Confessions of a High School Supermodel

Meet Maddie Fox, a self-proclaimed Lozerilla. She’s 16, loves One Direction, shops at Forever 21, and frequently spends high school lunchtime hiding inside a bathroom stall. Maddie dreams of fitting in with the popular girls, but her shyness (and the fact that she has the most embarrassing family in the world) makes that impossible.

But when a chance encounter with a modeling scout thrusts Maddie into stardom as the next Victoria’s Secret supermodel, the girl that no boy ever looked at twice is suddenly a sex symbol, her picture on every teenage guy’s bedroom wall.

Maddie has to navigate her newfound fame amidst the jealous girls at school who want to see her crash and burn. But is getting everything you ever wanted all it’s cracked up to be?


15. Chapter 15





“Here sweetie, see if these fit,” the stylist said as she passed over a pair of jeweled high-heeled sandals.

Maddie sat on the couch in her short yellow dress and grudgingly stuffed her feet into the shoes.  “Yeah, these are fine,” she stated dismissively.  She hadn’t known that it was possible to get sick of trying on beautiful designer clothes, but after several hours of going through the eleven racks the stylist had prepared, she was ready to just pick something and be done with it.  She didn’t care if she went to the launch party wearing a garbage bag at this point.

Beside her, Sundance twirled in front of a full-length mirror, admiring herself from every angle as her tangerine cocktail dress fluttered around her like a bell.  Technically, Sundance wasn’t supposed to borrow an outfit, but she’d coaxed the stylist into relenting.

“As Maddie’s best friend, I need to look good too!  I wouldn’t want to embarrass her!” she’d explained, batting her long eyelashes and pouting her bottom lip.

Sundance had cajoled her way into not only a tangerine cocktail dress, but also a pair of gold silk Jimmy Choo pumps (“They would go perfectly with my dress!”), and a Swarovski crystal Judith Leiber clutch exactly like the one Nicole Kidman had worn on the red carpet a few weeks earlier (“Maddie, your stylist has such amazing taste!”)

Bree should be here right now, Maddie thought to herself, a twinge of guilt stabbing at her soul.  She should be the one trying on all these beautiful clothes and getting her hair and makeup done with me.

Maddie hadn’t spoken to Bree since their huge meltdown a few days earlier.  Maddie wanted to apologize, but she was afraid that anything she said might make an already rocky situation even worse.  She’d seen Bree glancing at her in class a couple times, always rather sadly, but she hadn’t attempted any communication either.  As far as Maddie was concerned, the friendship seemed to have dissolved almost as quickly as it had begun.  Maddie found it a little ironic that although she was a “famous” model now, in some ways her life was even worse than it had been before.  At least before, she had Bree.

The funny thing though, was that Sundance hadn’t made any effort to hang out with her either.  That conversation at Maddie’s locker where Sundance had invited herself to the party was pretty much the only time she had paid any attention to Maddie at all.  She still didn’t talk to her in class, and she still didn’t invite Maddie to sit with her and her friends at lunch.

But now that the girls were getting primped and styled for the Pinkette launch party, Sundance was suddenly acting like they had been best friends all along.  It annoyed Maddie, but mostly she was just glad that somebody was finally speaking to her.

Maddie and the stylist had finally chosen a strapless canary yellow number with a beaded bodice and a floaty skirt that ended a few inches above her knees.  The entire effect was simple, feminine, and glamorous.  Yellow was a cheerful color and after the fight with Bree, Maddie felt like she needed to infuse some joy into her spirit. The stylist had sensed that Maddie was a little down, so her motto became, “The worse you feel, the better you have to look!”

She had to stop feeling sorry for herself.  They were going to make their way to the party any minute!  Pull it together Madison Fox! she scolded herself harshly.  You are the luckiest girl in the world!   A million girls would kill to be in your shoes right now!  No matter how pointy and uncomfortable they may be!  You are getting everything you wanted, so put a smile on your face and act grateful!

Ann Sterling poked her head in the room and beamed.  “Maddie, you look fabulous!  Yellow was an excellent choice!”

Maddie picked at the tight flesh-toned pair of Spanx she had on underneath her dress. “Thanks Ann.”

“Your publicist is going to help you on the red carpet,” Ann instructed with a businesslike look on her face.  “She’ll tell you when to stop and pose and where to look at the cameras.  She’ll bring you to the interviewers and let you know if there are any questions you shouldn’t answer.  Remember what we talked about earlier?  It’s your job to represent Victoria’s Secret, so always be professional.  That means the whole time, not just when you’re getting photographed.  You got it?”

Maddie nodded.  “Yeah, I understand.”  She was starting to get butterflies in her stomach.  What if I trip?  What if I faint?  What if they all hate me?  What if I have something stuck in my teeth?

