it wrong!” she complained.

Bree feigned surprise.  “You mean this isn’t how you’re supposed to wear it?” she asked innocently.


Bree removed the thong from her wrist and stuck it on her head like a headband, the elastic waistband stretching over her hair.  “Ok, now I’ve got it!”

Cassidy’s face darkened to a shade of boiling red. “That’s not how you wear it either!” she whined.

 “I think it looks good like this,” Bree countered, grinning cheekily in Cassidy’s angry face.  Bree caught her reflection in front of a mirror and struck a pose, sticking her hand on her hip.   “It’s so… Dolce and Gabbana.” She pursed her lips in the mirror and blew her reflection a kiss.

 “You’re doing it all wrong!  You guys are stupid!” Cassidy snapped.  She stomped off calling “Mom!” 

Bree caught Maddie’s eye and the two girls snickered.  It’s so much more fun making Cassidy mad than letting her make us mad!

Suddenly, Maddie’s face froze.  “Bree, what if someone has tried those on before?”  Bree’s smile slipped off her face. With a little shriek, she ripped the thong off her head and flung it back onto the pile.  The two girls caught each other’s eyes and collapsed in hysterical giggles as a harried-looking saleswoman approached them.

“Can I help you ladies with anything?” she asked doubtfully.

“No thank you, we’re just looking,” Bree replied sweetly, dragging Maddie away by the hand.

“Yeah, we’re just looking,” Maddie echoed.  She didn’t recognize me even though my pictures are all over the store!  Maddie thought to herself. 

Maddie felt a sudden rush of warmth as she looked over at her friend.  “Bree, I’m sorry again about the party. I should have invited just you.”

Bree brushed off her apology.  “It’s okay, I’m really not mad anymore!  I mean, you pretty much made up for it with the poster and the video.”

Maddie nodded.  “I know, I need to call Evan and thank him!”

“He totally must like you,” Bree casually remarked as she browsed through some hoodies.

Maddie blushed.  “No he doesn’t.  He was just being nice!”

 “Would you go out with him if he asked?” Bree asked impishly.

 “I don’t know!” she exclaimed.  “Evan doesn’t want to go out with me!” she insisted.  “He was just being nice!  Right?”

“Evan and Maddie, sitting in a tree!” Bree sang playfully.

Maddie picked up a stray hanger that was lying around and whacked her with it.  “Shut up!  You’re worse than Cassidy!” she complained.  “He totally doesn’t like me!  For one thing, he’s like, ten million times more famous than me.  There’s no way someone who went out with Taylor Swift would want to go out with me!”

Abruptly, Bree gasped, a funny look coming over her face.  “Oh my god, you just reminded me!  I can’t believe I forgot to tell you!” she said, suddenly changing the subject.  “Sundance and Sawyer broke up!”

“No way!” Maddie said, her ears pricking up at the sound of juicy gossip.  Thoughts of Evan flew out of her head. 

“Yeah, he did!” Bree continued.  “Apparently, she made out with some male model guy at the Victoria’s Secret party!” 

“Really?”  Maddie asked incredulously.  “It must have happened after I left!”

“Well someone took a picture of them, and apparently Sawyer is totally furious!”

  Maddie felt her heart flutter for a second.  “So they’re really broken up now?”  Sawyer Blake is single?

Bree nodded knowingly.  “You should see his facebook page!  He cropped her out of his profile picture and changed his relationship status and everything!”

“Whoa, sounds pretty intense!”

“And now she’s accusing him of cheating on her first!  There’s this whole big facebook drama going on with them right now!”

“So you think he’s single now?” Maddie asked carefully.

Bree shrugged.  “Yeah but you know how Sawyer is.  He’s such a player.  Even when he’s dating someone, he’s always kind of single.”

The two girls were suddenly distracted by some music coming from a TV screen on the wall. As they were shopping, they had wandered over to a part of the store where there were some screens playing footage from last year’s Victoria’s Secret runway show in New York.

Maddie and Bree paused for a second to watch the screens.  One stunning model after another pranced out onto the runway and strode across the stage in beautiful elaborate costumes that looked more like pieces of art than clothing. 

Bree glanced sideways at Maddie.  “Are you going to be in the fashion show this year?” she asked.

Maddie nodded eagerly.  “You bet!”  It’s probably the one thing I’m looking forward to the most.  “Ann said I have to take walking lessons since I have no catwalk experience.”

“Ooh!”  Bree’s eyes widened as she turned back to the screen.  “That looks like so much fun.  The outfits are amazing,” she said wistfully.

“I know, aren’t they?”  Maddie imagined for a second what it would be like to walk the runway in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, one of fashion’s biggest events of the year.  She pictured herself strutting across a stage in front of thousands of people, and millions more watching on TV.  “You’ll definitely be invited to the show,” she promised.

