Confessions of a High School Supermodel

Meet Maddie Fox, a self-proclaimed Lozerilla. She’s 16, loves One Direction, shops at Forever 21, and frequently spends high school lunchtime hiding inside a bathroom stall. Maddie dreams of fitting in with the popular girls, but her shyness (and the fact that she has the most embarrassing family in the world) makes that impossible.

But when a chance encounter with a modeling scout thrusts Maddie into stardom as the next Victoria’s Secret supermodel, the girl that no boy ever looked at twice is suddenly a sex symbol, her picture on every teenage guy’s bedroom wall.

Maddie has to navigate her newfound fame amidst the jealous girls at school who want to see her crash and burn. But is getting everything you ever wanted all it’s cracked up to be?


13. Chapter 13





Maddie slouched low in her English class chair, staring at the birds fluttering outside the classroom window and letting her mind wander.  Hardly anyone was paying attention to Mrs. Sternus drone on and on about The Taming of the Shrew.  There was Sundance, sneakily holding her iPhone under her desk, probably texting.  No wonder.  This is the most boring book ever!  Maddie always had trouble concentrating near the end of the school day; she felt far too sleepy to focus on Shakespeare right now. 

It had been a couple of days since she and Bree had fooled Ann Sterling with the phony email and telephone call.  Afterward, the girls had spent hours painstakingly forging Maddie’s mom’s signature on all the contracts before sending them over to Ann’s office.

Maddie self-consciously smoothed her hands over the sides of her sweatpants.  She hadn’t dared to wear a skirt again after The Chalkboard Incident a few days ago.  She supposed it had been a blessing in disguise, considering it had led to her bonding with Bree.  Maddie had actually read once that going through a traumatic experience with someone automatically makes you feel closer to them, like how sometimes two strangers end up falling in love after a plane crash or a shipwreck. 

At any rate, Maddie felt incredibly lucky to have connected so easily with her new friend.  She only wished she’d gotten to know Bree sooner!  The two girls had just clicked in a natural, effortless way, overlooking all of the unspoken laws governing high school friendships.  Bree hadn’t seemed to care about Maddie’s low social status, and as far as Maddie could tell, Bree had no aspirations to become friends with the popular girls (aka The Sawyer Blake Fan Club).  Bree probably could have been friends with them if she’d wanted to- she was certainly pretty enough- but she actually seemed to be happier making fun of those kids than trying to gain their acceptance.  Besides, Maddie reasoned to herself, everyone knows hanging out with seniors is cooler than hanging out with juniors!

For Maddie, school was a little more tolerable now that she had someone to hang out with, but still far from enjoyable.  She liked hanging out with Bree’s group at lunch, but she didn’t know the senior kids very well and she felt shy talking to anyone without Bree.  And one of the days this past week, Bree had gotten sick and unexpectedly been absent from school.  That had been one of those hide-in-the-bathroom days.

Just when Maddie felt she was starting to doze off, lost in her thoughts, her attention was jerked back to English class by the shrill ring of the final school bell.  “Don’t forget the vocabulary test this Friday!” Mrs. Sternus yelled over the din as students threw their notebooks into their bags and rushed out the door.  Finally! 

The usual mass of students all rushed down the hall one way, trying to get to the nearest exit, while Maddie struggled, as she did every day, to get to her locker in the opposite direction.  She moved like a trout swimming upstream, dodging students right and left.  At last, she got to her locker, dumped out the books she’d been using in class, and picked out the ones she needed for her homework that night.

She dallied at her locker for a while, waiting for the hallway to clear out a bit, and then grabbed her backpack and began making her way towards the exit.  Let me think, what homework do I have tonight?  Biology, European history…  Ew, and I have that stupid math homework to do, she thought, wrinkling her nose.  Maybe I can get Bree to help me?  She’s better at pre-calc than I am.

As Maddie approached the large double doors of the main exit, she could hear some kind of commotion outside.  It sounded like lots of shouting and pushing.  Maybe some guys are having a fight? she thought briefly.  Should I try the back exit, where the buses are?  Nah, I’m almost there.

Maddie joined the throng of kids swarming out of the double doors of her school like she did every afternoon.  What are all these people doing outside? she asked herself during the brief millisecond before all hell broke loose. 