Maddie quickly glanced at herself in the mirror, baring her teeth to make sure no food was stuck in them.

“Come on, Maddie.  We need to go NOW!”

Maddie took one final look at herself in the mirror. She took a deep breath and tried to push the events of last week out of her mind.

 “All right, I’m ready,” she said.

About ten minutes later, the black SUV pulled up to the entrance of the party, carrying Maddie, Sundance, Ann, and her publicist.  Maddie could see crowds of photographers outside, but thankfully this time they were all behind a metal barrier.

The carpet was pink instead of red and the backdrop had the Victoria’s Secret Pinkette logo.  Far ahead, Maddie could see the new clothing collection hanging in the “Pinkette Changing Station” for girls to try on, and a “Perfume Bar” so guests could sample the new scents.  Maybe the party will be fun? she thought.  But first, she had to get past the red (ahem, pink!) carpet.

With an encouraging smile from Ann, Maddie tentatively stepped out of the car.  The flashbulbs began to light up in front of her face.  Maddie instinctively tensed up, remembering the pandemonium outside her school a few days earlier.   After a few seconds, however, she relaxed.  This was much calmer than her first brush with paparazzi since none of the photographers here could get close to her.

“Maddie, look this way!” one called.  “Straight ahead, Maddie,” another shouted.  She was relieved to hear they weren’t yelling obscene questions at her like before.

Maddie was so dazzled by all the sights and sounds around her that she hardly noticed as Sundance slipped in next to her and locked her arm into hers.  With Sundance’s platform Jimmy Choos, the two girls were now practically the same height.  The photographers got even louder, clamoring to take pictures of the two beautiful girls in brightly colored dresses.

Sundance was extremely enthusiastic in front of the camera.  She put her hand on her hip and struck a pose, still linked to Maddie.  She blew a kiss.  She flashed the peace sign.  At one point she draped both arms around Maddie in an artificial sort of hug, in such a way that no one would be able to crop her out of the finished photo.

Maddie could feel the publicist bristle behind her.  Some photographers called, “Now Maddie again, just Maddie.”  The publicist walked over to the girls and motioned Sundance to move away from her client.  Sundance ignored her and continued to squeeze Maddie tightly.  Eventually, the publicist had to physically pull Sundance by the arm to get her away from Maddie (you know, the actual model!).

As Maddie stood in front of the photographers on her own, a few feet away, Sundance continued posing for the cameras by herself too.  The nerve!  She started doing The Sundance, that signature move of hers that Maddie had briefly tried to imitate at the photoshoot.  The pose was so bizarre that all the paparazzi immediately began taking pictures of Sundance as well!

After a few minutes in front of the photographers, the publicist led Maddie over to the press line to answer a few questions from the media.  Maddie shyly began making her way through the row of interviewers from TV stations, magazines, and websites.  She could feel all their eyes examining her and she felt a little overwhelmed by all the attention.

Sundance once again linked arms with Maddie as they walked to the first interviewer.

A woman with a gleaming white smile thrust a red microphone in Maddie’s face.  “So Maddie, how does it feel going from being a normal girl to being the newest Victoria’s Secret supermodel?”

Maddie opened her mouth but before she could speak, Sundance grabbed her arm.  “Maddie is SO excited!  She’s really thrilled for the experience, mostly because she never ever expected it in a million years!”

Maddie closed her mouth.  She nodded.

“Is that right Maddie?” the woman asked, a huge smile permanently glued to her face.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it.”

“And you, you must be one of Maddie’s friends.  How did your classmates react to the news, Maddie?”

“Well—“ Maddie started.

“Oh, we were shocked,” Sundance interjected.  “But SO happy for her!”  Sundance turned to Maddie and laughed carelessly.

“So Maddie, who’s this boyfriend we’ve heard so much about?”

Maddie paused for a second, briefly wondering if Sundance somehow had an answer to the question.

“Actually, I’m single,” she admitted, her cheeks flushing a bit.

The interviewer continued to grin broadly in that fake, plastic way people on TV can sometimes be.

“With a face like that, you probably won’t be single for very long!” she crowed energetically.

Sundance laughed as if the woman had just said the funniest thing in the entire world, while Maddie’s cheeks just burned.

“That’s a wrap, girls.  You two are adorable together!”

Right as the publicist was moving the girls along, Maddie was dumbfounded to see Sundance pull out a little piece of paper from her Judith Leiber clutch and hand it to the woman.  It was a business card.  What does she need a business card for?  What does she even do?

Maddie caught a glimpse of it.  Below the name, the description read, “Singer, Dancer, Model, Actress, Entertainment Personality.”  Maddie had to physically stop herself from rolling her eyes.  This was a little OTT, even for Sundance.  Not to mention, she’d been in a drama class once with Sundance and the girl was an awful actress.  She seemed to be one of those girls who was excellent at being fake in her real life interactions with people, but terrible once she got in front of an audience.