Maddie’s mom traipsed over to the two girls, clutching Cassidy by the hand.  “Girls!” her mom called.  “Come out in front of the store!  I want to get a picture of you guys in front of the windows!” 

Maddie and Bree followed Mrs. Fox and Cassidy out of the store.

“Cassidy go over there and stand next to your sister,” she instructed.  “Bree, you get over there too.”  Mrs. Fox positioned the girls in front of the giant poster of Maddie and clumsily pulled out her camera. 

“You wanna use my phone?” Maddie called.  Mrs. Fox shook her head. 

“It’s easy!  Maddie yelled.

Maddie’s mom spent a long time adjusting her camera, looking through the lens, and walking back and forth, trying to get the perfect angle. 

“Maddie, the screen went blank.  What do I do?” her mom complained. 

Maddie scampered over.  “That’s just the screensaver, mom.  You just press any button.”

Mrs. Fox gasped. “You fixed it!  You’re so smart!”

As she turned away, Maddie smirked and rolled her eyes.  Old people were so helpless with technology.  They were always doing dumb things like downloading viruses onto their computers.  It had taken Maddie several weeks of practicing before her mom was able to use her email on her own.

Maddie’s mom began snapping dozens of pictures like a tourist.  You know how some people take one photo and they’re done?  Mrs. Fox walks around, positions herself, yells “ready!” then finally takes the photo.  Then she finds a new angle and the whole process starts again.  It was taking forever.  Maddie’s mouth was starting to hurt from smiling.

“Ok, I think we finally got it!” Maddie called out to her mom, starting to move away from the poster.

Suddenly, Maddie noticed a girl about her age do a double take.  The girl had just walked out of Victoria’s Secret and was clutching a bright pink shopping bag.  Her eyes flew from the poster to Maddie’s face, then back to the poster, then back to Maddie’s face.  Recognition slowly dawned on her.  They locked eyes for a second and Maddie knew the girl had recognized her. 

The girl trotted over to where Maddie, Bree, and Cassidy were standing.  “Hey, are you Maddie Fox?” she asked excitedly.

Before Maddie could speak, Cassidy interjected.  “Yeah!  She’s my big sister and she’s famous!”

 “Could I take a picture with you?” the girl asked brightly.

“Sure…” Maddie put her arm around the girl as she whipped out her phone and pressed a couple buttons.  “Smile!” the girl sang. 

“Thanks!” she said as she began walking away. 

From a few feet away, a couple other girls noticed what was going on.  “Hey, can we get a picture too?” one girl asked. 

“Sure,” Maddie said again, glancing at Bree and Cassidy. 

“I’ll take the picture!” Mrs. Fox volunteered, arranging the girls in a row in front of the poster.  She spent so long adjusting the camera that before long, a few other people had stopped. 

A man who looked to be in his early thirties approached her, “Hey, I’ve never met a real Victoria’s Secret model before!  Let me get a picture!”

Maddie obligingly posed with the man.  By this point, there was a small crowd surrounding the entrance of Victoria’s Secret, each person wanting to take a picture with her. 

“Who is she?  Is she an actress or something?”

“No, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model!”

“Oh, are they doing an event today at the store or something?”

Dozens of people pressed in close to Maddie.  One person grabbed her arm and cried “Will you sign this?” in her ear, holding out a Victoria’s Secret receipt.

“Uh, sure,” Maddie scribbled her signature as quickly as possible before another group of girls squeezed in next to her, holding out their phones in front of their faces to try to get a picture.

“Wait, I need to get back to my friends!” she tried to say to no one in particular.  The crowd was quickly turning into a mob!  She felt claustrophobic. 

Suddenly, Maddie felt a familiar hand grab onto hers and pull her forcefully through the crowd.

“That’s enough of that!” her mom said.  “Come on, Maddie!  Your fans can wait.  You need to go home and finish your homework for tomorrow!”




Things That Annoy Me (Part 2)


 1.  People who blow their cigarette smoke in your face.


2.  Rude shop assistants- like the woman I met at Subway who claimed it was “against store policy” to put the sauce on the side for me!


3.  Celebrities who give interviews to tabloid magazines, then complain two seconds later how they have no privacy.   


4.  People who are really snobby about what music you listen to and think that anything popular must be terrible!


5.  Walking into a public bathroom and seeing that the person ahead of you didn’t flush.  Even worse if they were on their period!


6.  People who walk really slow in front of you.


7.  Trying to find the end of a roll of tape.


8.  Reaching under your classroom desk and feeling a disgusting, hard lump of dried chewing gum.


9.  Stepping in dog poop!   


10.  When your friends ask you to chip in $20 to split the bill at a restaurant, even though the thing you ordered only cost $5.



Since we all seem to have a lot of stuff that annoys us, let’s keep on sharing our pet peeves in the comments!

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