Secret Identity of Amber Jay

Amber Jay is a shy, poor, but smart girl. When she goes to summer camp, she meets new cool friends! What? You think it's a good thing? No, it's not. She lied about having a boyfriend and being popular, which isn't true because she is mostly in the low levels in school. She thinks her lie will just go away but it won't. Her friends from summer camp are moving to Amber's town and transfer schools, so they can continue their friendship. Not anymore, when the find out she's a totali lier, she'll die. What should she do? What will happen to her? Find out!


1. Summer Camp

I can hear grateful laughters inside the cabin, it must be Jane, Lexi , Daisy and Vilione! They're totally my BFFs, we've all met at the same time here, in summer camp. Hi! I'm Amber, used to be the shy and scared girl, but not anymore. This summer Im trying to be someone else so I could fit in! And it's working perfectly! But, not the personality, just the appearance duh! My BFFs are the best! It's the first time I have those.Let me introduce you to my friends. Jane, the athletic, spunky, roller girl. Lexi, the stylish, cool, acting girl. Daisy, the sweet and peaceful, but very loud girl. Vilione, the bubbly, fun, art, dancing girl. All of the 4 are WAY above my level! They're rich! Including me, our groups name are the "Camp rockers!" Because we rock, I rock!, at least they think I am. I swung the door and there are the rockers, polishing their toe nails. "Hey! What about me?" I squealed. I tried to have a bratty voice, it always work. "Sorry! We couldn't just resist it! We tots-ally need new color vibe!" Vilione said. "I have a new color! It's "Rosy Cheeks" it's fab!" Lexi added. "That's glam! Nail me!" I said. We squeaked! It's really fun! "Hey did u guys know there's a new camp site just a few blocks here?" Jane asked. "Yeah! They were.. They were.. Uhhmm... BOYS!" Lexi yelled. They squeaked, but I didn't Im not really in to boys, yet! "Finally!, some boys to talk about! This would be interesting!" Daisy said. "I know! I saw a cute guy! Wait! What's their name of their group?.. Eternal rockers! There we go,, the name is cool!" Vilione squeaked. I just stayed quiet but Jane asked me a question "Why are you quiet? Something the matter?". "No! I was just thinking..." I said "of what?" Daisy asked. Thanks dase. "Of... Uhhmm... How can we sneak out so we can see the boys!" I lied. But, they squeaked, not good. "Any plans?" Lexi asked. "Nope, but I'll think of some" I said, bad idea! "We'll discuss this tomorrow, first, we have to get some new clothes and look as pretty as possible!" Jane protested. "Ok!" We all replied. In the next morning, Vilione called for a meeting. I woke up and got to the shower, their showers are the best! I let the soap slide on my body and put some shampoo on and I heard laughter.. Weird. I looked thought the window, huh! The window! Damn it! I forgot the window is see through! But, it wasn't any laughter, it was boys's laughter. Oh no! What if they saw me! Naked! No! I looked through the window and good thing they're turned around. I continued to shower, wait! How did boys got into our camp? It's a girls camp! Snuck out huh? Sneaky. I got dressed and look for Vilione, there she is! And he rest of the rockers. "Hey!" I said. "OMG! Boys have taken over! Boys came to our camp and are having a "hola! Party!" Isn't that cool? We should go!" Vilione said. "Hello? Invitations girl!" I said, I was worried okay? But before she could say anything two boys came up and said "hey ladies! Party Saturday night at he lake! Be dressed k?" Blondie said. "And u cute girls need a date, you guys want to? We can get 3 other guys and chill!" Blackie and hottie said. They gave us the invitations and Vilione looked at me,smiling and the face was: did that answer your question? Problem solved! And I shot her a glare that said: WAT ever! Ok! Guess we're going to the Par-T! We all screamed and squeaked! Party! Party! Party! Ok, all I have to do is CLOTHES! Shopping time! 

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