“THERE SHE IS!” someone yelled, and dozens of people descended upon her like a wave.  All of a sudden, Maddie was overwhelmed by a suffocating mob of men and women holding giant black cameras.  Bulbs flashed in front of her eyes like fireworks, blurring her vision and making her see spots.  The students around her craned their necks to gape at the girl everyone was crowded around.

Maddie felt scared and extremely confused; she stood there awkwardly, knowing she had a horribly uncomfortable expression on her face.  How did everyone know? she wondered frantically.  Did Ann try to text me and I missed it?  She could hear shouts from every direction and at least six different microphones were shoved into her face.

“Maddie, how does it feel to be the youngest ever Victoria’s Secret model?” a women with a sleek black ponytail yelled.

“Will you be in the fashion show this year?” a man holding a microphone bearing the letters TMZ screamed in her face.

“What’s your bra size?” yelled someone from the back.

Everywhere around her, Maddie heard questions being shouted.  They all seemed to run together in a kind of rambling run-on sentence.

“Were you surprised to be chosen?”

“Are you dating anyone?”

“What kind of conditioner do you use?”

“What do you have to say in regards to the controversy over your age?”

“Maddie, how do your parents feel about you becoming a Victoria’s Secret model?”

Now that was a very good question indeed.

Maddie didn’t know what to say, or if she should even say anything.  She doubted anyone would even be able to hear her over the shouting.  She felt claustrophobic and panicked.  How did they find out?  This is NOT the way it was supposed to happen, she thought to herself.  Why did no one tell me?  I’m wearing sweatpants for god’s sake!  Everywhere she looked, another light shone in her eyes.  She wondered if anyone ever went blind from this sort of thing.

Smile! her brain hissed, and a startled Maddie managed to plaster a smile onto her face.  She knew it was one of those weird, forced smiles though. 

Maddie looked toward the street and could see kids everywhere straining to catch a glimpse of the person getting all the attention.  “Who is it? Who IS it?” she could hear people asking each other over and over again.  From a distance, Maddie could briefly glimpse Sundance, Livia, and Amberly clustered around the photographers, shocked expressions creasing their perfectly made-up faces. 

Suddenly, Maddie felt two firm hands grabbing her around each of her arms and leading her away through the crowd.  “No comment, no comment! She’ll answer everything at the press conference!” a voice snapped.

Maddie looked up to see Ann holding onto one of her arms and a big, burly man in a black suit and dark sunglasses gripping her by the other arm.  Together, the two of them led her through the jammed crowd and toward a gigantic black SUV.  And I thought walking through the hall at school was bad!

“Move aside!” the security guard bellowed to the crowd.  With his beefy arm, he swept aside eager photographers and scared-looking freshmen.  Maddie saw Livia get jostled by the security guard as well.  “Ow!” she cried, as she rubbed her shoulder and glared at Maddie.

At last, they made it to the huge black SUV that was illegally double-parked on the street.  As soon as Maddie tumbled inside, the car sped off at breakneck speed, throwing Maddie back into her seat.  She could feel her adrenaline flowing through her veins and her heart was beating as fast as it did after she ran the track at school.  That was freaking insane!  Is that what famous people have to go through every single day? Maddie couldn’t imagine going through that all the time.

Maddie looked around the car, and instantly wished she was back outside with the crazy mob. 

There, sitting alongside Ann Sterling and the security guard, was her mom.

Uh oh.

“Hi mom,” Maddie offered weakly. 

Mrs. Fox looked furious.  “Somebody better explain to me what the hell is going on!”

Maddie’s mother was breathing heavily and her eyes looked like they could shoot fire.  “What I would like to know,” she demanded, “is why all these people seem to believe that you are a Victoria’s Secret model!  I came to pick you up, and there were all these photographers waiting outside!  They knew who I was too!  They started asking me all kinds of questions!”

Maddie pressed her back into the leather seat, trying to get as far away from her mother as possible. 

Both Ann and Mrs. Fox looked down on her and frowned.  Maddie fidgeted.  “Surprise?” she said meekly. 

“Maddie, this is absolutely ridiculous!” her mother continued.  “I told you my answer, and it was no!”

Ann looked equally pissed off.  “And I spoke with your mother on the phone and she told me she changed her mind!  I’m guessing that was you all along!”

“You have a lot of explaining to do, young lady!” Maddie’s mom barked.

