the invasion of kitty boy , toy boy and the leprechuan

this is the story of two sisters named marah and sabrina
they both had boyfriends named bradley and austin untill they met five lucky guys
find out what happens

im holding a contest for Louis' and Zayn' girlfriends (they didnt have there real girlfriends)


1. school days

 marahs pov 


sabrina get your fucking ass up its out first day in high school dont you want to see austin u said be liked u for your fast baseball pitch how about prettyness , sabrina growned and got up ,i screamed yes now lets curl your hair and pick out your outfit so i went and picked out the out fit it was a lion t-shirt some white jeans and black vans with a yankees hat  boy she loved the yankees but instead we straightened her hair and gave her dark blue highlights to dedicate to the yankees then we went to school sabrina looked excited 


sabrinas pov


 well time to go i said excitenlingly and runnig out the door marah smiled and we walked to school when we got there i was calm and austin and bradley came up to us austin looked unbelivably shocked i just smiled and bradley i think winked at me i shiverd at the thought of it 

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