Secret Identity of Amber Jay

Amber Jay is a shy, poor, but smart girl. When she goes to summer camp, she meets new cool friends! What? You think it's a good thing? No, it's not. She lied about having a boyfriend and being popular, which isn't true because she is mostly in the low levels in school. She thinks her lie will just go away but it won't. Her friends from summer camp are moving to Amber's town and transfer schools, so they can continue their friendship. Not anymore, when the find out she's a totali lier, she'll die. What should she do? What will happen to her? Find out!


2. Bring the Boys Out!

                  Boom! Boom! Boom! I heard loud music out in the camp, must be the party! Cheers and laughter are getting crankier then ever! I started to finish up so I can't be late for the big event! Vilione gave me this cool new red lipstick and it's fab! "Where are the other girls?" I asked. "They already went, too excited, huh?" She said. I nodded. We were both admiring our outfits. They're just glamorous! We heard a knock at the door and saw Lexi and two other guys waiting for us. "You gals ready?" Lexi asked. "Yeah!" We yelled. "Great! Ladies? Get ready to have some fun" two guys said. "Am and Vil this is Sean and James" Lexi introduced. " hey cutie boy.." Vilione flirted. I tried to catch up by flattering my eyes, up down, up down. I thought it was working. "Uh.. Something wrong with your eyes Am?" Sean asked. Wow, he's such a cutie! I tried to answer his question but my tongue feels so tied. "Yeah! Just got dust in my eyes, hehe" I chuckled. "Shall we go?" James asked. We nodded. When we went outside we saw lights lasering everywhere, speakers booming till they explode and cheers and laughter until they're out of breath! "Nice party!" I said. "Thanks" they both said at the same time. "Jinx!" Lexi said."boys, you just owe me 2 cans of soda! Better make it diet, hm-k?" Lexi cat walked to the party. "She's something" Sean said. I laughed and tried to have some fun! But, I've never went to a party before. It's like my first time! The speakers were down and we saw James announcing something. "Alright! Is everybody having a good time?!" He asked. "Yeah!" We all yelled. "Great! Now! We are playing some tunes that will rock your ass!" He yelled. We screamed! "Bring the boys out! Bring the boys out!..." We yelled to them like we're praising them! Then, he kicked some tunes! Rock and roll!!! "Let's get this party LOUDDD!!!" All the boys yelled and danced to the crowd. I tried to ignore the fact that I've never been in this party and live like a rock star! I danced and jumped up and down, wiggled my hair and shake them like I just don't care! "Say ayo!" I yelled. "Ayo!" Responded. Say ayo! Woohoo!!! This is the life! All of the rockers were really ROCKING! This is like air guitar! I joined in. So, this is how it feels to party all night and have the time of our lives! Oh! Oh! Oh! 

                The party lasted like 5 hours of fun and rocking night! I was exhausted! I walked alone because the other rockers decided to stay with the guys and hang out. So, I walked to the cabin and washed my face with warm water. I walked out the bathroom and checked the clock, 3 am!!! My mouth was wide open as an O. New record! Good morning! I wanted to sleep but I feel something weird inside me, like I want to go and have fun. But, never mind. I decided to go to the kitchen and grab a snack! I  opened the fridge and closed and gasp! I saw the guy from the party smiling at me. What should I do? I just smiled at him and walked away. He grabbed my hand and pushed me to the wall, looking into my eyes. Deeply. "Hey!" He said "name's Drake." He continued. He looked cute though, how can I say no? "Sup?" I said "amber here and here's my cabin number" I gave him the paper. "Sweet!" He said "see ha!" He added. "I nodded and walked away while blushing... Ahh!! It's HOT! I keep on smiling. 

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