Maddie wished she were somewhere else right now, anywhere else.  She’d rather be locked in a cage with a hungry tiger right now.  She’d rather be eating the world’s hottest chilli pepper right now.  She’d rather be walking around Antarctica with no shoes on right now.  The world’s worst physical pain had to be better than this. 

Maddie’s mom looked at Ann.  “Ms. Sterling, could you please give us a second?”

“Sure.”  Ann said, and scooted a few feet away from the two of them inside the car’s spacious interior. 

Mrs. Fox glared at Maddie and lowered her voice a little bit.  “I can’t believe you went behind my back like that!”

“Mom, I had to do it!  You wouldn’t listen to me!”

“When I say no, I mean no!  I had my reasons, Maddie.  I wasn’t just doing it to be mean.”

“Yeah, but mom, you never even gave me a chance to talk to you about it!  I’m old enough to handle this, mom.  You know it.”

Maddie’s mom scowled.  “Lying to me and going behind my back doesn’t prove you’re responsible!”

Maddie hesitated for a second, “Well, the only way you can go wrong in life is not to try,” she said, quoting something Ann had said to her at the photoshoot.  It had stuck in her mind for some reason.

Maddie’s mom’s face softened the tiniest bit.  “It wasn’t so much about the pictures being inappropriate.  You just have to prove to me you’re responsible.”  She sighed heavily and looked away from Maddie for a second, out the car window, where the crowds of people were gone.  “I suppose it’s too late anyway.  It’s already out there, on every news station in the world.”

Maddie felt her heart quicken.  She could feel her mom slowly changing her mind.  If only she could drag her just a bit further to the dark side…

 “You know mom, having this kind of national attention would be a great opportunity to talk to girls about, um,--- Maddie quickly thought of an issue her mom cared about.  “Animal rights.”  Her mom loved animals. 

Mrs. Fox didn’t say anything; she just continued staring out the window with an unfathomable look on her face.

 “And I’d be making so much money to put in my college fund,” she continued carefully.  “College would be completely paid for.  You could send me to any school in the world.  Nothing would be off-limits.  We’d probably even have enough for Cassidy’s college fund too,” she added.

Her mother’s eyes snapped up.  Maddie knew her mom had dreams of sending her to a top university.  Both her mom and dad were very interested in Maddie’s education- they attended every single parent-teacher conference and back-to school night. 

“But you lied to me, Maddie!” her mom continued to protest.  “How can I trust you and give in to you when you lie?”

Maddie bit her lip.  “It was just because I wanted this so bad.”  She looked at her mom.  “I promise I’ll never lie to you ever again!” she declared.

Maddie’s mom didn’t say anything.  “Ann!” she called. 

Ann looked over and slid back over to the back of the SUV where Maddie and her mom were sitting. 

Mrs. Fox sighed heavily.  “I’m not saying I approve of what Maddie did, going behind my back like that,” she began.  “But I’ve changed my mind.  For real this time.  If my daughter wants it this bad, I’m just going to let her do it.  I’m going to let Maddie become a Victoria’s Secret model.”

Ann frowned at the two Fox women sitting in the car.  “I must say, I did not expect there to be so much personal drama associated with hiring Maddie!” she complained.  “First you say no, then you say yes, then no, then yes again.  Which is it? “

“Yes,” Mrs. Fox clarified.

“For real,” Maddie chimed in.

“I need a firm commitment from you that you are going to be one hundred percent invested,” Ann said, her eyes narrowed.

Maddie nodded eagerly.  “I am!  I am!”  She felt relieved that everything was finally out there in the open.   After that hectic start, she was more than ready to get started with her new job.

Ann smiled the smallest bit.  “Good!  Now let me go over your schedule for the next few weeks.  First we need to get you ready for the launch party…”




Dream Shopping List!

Cotton Candy Maker

Ice Cream Maker

Every single pair of Converse shoes ever made, in every color

Christian Louboutin High Heels

Engraved Tiffany charm bracelet

iPhone 5 with a crystal My Little Pony case

iPad Mini

A Chia Pet (just because I’ve always wanted one!)

Cat outfits for Honeydew- little costumes and wigs

A metallic gold Chanel handbag

Versace leather studded mini dress

Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume (enough to bathe in)

Everything from the Benefit makeup line (love their packaging!)

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