For the next interview, the glowering publicist pulled Sundance away again so that Maddie was finally able to answer a couple of questions on her own.  Out of the corner of her eye, however, Maddie could still see Sundance passing out business cards.  She’d swoop in right after Maddie’s interview was done and proclaim, “I’m Maddie’s best friend!”  Because she was so pretty and eager, a few of the interviewers actually spoke to her and asked her a few questions as well.

By the time Maddie finished the press line, she was famished and her feet were killing her from those heels.  “You did well, Maddie,” the publicist praised her.  “We’re done for now.  Now go and enjoy the party!”

Maddie walked through the event space and eyed the huge buffet table laden with all different types of food.  Mmm, those mini cupcakes look good!

She saw Sundance approach her carrying a heaping plate of food.  The plate held a hunk of garlic bread, some steaming hot fettuccini alfredo, and a thick slice of chocolate cake.  That looks good!  I’ll get some too!  Maddie reached for an empty plate off the buffet table.

“Maddie, what are you doing?” Sundance objected.  “I got all this for you, silly!”

Maddie was surprised at the gesture.  “All for me?  Are you sure you don’t want any?”

“Oh my god, I’m soooo full!  I’m such a fatass, I already ate soooo much today!”  Sundance insisted breathlessly.

Maddie shrugged and accepted the plate while Sundance picked up a strawberry, sniffed it, and put it down.  Fine by me, I’m starving!  Maddie was about to dig into her pasta when some noise from the stage caught her attention.

“Attention girls!  In a few minutes, our surprise musical performance of the night will be taking the stage! Direct from England!  Here for you tonight, to support Victoria’s Secret, we have….  One Direction!




Quiz:  Are You a Good Friend?

 1.  Your boyfriend and your best friend fall in love.  How do you react?

A.Resolve to get even with her.

B.Blame him.

C.Feel excluded.

D.Feel hurt but understand- after all, you care about them both.


2.  We all borrow a couple bucks sometimes, but would you ask a friend for serious money if you had to?

A.  No, you’d be too embarrassed to let them know you had money problems.

B.  You would ask, making it clear they could refuse.

C.  You know your friends would lend you their last penny.

D.  You would discuss the problem, but wait for them to suggest offering help.


3.  How do you react when someone calls you with a piece of juicy gossip about a friend?

A.  Suggest they may have gotten their facts wrong and change the subject.

B.  Laugh it off as a joke.

C.  Become angry with them and hang up.

D.  Ignore it.  You can make up your own mind about your friends.


4.  What sort of social group do you feel most at home in?

A.  One-to-one relationships, where you can get to know someone.

B.  Casual, extrovert crowds united by a common interest or activity.

C.  All kinds, and you also quite like being on your own.

D.  Any combination of people where argument and differences add to companionship.


5.  Which of the following would probably make you lose a friend?

A.  A disagreement about a fundamental issue, like honesty, sex, or drug-use.

B.  If one of you moved a long way away.

C.  Some form of betrayal or disloyalty (she made fun of you or dissed you behind your back).

D.  If one of you formed a closer friendship with someone else.


How To Score:

1.  A-2, B-3, C-1, D- 4

2.  A-2, B-4, C-1, D-3

3.  A-3, B-2, C-1, D-4

4.  A-1, B-2, C-4, D-3

5.  A-4, B-3, C-1, D-2


Score 7 or less

Your friends are important to you and you put a lot of effort into your friendships.  However, you seem to have an almost childlike need for your relationships to be close, intimate, and reciprocal, and this may lead to friction and hurt feelings.  Your friends will appreciate your warmth and concern, but may find you demanding and touchy when they don’t respond in kind.  Expect less and you will get more pleasure from their spontaneous acts of kindness.


Score between 8-11

You need friends, but you are not vulnerable or dependent.  You might be over-assertive with friends rather than tuning into their needs. You will probably always have mates, although you may have difficulty developing long-term friendships.  Try to imagine what makes your friends tick and see things through their eyes.


Score between 12-14

You manage to combine friendship with detachment.  Everyone needs at least one friend like you who sees them as they really are and can speak frankly or express disagreement without rancor.  If you are wise and intelligent, you will be an invaluable friend in times of crisis or dilemma, but you may be less helpful when warmth or sympathy are most needed.


Score 15 or more

You are the real 4-star friend everyone is looking for!  Non-judgmental but concerned.  Available but never intrusive.  Sympathetic but with your own point of view.  You know your own worth and enjoy your life even when alone.  If you bring the same spirit of generosity and tolerance to all the relationships in your life, you are pure gold indeed.



Adapted From: The Cosmopolitan Quiz Book

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