I promised forever

"I cant do this anymore!", I cried, tears stained my cheaks as I pleaded with him. He was crying too, "Please.. I`m begging you!". I took a step back. I couldnt look at him anymore and know that I was hurting him. He was hurting me. I couldnt take it. I was going to do what I did best. Run. "NO, LIAM IM DONE!! I JUST CANT TAKE IT, YOU STILL LOVE HER!". He reached for me his hand slipping from my grasp. "Please.. I love you!". "That isnt enough anymore". "But I promised forever"........


3. Are you sure?

Well this was awkward, I couldnt help but wonder why Liam even brought me here. He was paying me absolutely no attention at all, no one was for that matter. He was so into the conversation that he was having with Danielle. It hurt but I had to keep it together I knew this night was going to be a bad idea. I was actually quite angry with Liam, he didnt even bother to introduce me, let alone tell them that we had been dating for four months now. "Why are you here?", Eleanor asked bringing me out of my little bubble. I looked at her confused. She just raised her eyebrows at me.  I could feel everyones eyes on me, but I didnt even bother to look at Liam.  I put my tea down and faced her "Evaluation purposes for the company". That was a complete and utter Lie but everyone seemed to buy it.  "So why did they send you?, normally they send some fat old guy", Niall asked. I took a sip of tea and faced him. "Well", I wasnt the best Liar but right now they were just flowing from my mouth. "My father sent me because he figured how much more truthful can you than your own daughter, and i guess it helped that im a little bit of a fan", I smiled hoping it was convincing. They chuckled finding it humorous and carried on with their conversation like I wasnt even there. The waiter came taking everyones order saving me for last. "And for you miss?", "Um actually, something came up and I have to leave but I was wondering if there was anyway I could go ahead and pay for all of this", I whispered so no one could hear me. He nodded and walked to the front desk. I turned to look at everyone they really werent paying attention, but Harry caught my eye and knew something was up. "Whats wrong Love?", He whisperes across the table. I leaned a little closer so only he could hear "Nothing im just not feeling the greatest, and I figured ive got enough information, so I should let you enjoy the rest of your night", " are you sure you cant stay?", "Yea i better go, I have exams tommorrow", "well can i drive you home", "oh no its fine my car is just over at Liam`s", "Well at least let me take you there", "No, no dont bother I will catch a cab, hey and dont even bother to let them know im gone, no point in interupting right?", "Well here take my number just in case something happens", "Sorry my phones dead and I can almost guarantee I wont remember it". I stood up only catching Nialls attention as he was beside me, but he quickly turned probably thinking I just needed to use the ladies room. I walked to the front desk and Paid for everyones meal. There was no way in hell I would ever do this again. I caught a cab to Liams flat not even bothering to walk in to get my stuff I just had liam`s maid Gert do it.  That was the longest hour drive I think I had ever experienced. I felt emotionally and physically drained.  I turned my phone and plugged it in as I climbed into bed, I didnt even bother saying hi to my parents when I walked in, they knew something was up.

Liam`s P.O.V.

Danielle talked to me the entire time at dinner, I had to admit I did miss talking to her, but I was trying to focus on my current girlfriend. I tried to turn my attention to Kali, but she was always looking down at her phone, or danielle would ask me a question.  When the waiter brought our food out I noticed he only had 7 plates, I looked over to Kali`s seat but she wasnt there. "Where did Kalina go?", Zayn asked before I could. Everyone looked over to her empty seat. "Oh she wasnt feeling very well so she left a half hour ago", Harry said picking up a fork. "What?", I gasped. She just left and didnt say anything let alone, how could Inot even notice she had been gone that long.  I grabbed my phone in a hurry and Dialed her number "No use, her phone is dead", Harry said with a frown. I sighed im a terrible boyfriend, then I had another Idea, I dialled Gert`s number, he picked up on the second ring. "Yes Gert if Kali stops by dont let her leave til I get there", The words rushed out sounding like one giant blob word. "Oh im sorry mr. Payne she left about twenty minutes ago". I hung up frustrated "Damnit". I was quiet the rest of the night not saying a word to anyone. I ate in silence and just thought about how much that must of hurt her. I mean she was a strong girl, but she was young, so she would probably overreact. And I had to be the biggest Idiot, I just had to have her meet them tonight. She didnt even want to come in the first place, she said she neew something was going to happen, she didnt really want anyone to know that we were dating. But now ive gone and screwed it up. "You alright there mate?", Louis asked. "Fine", I said shortly. "Check please!", I caught the attention of our waiter. He walked over smiling "Oh no need, everything has already been taken care of". I stared at him confused "By whom?", Harry asked. The waiter smiled "By the lovely young lady who sat here earlier, she covered everything even the tip.". I stood up I really really screwed up "Im going to head out guys", I said heading for the door.

I went home stripping my self of my clothes leaving me in my boxers and layed on my sofa covering my head with my hands. What have I done. I dont know how long I lay there but all of the guys walked in making themselves right at home. "What the hell happened to you at the resteruant?", Louis asked. I sighed sitting up. "There is something I need to tell you guys". "Well?", said Zayn. "You know my friend Kalina?". "The one who was there tonight?, yeah she is hot", Harry said grinning. I glared at him. "Well yeah she`s not exactly my friend", "Well yeah we figured that seeing as you payed her no attention", Niall chuckled. "No..........girlfriend we`ve been dating for the past for months . "evryone looked at me wide-eyed .   Harry looked a bit disappointed but I ignored that.  "What Liam why didnt you tell us???", Louis almost shouted. I got up and started pacing "Well I was going to tell you tonight, thats why I brought her, I finally wanted you guys to meet her but then, El showed up and then she brought Dani, and I was so shocked suprised, and nervous, I got to scared to tell you.. But now I think ive really hurt Kali, and I really care about her guys, like a lot.". "And that was harsh not eben introducing her properly or paying her any attention, do you know how left out she must have felt, Liam!, she is probably home crying right now, all because you introduced her as some UNIMPORTANT FRIEND", Harry yelled at me. He stared at me before slamming the door and leaving. "What should I do?", I asked Zayn. He shrugged and stood up "Liam that was really cruel, I dont know if you can fix that", He said standing up and Leaving with Niall. Louis looked at me with sad eyes and stood "Im sorry I didnt know El was going to bring Dani!", he left too leaving me to my thoughts. I tried calling her again, but she never answered. A tear rolled down my cheek. What if she doesnt forgive me.

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