Secret Identity of Amber Jay

Amber Jay is a shy, poor, but smart girl. When she goes to summer camp, she meets new cool friends! What? You think it's a good thing? No, it's not. She lied about having a boyfriend and being popular, which isn't true because she is mostly in the low levels in school. She thinks her lie will just go away but it won't. Her friends from summer camp are moving to Amber's town and transfer schools, so they can continue their friendship. Not anymore, when the find out she's a totali lier, she'll die. What should she do? What will happen to her? Find out!


3. See you next time!

I packed all of my things and personal stuffs. I couldn't believe that summer camp is over! I'm gonna miss my friends here and the boys that we met during the party. I made my bed and brushed my teeth. I was checking if I left anything else. Guess I'm all set! I saw the rockers eating. I grabbed a banana and a juice box and slid to the seat that was available at the rocker's table.i saw all frowns and sad faces between the rockers. "Hey guys! No need to be upset ok? We'll meet again soon!" I said to cheer them up. "Thanks, but you're leaving and so does daisy!" Vilione said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Me and the rest of the rockers go to the same school, but you and daisy are not and we want to continue this friendship" Lexi explained. That was true. But, not to be meaner anything but I wish that they didn't go to my school BECUZ all of the lies that I told them are gonna be nasty! "True" that's all I can say. "How is it in your hometown?" Daisy asked. "It's fun! Clear sky, homes are everywhere even malls! And nature is everywhere!" I said. They looked really excited about what I just said. Not a good sign. "That's nice!" Lexi said. I know but pls don't come! I just wished. "Wait! You said that you have a rough love life" Vilione added. I choked my words. "Wha..wha..what?" I asked. And it hit me! "We'll, yeah!" I remembered that it was my parents. "Then, who is this mystery guy?" Lexi asked. What? What are they talking about? "This is so cool! Tell us the details! You're so popular! Even us.." Daisy said. Aww.. They said that I am popular-I wish! I couldn't ruin the moment. So I had to lie AGAIN! " his name is Todd and he's an 8th grader like me and we dated for like 4 months" I lied. "Can't wait to meet him!" They said at the same time. "What do u mean?" I was surprised. "We are friends and rich so, we can visit your hometown anytime!" Vilione explained. This is bad! It's like I'm taking the wrong turn but this time without the bloody part. This is messed up! "Ok!" That's it! I'm ruined! The bell rang and it was time to leave! The rockers group hugged and gave good bye kisses. I'll miss them! They've been nice to me. I headed for my mom's car and hugged her as I miss her. "How are you hon?" She asked. "Good! It was amazing!" I replied. "Glad you liked it" she said and she started the car and drove back to home. To Nabraska! Good thing the memories are flying away and never will be heard ever again. Time to relax- well not really because school is almost here for like 1 more week. Better go and shop some materials. LIE FREE AT LAST! :D

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