I promised forever

"I cant do this anymore!", I cried, tears stained my cheaks as I pleaded with him. He was crying too, "Please.. I`m begging you!". I took a step back. I couldnt look at him anymore and know that I was hurting him. He was hurting me. I couldnt take it. I was going to do what I did best. Run. "NO, LIAM IM DONE!! I JUST CANT TAKE IT, YOU STILL LOVE HER!". He reached for me his hand slipping from my grasp. "Please.. I love you!". "That isnt enough anymore". "But I promised forever"........


6. morning

I woke to Liam`s beautiful chest. He was lightly snoring and looked so cute with his arms wrapped protectively around me. It was rather early in the morning and I was so glad that today I didn't have school or work, but I did have a practice at one. I was thinking so hard to myself I didn't feel Liam stir beneath me. "Morning Gorgeous", his raspy voice rung vibrating through his chest. "Morning", I smiled as he moved a strand of my hair. He returned it, gently rubbing up my arm and brushing his lips against mine. Once. Twice. Again. And again. I began to giggle between each soft peck and I felt him smile into the kiss. After about the 7th peck, when he pulled away I reached for his face bringing his lips back to mind for a longer kiss. I felt him smile into it and I pulled away giggling "What was that for?". His face turned serious as he stroked my cheek "Because last night I thought I would never be able to kiss you again".


Hey sorry its so short but I didn't write my dream down in detail so, I have to plan this all out. Promise to have a massive update soon!! :)

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