The Player

Alexandra Jennings, aka: the new girl. Alexandra moved from Virginia to Doncaster to get away from "Family issues". Her Mom is rich, therefore she is rich. When she goes to school she makes an encounter with the school player, Louis Tomlinson. When these two clash, will it be a rivalry? Or will they both feel something they've never felt before.


1. Chapter 1

 "Come on Alex you're gonna be late!"  mom called from downstairs. 

"Mom I'm almost done!" You shouted back.

 You trotted out to the living room and grabbed your bookbag. "Bye mom" you smiled. 

"Bye sweetie" she smiled. You got in you car and head to school.  

Alexandra Jennings, but you preferred Alex. Mom got a new job forcing you to move here, Manchester. You wouldn't say you were rich, but your family had a lot of money. Nor did you ever get in trouble. A few friends, good grades, a boyfriend you only stayed with to keep your mom happy, you left that all that back in Virginia aka: America. You pulled up to a big school filled with students in the foyer. 

"So british looking" you mumbled to yourself. 

You got out of the car and took a quick look around. Your eyes landed on a guy and a few of his friends. He looked at everything he could see of you that poked above the car and shot you a smirk. 

"Stay away from him, he's a self absorbent, disrespecting, yet charming, Louis Tomlinson" a girl explained. "I'm Sam by the way" she said sticking her hand out.

 "Alex" you smiled, shaking it. "So is there anyone else I should know about?" You asked. "Not as much as you need to know about him." She shrugged.

 "I'll take you to your first class, who do you got?" She asked, as you walked along side her.

 "Math" "Speaking of the devil-" "hey Sam!" You heard from behind you both. 

It was Louis with his group of friends trailing behind. "And you are?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows and placing his hand shamelessly on your butt. 

"Someone with at least an ounce of dignity" you said shoving him off you. 

"Mmm, fiesty one boys" Louis called out, making them laugh. "I think I like you rich girl" he smirked.

 "That's be a compliment but with your personality it seems more like a curse" you shrugged. He chuckled and put his hands up. 

"Bye the way your ass looks great in those jeans" he said before walking away. 

You scoffed as his group high fived him and patted his back. 

"What'd I tell you" Sam said shaking her head. "No girls turn him down" she added.

 "Why, he's so queer" you said creasing your eyebrows. "Do you find him attractive?" She asked. 

"Yeah he's hot but his arrogance turns me off" you said as you both walked into your first period.

 "Well most girls like that, don't ask me why, but it's weird" she shrugged.

 You liked this girl, she seemed like fun but you can tell she's a bit shy. 

"Alexandra Jennings" the teacher called out. "Yes?" You asked snapping your head towards her. 

"Come up here so you can introduce yourself to the class" she smiled. You did as she said and joined her up front. 

Sam waved at you before speeding to her class. Everyone got settled when the bell rang and gave you an inspection. 

"This is the new student Alexandra Jennings" she introduced. "What was rich girls name?" Louis asked walking in quite late.

 "Sit down Louis" the teacher ordered.

 "CAN WE ASK QUESTIONS?!" Someone in the back shouted. "Isn't that a part of the deal!" She answered before sitting at her desk leaving you up front.

 People rose their hands and you felt a bit caught off guard. You picked on the girl in the front who seemed a bit of a bitch which made you interested in her question.

 "Aren't you like, rich?" She asked. "Uh, yeah I guess" you said shrugging your shoulders. 

Then you picked on a nerdy kid in the back who smiled brightly just at you noticing him. 

"Do you have any talents?" He asked.

 You did. "No, not really" you chuckled. You liked to sing, you were pretty good at it too. 

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Louis quizzed out of the random silence. 

"What's it to you?" You asked raising an eyebrow and crossing your arms over your chest. 

"So I can see how hard it'd be to get you in bed" he retorted with a wink. 

"Louis, detention" Your teacher, Ms. Garcia announced. "Aw man" he said fake being disappointed. 

The whole class was laughing with him and you rolled your eyes. This guy was relentless. 

"So would you?" He added. 

"Wow, going for someone out of your league? I thought someone like you would go for all the ugly girls considering your own appearance" you snapped. 

The whole class cheered on and you earned a smirk from your teacher. You gave a fake apologetic look and sat down. 

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