I promised forever

"I cant do this anymore!", I cried, tears stained my cheaks as I pleaded with him. He was crying too, "Please.. I`m begging you!". I took a step back. I couldnt look at him anymore and know that I was hurting him. He was hurting me. I couldnt take it. I was going to do what I did best. Run. "NO, LIAM IM DONE!! I JUST CANT TAKE IT, YOU STILL LOVE HER!". He reached for me his hand slipping from my grasp. "Please.. I love you!". "That isnt enough anymore". "But I promised forever"........


2. This cant be happening

Liam`s P.O.V.

I walked over to the guys who were standing in a V.I.P section waiting to be seated. "Liam man, vas happening?", zayn said giving me a hug. "Nothing just relaxing, whats up with you guys". Louis laughed "Nothing but apparently Harry saw some insanely hot chick in the lobby, I hope you dont mind, I invited El", "No not at all", Harry spoke. I got everyones attention "Hey listen guys there is someone that I want you to meet-", "Oh their she is.. with Danielle?", Lou said sounding confused. I turned around quickly. I began to panick. "She invited Danielle, why would she do that?", I said to Niall. "Dunno but I guess just play it cool". I was beginging to feel sick. I hadnt seen Dani since we broke up about 7 months ago. What if I still had feelings for her. Oh no what was Kali going to think. up to late. "Liam", Danielle`s soft voice spoke. I turned slowly bracing for a smile. "Hey Dani". She gave me a quick hug. I saw behind me Kali standing there looking hurt and confused. "Thats her", Harry said aloud. "Who?", Dani and El said turning around. Kali walked up akwardly standing as close to me as she could which wasnt very close considering Danielle was still infront of me from our previous hug. She stopped looking at me for help. "Who is she?", Danielle asked me. I got nervous and a lumped formed in my throat "She is.. umm.. her name is...she`s my.. uhh". Kali looked hurt but she covered it quickly smiling at Danielle "Im Liam`s friend Kalina". Oh no Liam James Payne you big idiot why didnt you open your stupid mouth and tell them who she was. I wanted to correct her, tell them she was my girlfriend. But I couldnt force my mouth to open. I just couldnt tell danielle, not yet infront everyone. I didnt know how she would act, how I would act. "So how do you know Liam?", Harry asked. "Yea?", Eleanor pushed. Kali shifted uncomfortably "Umm my father is the CEO of the record company Liam has been working with". "Oh", Danielle sighed in relief. Just then our waiter walked up " your table is right this way.".  Everyone sat down Leaving Dani and Kali as the last two standing. There was an Empty seat between me and Zayn and another empty seat across the table between Niall and El. Everyone Looked to see who was going to sit next, but before Kali could even move a foot, Dani sat beside me. Kali gave me a weak smile and sat beside Niall. This was not turning out at all how I wanted it.



Guys I know this is short but its about a dream i had last night so i HAD to write it before I forgot it... let me know what you think?? If you have any questions let me know... Q1... What do you think is going to happen at dinner???? when they find out Kali is actually Liam`s girlfriend??? How is Harry going to feel????

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